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Democratic Primaries

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Sun Jun 30, 2019, 12:46 PM Jun 2019

Do you believe that a majority of NRA members are not the enemy? [View all]

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It's been mentioned in this campaign that they are not and this has been discussed on Twitter and in a few threads here at DU. I myself believe that statement to be wrong and I posted supporting evidence of why I think so in the following OP:


Based on the the comments I've read here at DU over the years, there are examples of such in this OP, I'd say that only a very small fraction of DUers believe that the majority of NRA members are not the enemy. However, that attitude could have changed recently and maybe this poll will shed on light on a possible shift.

31 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I believe the majority of NRA members are not the enemy
10 (32%)
I believe the majority of NRA members are the enemy
21 (68%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Any organization whose members elect a Board of Directors with people like this, is the enemy: Hoyt Jun 2019 #1
Ted Nugent is a piece of shit. Remember this one: demmiblue Jul 2019 #9
And he's a friend of Sean Hannity too. Initech Jul 2019 #48
Perhaps only a small fraction of membership votes, though treestar Jul 2019 #17
So why is a moron like Ted Nugent kicking your ass? hack89 Jul 2019 #39
Because gunners helped elect likes of trump, they like his hateful rhetoric, racism, gun-love, etc. Hoyt Jul 2019 #40
Except for those gun owners that are Democrats hack89 Jul 2019 #41
Yeah, those that are truly Democrats. A lot of Gungeoneers have beef very Hoyt Jul 2019 #42
There is nothing to argue about anymore hack89 Jul 2019 #43
Nothing will change with trump in office, so no need for the inteference Hoyt Jul 2019 #44
Nothing will change with Biden in office either. hack89 Jul 2019 #45
Gunners hope and pray. Hoyt Jul 2019 #46
That has been our reality for a very long time hack89 Jul 2019 #47
Then kids will keep dying. MrsCoffee Aug 2019 #54
Appeal to gun owners if you want, not to members of the NRA. demmiblue Jun 2019 #2
NRA members are more right wing then non-member gun owners Kaleva Jun 2019 #3
That is an eye-opening stat. Politicub Jun 2019 #4
Still that shows that even Democrats are members of the NRA treestar Jul 2019 #16
Would like to see your vote in the poll. Kaleva Jul 2019 #18
Do we really know much about the membership treestar Jul 2019 #20
Well Andy823 Jul 2019 #23
I'm sure there were more of them ten years ago customerserviceguy Jul 2019 #28
"Politically incorrect"? One look at the NRA board members should make one recoil (heh) VOX Aug 2019 #51
Your poll is very telling True Dough Jun 2019 #5
There's Plenty To Despise Here corbettkroehler Jun 2019 #6
A running tally of how supporters and undecideds are voting Kaleva Jun 2019 #7
Kick for the Monday crowd. Kaleva Jul 2019 #8
NRA membership means they drank the kool-aid. They believe Democrats are evil. Paladin Jul 2019 #10
Members who believe in "A well regulated militia" IronLionZion Jul 2019 #11
Fuck the NRA. Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #12
yes, they... myohmy2 Jul 2019 #13
maybe not to most straight white men JI7 Jul 2019 #14
Kick for the Tuesday crowd. Kaleva Jul 2019 #15
The NRA is little more than a PR mechanism for the gun manufacturing industry. LanternWaste Jul 2019 #19
Exactly - get to the root of the problem onetexan Jul 2019 #24
American Citizens are not 'the enemy'. crazytown Jul 2019 #21
Not falling for this bait. This is posted by a Kamala supporter in an attempt to hang Biden onetexan Jul 2019 #22
They should conduct a poll asking whether respondents support court-mandated busing today sop Jul 2019 #26
The conventional wisdom here has been for years that the NRA and its members are the enemy Kaleva Jul 2019 #27
In 2014 I couldn't figure out why people were defending Putin and his actions in Crimea rufus dog Jul 2019 #25
Updated tally of the vote Kaleva Jul 2019 #29
The NRA membership is at around 80% Rethug (I think higher now) and your question asked about Celerity Jul 2019 #35
I thought that the percentage picking the 1st option, not the enemy, would be in the single digits. Kaleva Jul 2019 #36
Kick for the 4th of July crowd. Kaleva Jul 2019 #30
If this was in GD, and it wasn't primary season, the results would be a lot different. demmiblue Jul 2019 #31
Yea, I'm really surprised by how high that percentage is. Kaleva Jul 2019 #33
I feel the same way about them as I do about members of the catholic church. Iggo Jul 2019 #32
At a recent rally, one Trump supporter said his rifle "speaks louder than any stupid dictionary." Celerity Jul 2019 #37
Kick for the, I mean, Friday crowd! Don't know what day of the week this is. Kaleva Jul 2019 #34
lol Celerity Jul 2019 #38
Kick for the Monday crowd. Kaleva Jul 2019 #49
Kick Kaleva Aug 2019 #50
If they were not the enemey they shouldn't be a member. LiberalFighter Aug 2019 #52
Fuck the NRA. MrsCoffee Aug 2019 #53
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