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10. So nice to see you, dorkzilla!
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 10:25 PM
Dec 2015

It's very cool that you can donate a space for phone banking; this is a wonderful way to help Bernie without exhausting one's physical resources.

I've also been experiencing debilitating health issues (RA & fm, not as bad as what you're dealing with) and for months was unable to do anything for Bernie except send a decent-sized monthly donation, but thanks to a good RA med have been feeling more normal and so signed up to phone bank for him last Saturday. We had about equal numbers of women and men. Most of the women looked to be around their 40s-50s, with a couple of really old women, me and another gal, and the men seemed to run from 20s to 40s with one guy about 60 or so. One of the young guys was a really nice Ryan Gosling-style millennial whose car had bumperstickers reading "Bernie Sanders: Because Fuck this Shit" and "Feel the Bern" (I had parked behind him.) The woman sitting next to me was sweet, helpful, and fun. It was so good to be with a group of people who appreciate Bernie as much as I do, and they seemed so well-informed I wondered if they could be DUers. Lots of enthusiasm and optimism; several comments about the weaknesses of landline polling methods, etc. I lasted about three hours, then hit a wall and had to leave, but plan to be back next Saturday.

Today my physical therapist mentioned his student debt, so I brought up Bernie, and it turned out he's a huge supporter and volunteer who is, as he said, "feeling the Bern!" Another physical therapist overheard our conversation and was grinning from ear to ear.

We are everywhere!

Please drop by to chat when you feel like it, dorkzilla, and keep us up to date. This group is the warmest spot on DU.

If you happened to find out... Scootaloo Dec 2015 #1
I will ask, Scootie! dorkzilla Dec 2015 #3
Much love to you from us as well! :) nt retrowire Dec 2015 #2
That's been my experience too. zentrum Dec 2015 #4
Thatís what Iím talking about!!! dorkzilla Dec 2015 #5
I feel it too Plucketeer Dec 2015 #7
Thanks for the good news. libdem4life Dec 2015 #6
Happy to share it! nt dorkzilla Dec 2015 #8
I'm a middle-aged mom... CoffeeCat Dec 2015 #9
Thank you for weighing in! dorkzilla Dec 2015 #13
So nice to see you, dorkzilla! senz Dec 2015 #10
There may be a connection with RA and MS dorkzilla Dec 2015 #12
I've heard that, too. senz Dec 2015 #14
they are both auto-immune diseases...i have RA Punkingal Dec 2015 #16
So sorry to hear that dorkzilla Dec 2015 #17
she was diagnosed at 62...things had gone on for a while Punkingal Dec 2015 #18
The older you are at diagnosis the worse it is generally dorkzilla Dec 2015 #19
I'm so sorry, dorkzilla. senz Dec 2015 #21
Thank you, dear senz dorkzilla Dec 2015 #22
I appreciate that senz Dec 2015 #24
so sorry... Punkingal Dec 2015 #26
Thanks, and I you. nt dorkzilla Dec 2015 #28
When active in a (liberal) church, I visited some members w/MS senz Dec 2015 #20
good care and i have learned what does and doesn't work Punkingal Dec 2015 #27
So far the only DMARD I've used senz Dec 2015 #31
Thanks for this... Thespian2 Dec 2015 #11
Thank you very much for all you do. Enthusiast Dec 2015 #15
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Dec 2015 #23
This is what a friend of mine refers to as an Ultimate Truth: BadGimp Dec 2015 #25
I'm a female progressive who has worked all of her professional career + swilton Dec 2015 #29
Amen sister! dorkzilla Dec 2015 #30
Don't take this the wrong way, but, Admiral Loinpresser Dec 2015 #32
Then you'd deprive us of a wonderful ally! dorkzilla Dec 2015 #33
Roflmao. Admiral Loinpresser Dec 2015 #34
My volunteer group is also mostly women. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #35
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