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75. It is not one woman, it is 8
Tue Mar 19, 2019, 12:20 PM
Mar 2019

And who are you to judge whether a woman is credible or not. Last time I checked, political affiliation had nothing to do with a victim's credibility. This is a textbook example of why not all women are comfortable with coming forward because they feel they'll have their credibility and character attacked (as you did for Leann Tweeden). One of his victims specifically did not give her name in fear of internet attacks (like those on Tweeden).

Per the article I posted before. The first incident is a Democratic staffer.

<<This week on Dec. 6, the former aide told Politico that the senator tried to “forcibly kiss her” after a taping of his radio show in 2006. She said that she ducked to avoid him and that, as she tried to leave the room, Franken told her: “It’s my right as an entertainer.”>>

<<A former elected official of a New England state told Jezebel on Nov. 30 that Franken tried to give her a “wet, open-mouthed kiss” onstage during an event in 2006, one year before he announced his Senate run. “It was onstage in front of a full theater,” she said. “It was insidious. It was in plain sight and yet nobody saw it.”>>

The incident when he says "it's my right as an entertainer" is very similar to the first line in the infamous Access Hollywood tape. The latter started with "when you're a star..."

But yes I'm a GOP enabler who sees things in black and white because I choose to believe women and I stand behind a senator who has a history of standing up for sexual assault victims over a man who has groped 8 women and I would not want anywhere near my (hypothetical) daughter.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Ummm. 🍿 Funtatlaguy Mar 2019 #1
Al Franken n/t lordsummerisle Mar 2019 #2
yes because women exist for powerful men to kiss and grope without consent crazycatlady Mar 2019 #12
They were allegations lordsummerisle Mar 2019 #18
Exactly. Had an investigation found the allegations to be true, I would have Arkansas Granny Mar 2019 #39
And who would do such an investigation? Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #45
Actually what he called for was an Ethics committee hearing Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #44
OK, so investigation lordsummerisle Mar 2019 #48
Do you really think he would have Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #49
I can't speak for what the repubs would have done lordsummerisle Mar 2019 #52
True but that is one thing Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #55
Here lordsummerisle Mar 2019 #61
Nice record Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #62
OK lordsummerisle Mar 2019 #63
Yes but Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #64
Yes, he would have... brooklynite Mar 2019 #66
Thanks Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #70
No. Franklin was screwed. Brainstormy Mar 2019 #77
Yes, Franken was screwed Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #78
Biden, Harris, Beto, Buttegieg, Warren, Klochabar, Inslee, Booker, Castro, Bullock,..... aeromanKC Mar 2019 #3
you could say the same about half the field qazplm135 Mar 2019 #4
I'm watching her townhall as well. She's able to talk about her policies in terms of underthematrix Mar 2019 #5
She is talking a good game Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #6
Too bitter about Franken myself, but did make some great points. Amimnoch Mar 2019 #7
I like the 1 year for 2 year approach also. Blue_true Mar 2019 #14
We had a very good Senator. He was exceptionally wasupaloopa Mar 2019 #8
Yet you're supporting Harris Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #9
I don't understand why Gillibrand is being singled out. Blue_true Mar 2019 #16
Don't you know Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #51
The old "Make him an offer that he can't refuse tactic". Blue_true Mar 2019 #54
I said Senators plural wasupaloopa Mar 2019 #19
But you're still supporting Harris Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #22
Wrong. Gillibrand was first and the most vocal. Funtatlaguy Mar 2019 #25
First by less than 5 minutes Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #31
A total of 8 women accused him crazycatlady Mar 2019 #15
One was a staffer for a democratic congressman and two others were young women that had Blue_true Mar 2019 #20
You see it one way but without any rebuttals wasupaloopa Mar 2019 #21
Innocent until proven guilty is a criminal standard Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #24
Would you see it different if he were a Republican senator? crazycatlady Mar 2019 #43
I find her to be intelligent, and articulate. I have not riversedge Mar 2019 #10
I agree Andy823 Mar 2019 #50
She is very open on refuges and asylumseekers. riversedge Mar 2019 #11
Some here don't like her. Blue_true Mar 2019 #13
not so much about liking her or not handmade34 Mar 2019 #17
Sanders won't drop out Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #27
My opinion of her improved substantially CanonRay Mar 2019 #23
I agree, She did have a good Franken response and glad she was asked about it. I think riversedge Mar 2019 #28
yep, thought she was great. Kamala is right, we have an embarrassment of riches this cycle n/t yodermon Mar 2019 #34
self-deleted message Mme. Defarge Mar 2019 #26
Along with Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #29
I love Al-but sorry- he's an idiot redstateblues Mar 2019 #30
Still waiting to hear what he was Specifically Convicted of doing. Funtatlaguy Mar 2019 #36
Yes, god forbid you put your arm around a contituent for a PIC. bitterross Mar 2019 #38
It is possible to pose for a picture without grabbing booty crazycatlady Mar 2019 #47
That's true. Franken didn't "grab booty." bitterross Mar 2019 #65
I love how you dismiss his actions as accidental crazycatlady Mar 2019 #67
Now I understand. You're punishing Franken for your childhood. bitterross Mar 2019 #71
It is not one woman, it is 8 crazycatlady Mar 2019 #75
Just listened to this on TuneIn yodermon Mar 2019 #32
I don't have any thoughts on her but that poem read by the teacher tulipsandroses Mar 2019 #33
Me too, but I wanted more in her response. nolabear Mar 2019 #41
Certainly she can be your candidate. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2019 #35
Post removed Post removed Mar 2019 #37
I thought she did seem mechanical. Some answers were fine nolabear Mar 2019 #40
I thought she did a reasonably good job. comradebillyboy Mar 2019 #42
I will come back to see if that post removed person posts here. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2019 #46
She is flat out awesome. WeekiWater Mar 2019 #53
Seems unfair Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #58
It is unfair. WeekiWater Mar 2019 #60
Anyone else will do. StTimofEdenRoc Mar 2019 #56
I remain unimpressed. Polly Hennessey Mar 2019 #57
Her pile on with Franken turned me off from her. LiberalFighter Mar 2019 #59
I am also impressed with her and disagree with those who blame her for Franken's departure. seaglass Mar 2019 #68
I agree with you, if she's our candidate I can live with her FakeNoose Mar 2019 #81
Support who you want Charlie G Mar 2019 #69
I assume the same is true Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #72
She was the first one Charlie G Mar 2019 #74
So they were just all blind followers? Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #76
Just what I think and why I can never support her Charlie G Mar 2019 #80
She had been "off" my top five list, too. Hearing her made me rethink. I know theophilus Mar 2019 #73
Bailed is a bit harsh Trumpocalypse Mar 2019 #79
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