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Democratic Primaries

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Thu Nov 21, 2019, 03:56 AM Nov 2019

I see the knives are out for Tulsi big time now... [View all]

She's been a Democrat all her life and even #2 in the DNC but that's not as good as one candidate who refuses to join the party at all and another who was a Republican until a few years ago.

So, Fox picked up a remark and pushed it, but that means she made the comment for Fox to pick up? Seems to me at least one other candidate bitched and moaned about the party at some time. But an old feud with Hillary automatically puts her in the wrong.

Where is that proof that an Army major is in the pocket of the Russians, anyway? Didn't we just blow up about the slurs about a light colonel we happen to like?

I am no fan of Tulsi, but she doesn't seem to deserve this treatment. She is, after all, a Democrat running for President and should at least be treated as every other candidate is.

Do we still have this thing about not trashing Democrats? Or is it only certain Democrats. Even if they aren't registered Democrats.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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A lot of people get what gabbard is doing.. sorry if you can't understand it.. Cha Nov 2019 #1
This! BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #24
Really.. It's hard to fathom Cha Nov 2019 #65
Mahalo back atcha, Cha! BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #74
RT and Sputnik weigh in. She is sooooo beloved... hlthe2b Nov 2019 #25
Nailed it. And, if one pays attention to her ads (even on unpaid DU), it certainly sounds like a... SWBTATTReg Nov 2019 #30
I haven't seen any of her ads.. I know Cha Nov 2019 #67
There was one in particular that she stated in the ad (sometimes I bounce off DU and not sign in).. SWBTATTReg Nov 2019 #70
Yes, Gabbard has her no "regime change" Cha Nov 2019 #71
Is it any wonder?! Cha Nov 2019 #66
She is just a disrupter who needs to go away! Pisces Nov 2019 #76
+1000! mcar Nov 2019 #44
Mahalo, mcar! Cha Nov 2019 #68
Her Constant Attacks On Dems Are Disgraceful Me. Nov 2019 #62
It's the only way to get Cha Nov 2019 #69
She's a Dem like Susan Collins is a moderate. Only when it can be used to blm Dec 2019 #107
Tulsi is a fish in a barrell, when the "front-runner" is fumbling... JoeOtterbein Nov 2019 #2
gabbard smears herself.. Cha Nov 2019 #6
I'd say she's more DINO than Democrat. CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2019 #3
Exactly, Peggy.. TG goes on tucker's fox show, too.. Cha Nov 2019 #7
She's a moderate micDROP Nov 2019 #4
she is not a moderate at all, she is a Sanderite policy style candidate, she resigned from the DNC Celerity Nov 2019 #11
Correction: they would not fit in a BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #32
Tulsi Gabbard didn't qualify for tomorrow's debate. NT Eric J in MN Dec 2019 #88
Couple hours ago maybe yes, but she's bled out by now. greyl Nov 2019 #5
Please tell me that you are not stupid enough to see chillfactor Nov 2019 #8
Could you enlighten me on exactly what it is she is doing? Clearly I'm not smart enough... TreasonousBastard Nov 2019 #9
You obviously haven't been paying attention while Cha Nov 2019 #12
She supported Bernie dansolo Nov 2019 #26
And I think that's about the only reason. we can do it Nov 2019 #31
To see her now, I'm pretty shocked she was ever #2 at DNC. lostnfound Nov 2019 #37
And Bernie Has Supported Her TomCADem Dec 2019 #94
She has received support from several of the other candidates including totodeinhere Nov 2019 #73
When a Democrat becomes Tucker Carlson's regular guest RandySF Nov 2019 #10
No kidding.. Cha Nov 2019 #13
Yuppers. Jirel Nov 2019 #45
The Republican that turned Democrat a few years ago was about 23 yrs ago. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #14
Gabbard was a Republican till 17 years ago, when she ran for the Hawaii House of Representatives. pnwmom Nov 2019 #17
Thank you🤬 we can do it Nov 2019 #33
Thanks, pnwmom, BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #35
Ha, so not only was it ill-informed about Warren, but blatantly false about Gabbard. Hm. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #72
Seems like she was a "nothing" prior to her Hawaii House run, although she held some... TreasonousBastard Dec 2019 #95
No one is saying they won't vote for her if she's the nominee. Most of us strongly don't want pnwmom Dec 2019 #96
Ahh, well... I was commenting on my fascination with the attitude... TreasonousBastard Dec 2019 #97
There is no rule that we aren't allowed to criticize Democrats during primaries. pnwmom Dec 2019 #101
Give it up, please. She's a mole and is wasting our time as she... brush Dec 2019 #106
gabbard had "the knives" out for Hillary and the Dem Cha Nov 2019 #15
She has NOT been a Democrat all her life. She was raised in an authoritarian cult pnwmom Nov 2019 #16
A good synopsis, pnwmom. Tulsi is not what she seems on the surface. Hekate Nov 2019 #18
+1000 Anon-C Nov 2019 #54
"and should at least be treated as every other candidate is" Grokenstein Nov 2019 #19
has there been a candidate as troubling as Gabbard before? SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2019 #20
A fox in our henhouse Funtatlaguy Nov 2019 #21
"Do we still have this thing about not trashing Democrats?" you ask hlthe2b Nov 2019 #22
Presumptuous. Whomever is the eventual nominee will be treated by the Russians like Hillary onetexan Nov 2019 #29
What is presumptuous? hlthe2b Nov 2019 #48
i agree Gabbard is a Repug in sheep's clothing. However, any Dem candidate will be vilified by onetexan Nov 2019 #55
In the General, yes, certainly against a Putin Puppet like Trump. hlthe2b Nov 2019 #57
"So, Fox picked up a remark and pushed it" betsuni Nov 2019 #23
My God, Gabbard's comment about Hillary is disgraceful!! onetexan Nov 2019 #27
Hardly the first time she trumpeted right wing talking points/conspiracy theories. Jirel Nov 2019 #46
Tulsi is trouble, a DINO, imo. apcalc Nov 2019 #28
An "unwitting agent" is more apt Renew Deal Nov 2019 #42
So much that is factually wrong in that OP Hav Nov 2019 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2019 #36
She thinks she can ride to victory with the support of "never Hillary" Democrats - and no one else. BuffaloJackalope Nov 2019 #38
There has been a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation about the Hillary/Gabbard thing genxlib Nov 2019 #39
Thank you! Great explanation! nt Lisa0825 Nov 2019 #56
She will never be president Watchfoxheadexplodes Nov 2019 #40
She actually says the Democrat party, just like a Republican. dewsgirl Nov 2019 #41
That in itself is a tremendous red flag jcgoldie Nov 2019 #43
Definitely n/t dewsgirl Nov 2019 #50
Exactly... A long time RW slur propagated by Newt Gingrich. hlthe2b Nov 2019 #49
I didn't know it started with him. I did know they do it dewsgirl Nov 2019 #51
I think it actually may have preceded him, but he (and the RW echochamber) got it propagated hlthe2b Nov 2019 #52
I'll just say this.... Happy Hoosier Nov 2019 #47
Are you certain that you aren't a fan? Because you kind of sound like a fan. PubliusEnigma Nov 2019 #53
She's not running a serious campaign. TwilightZone Nov 2019 #58
LOL tenderfoot Nov 2019 #59
Rofl.. 'nuff said.. Cha Nov 2019 #80
You last question seems more germane to Gabbard herself than any one poster here. LanternWaste Nov 2019 #60
I don't trust her at all Baked Potato Nov 2019 #61
Boo hoo BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #63
I think that she's essentially an opportunist. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2019 #64
How do you feel about Joe Lieberman, a Democrat and VP pick? themaguffin Nov 2019 #75
I think he turned out to be an unfortunate choice. nt pnwmom Nov 2019 #78
Well, there was this: guillaumeb Nov 2019 #77
Good. gibraltar72 Nov 2019 #79
She made numerous knife commercials, she's selling knives. betsuni Nov 2019 #81
She's been a Dem all her life? Where did you hear that? kcr Nov 2019 #82
This didn't age well Klamath Dec 2019 #83
Nope! Cha Dec 2019 #84
LOL! Welcome to DU? :-) nt ecstatic Dec 2019 #85
I certainly did not. betsuni Dec 2019 #90
You can say that again. MrsCoffee Dec 2019 #92
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2019 #86
I agree with you...leave her alone. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #87
That's because she's horrible, and horribly compromised. johnnyrocket Dec 2019 #89
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2019 #91
hahahahahahahahahaha TeamPooka Dec 2019 #93
She deserves everything she BlueMTexpat Dec 2019 #98
Well, is she, or is she not a Democrat? Or simply one mot up to your standards? TreasonousBastard Dec 2019 #99
She has a "D" after her name. BlueMTexpat Dec 2019 #100
Total Pootie plant thegoose Dec 2019 #102
Maybe because she is a looker! at140 Dec 2019 #103
Get outta here with this crap. She's a mole who appeared on FOX... brush Dec 2019 #104
I'm as loyal to her as she is to me MaryMagdaline Dec 2019 #105
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