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Bernie Sanders

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73. That is very true but I pity the candidates - we have a system in which we exhaust our candidates
Mon Jul 20, 2015, 11:23 AM
Jul 2015

already. If they take on regular meetings with each individual group that wants to hear their own message as the primary message then I don't know how anyone is going to have the time. Especially when the economic message does refer to all of us. Candidates get their message to people through public speaking. The speech is the message. As we saw with W all too often that is to selected audiences who are supporters. I would rather see the candidates hire staff than take on specific group meetings. But that takes money from donors which is another problem.

That said - it seems to me that the message BLM is sending SHOULD refer to all of us not as a black issue but as an issue of conscience. No one in the nation should feel like the killing of unarmed people is ever okay. We should all be clamoring to end this as soon as we can. We should all be making it clear we do not support police violence in any way.

If meeting with this group regularly can do that then that is what we should be doing. But there are things that cannot be done by any one candidate for federal office. It will not help one little bit to get a president in office if what really needs to be done is elect better officials at that state level. And a lot of what we saw in Ferguson MO was controlled at the state or community level. A totally corrupt system of white supremacists controlling the police force and the courts and who knows what else they control. We have a black president and he had only a limited way of controlling any of it.

The Constitution dealt with the issue of states control vs federal control a long time ago. That the solution is not adequate in this situation is very clear. But at this point the problem is what are we going to do about the communities all over the US that have used the political system to virtually control POC as they do in Ferguson MO. One solution is to make sure that all the victims of this be involved in that political system. GOTV. Stop voter suppression. Kick the supremacists out of office. And the federal government should use the power to back up this change.

So I guess we got the meme [View all] peacebird Jul 2015 OP
I think Hillary supporters will find that biting them in the butt. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #1
And I've heard Sanders mention that every speech ie: education vs prison Triana Jul 2015 #14
And you've heard it in 'white messaging'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #19
Specifically, what should he change? n/t Triana Jul 2015 #21
For that, I'll pass you to the BLM folks. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #27
That is very true but I pity the candidates - we have a system in which we exhaust our candidates jwirr Jul 2015 #73
I think we're back to getting money out of politics being a solution there. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #75
That has been needed a long time because there is nothing that shouts white control so much jwirr Jul 2015 #80
If they had simply asked," Hey Bernie, come on Zorra Jul 2015 #146
They didn't. So get over it. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #147
Thanks for that link. From your link: merrily Jul 2015 #155
I still think it devolves ack to something a lot of folks around here often don't want to hear Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #157
You are one of my favorite posters on this board. But I stopped reading right here: merrily Jul 2015 #158
OK, 'always' was a poor choice of words. But did you also notice what the problem was? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #159
NO. You are a fantastic poster, IMO. merrily Jul 2015 #162
Because you're in my 'wheelhouse' when it comes to messaging. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #163
Maybe, but I like you a lot more than plenty of people who are theoretically in the same merrily Jul 2015 #165
I agree with almost everything in your post. merrily Jul 2015 #161
Yes, as I posted in another comment Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #167
Agree. merrily Jul 2015 #177
What is "white messaging"? ybbor Jul 2015 #25
Well, first off, it's the default messaging used by white politicians. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #30
Thanks for the clarification ybbor Jul 2015 #37
The very first step Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #52
I agree with everything you say ybbor Jul 2015 #62
I like to think 'my side' is everyone's side. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #65
You know not 10 minutes ago I said the same thing ybbor Jul 2015 #68
It's both a Class and Race Analysis which always needs to be understood as the underpinning 2banon Jul 2015 #82
I never took the formal classwork Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #90
Excellent points, well said. 2banon Jul 2015 #101
Well, as you might guess from my name and handle Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #104
Totally didn't get that in your handle. 2banon Jul 2015 #112
It's my name and the appropriate degree. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #113
Oh..kay I see that now. 2banon Jul 2015 #131
I'm certainly thinking about it. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #132
LOL, I knew you were a nurse because you had posted that, but I never put it together merrily Jul 2015 #168
Well, Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #169
Ok, correct assumption, wrong nations. merrily Jul 2015 #172
I've got some metal allergy issues myself, so I don't buy the jewelry either Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #174
I think your point is clear and well stated... AOR Jul 2015 #124
Thank you! THIS ^ should be it's own OP in GD! 2banon Jul 2015 #128
Yep... 2banon AOR Jul 2015 #129
ok. I missed that post.. 2banon Jul 2015 #133
It was a Paul Sreet article from BAR... AOR Jul 2015 #135
There are several Americas. Admiral Loinpresser Jul 2015 #141
It's a fine line between tailoring a message and pandering. merrily Jul 2015 #164
That is BS because BLM had every opportunity to put forward snagglepuss Jul 2015 #55
This!^^^^^^10000! 2banon Jul 2015 #86
I hear what you're saying. stranger81 Jul 2015 #122
Every poster who posts stuff like this and other deceptive crap ... Trajan Jul 2015 #2
I must admit I added one to mine this morning as well... peacebird Jul 2015 #3
Self obsess much or is it Narcissistic fibrosis ? orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #11
The 'ignore' function is there to be used...... daleanime Jul 2015 #18
Yes, though I try not to . orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #28
Not really Trajan Jul 2015 #24
Glucosamine Chondroitin has helped my wife . orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #31
Yep...If Feigner BLaMer Memers gonna feigne JimDandy Jul 2015 #54
WTF ? Trajan Jul 2015 #74
That wasn't clear? JimDandy Jul 2015 #125
working on that chore this morning. I'm done with it too. 2banon Jul 2015 #107
Seems fair HassleCat Jul 2015 #4
False equivalency. The OP is not about far right of the Republican Party attacking merrily Jul 2015 #7
Not that similar HassleCat Jul 2015 #32
IMO, the only similarity is that race is somehow involved in both cases. merrily Jul 2015 #34
It is truly exhausting trying to fight it. TM99 Jul 2015 #5
Yes. peacebird Jul 2015 #9
Perhaps it's time to stop fighting it. Autumn Jul 2015 #12
A lot of people here want to discuss a movement for real change, just not all people here. merrily Jul 2015 #15
+1. Me too. nt Snotcicles Jul 2015 #36
+1 Me Too . orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #91
Me too, too. Enthusiast Jul 2015 #136
Old habits I suppose. TM99 Jul 2015 #20
IMO, the way to take a break from the fighting is to post with merrily Jul 2015 #41
Oh, I won't take a break from DU or our Group. TM99 Jul 2015 #43
Glad to hear it! merrily Jul 2015 #44
Sometimes, you just gotta step back. They won't change your mind and you ain't gonna change theirs Autumn Jul 2015 #47
I agree. When we give so much attention to a rediculous idea like that one - especially online - jwirr Jul 2015 #94
It's interesting that in all the anger, I haven't seen any one ask why isn't our President Autumn Jul 2015 #105
Yes, just think about how many will be killed between now and 2017. We need to do something jwirr Jul 2015 #110
The DOJ has failed. In many ways the DOJ has failed. Enthusiast Jul 2015 #137
I'm pretty sure they are only going after the progressive wing of the party dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #142
That's how I feel. stranger81 Jul 2015 #123
I WILL! I WILL! marym625 Jul 2015 #69
I don't think we have their leadership (BLM here) or JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #71
I appreciate your response. TM99 Jul 2015 #79
Thanks for this - gives me hope! JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #84
Yes, I follow your posts as I agree with much of what you say TM99 Jul 2015 #87
No - up in Horse Country NJ JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #95
Ah, I thought you were in MD. TM99 Jul 2015 #98
You know - there's a white castle in princeton! JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #103
"Tiny Little Web Site" TBF Jul 2015 #120
I am on MIRT JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #121
^this^! 2banon Jul 2015 #134
Yes, it does take allies. TM99 Jul 2015 #145
I went to the Houston rally for Bernie last night... RussBLib Jul 2015 #6
Please post an OP stating that! peacebird Jul 2015 #8
The Houston rally for Bernie must have been a terrific experience. Please keep posting appalachiablue Jul 2015 #72
That was at University of Houston, right? Blue_In_AK Jul 2015 #156
It's a way to avoid issues, Black voters are being used to blurr the fact she won't take on the 1%, orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #10
Yep peacebird Jul 2015 #13
You are so right udbcrzy2 Jul 2015 #29
Bingo..We have a winner! whathehell Jul 2015 #35
Survey says?! JackInGreen Jul 2015 #77
I have been leaning towards that conclusion myself dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #143
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jul 2015 #16
Social Justice Warriors - TBF Jul 2015 #60
+5 appalachiablue Jul 2015 #76
Totally agree. jwirr Jul 2015 #102
+1 Joe Shlabotnik Jul 2015 #138
Yep. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #17
Bernie and the Baltimore CVS that burned have a lot in common Freelancer Jul 2015 #22
Well that's what makes it work...repetition. zeemike Jul 2015 #23
And if you push back on their meme you are called racist, or told some variation of peacebird Jul 2015 #26
Yep, they tag you with a scarlet letter. zeemike Jul 2015 #33
Or Sexist, and your right he's being scruntinized for everything he does or doesn't say, I orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #39
This is truly insane, and I mean ... ananda Jul 2015 #38
It's away to polarize those of us who won't get fooled again, nothing is better for Black America orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #46
This is a pain we all feel. ananda Jul 2015 #70
+ 1000 Well Put !!!!!! orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #89
Peacebird Good morning donnasgirl Jul 2015 #40
What we need is to get some concrete steps to change this trajectory. peacebird Jul 2015 #42
They are good ideas donnasgirl Jul 2015 #48
It is important enough that he should MAKE the time. peacebird Jul 2015 #50
I would prefer if he did it at a large rally donnasgirl Jul 2015 #56
I think those are some great ideas. TM99 Jul 2015 #53
I often agree with bravenak and I was thinking something similar before I read your post about what merrily Jul 2015 #57
I agree with you Merrily. peacebird Jul 2015 #59
Recommend..... KoKo Jul 2015 #96
+1000 orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #49
And if you call them out on their bullshit Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #45
who is 'them?' nt geek tragedy Jul 2015 #64
if you have to ask you're probably one of them. Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #126
Ah, the old SJW reference. Very revealing comment. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #149
Yeah, you wouldn't hear it so often if it didn't have at least a kernel of truth. Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #150
Thanks for whitesplaining things. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #153
Thanks for turning a matter of fact into one of race. Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #160
. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #166
You're still doing it. Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #171
Your problem is that you are not willing to listen. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #173
If the shoe fits... [nt] Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #175
You're the one wearing it. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #176
So you're "deterred" by someone... Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #178
This is a perfect example of not listening and imaginging things: geek tragedy Jul 2015 #179
P.S. Commentary like yours lead to #berniesoblack geek tragedy Jul 2015 #154
black lives matter ibegurpard Jul 2015 #51
I was looking for concrete suggestions on how we can solve this, BraveNak gave me some really peacebird Jul 2015 #58
For at least some of these things, you need an invitation, no? merrily Jul 2015 #78
Perhaps Lil B and Killer Mike can secure such invites for him peacebird Jul 2015 #81
Sure, and I am sure he has friends in Congress who are African American and of Hispanic heritage. merrily Jul 2015 #85
Not "outshout them" aspirant Jul 2015 #109
I think it was more that it simply could not be done and, even if it could, he did not want to. merrily Jul 2015 #116
ah, but not everyone thinks white progs are the main obstacle to Black America these days MisterP Jul 2015 #119
Relax already! That dog won't hunt with Indepatriot Jul 2015 #61
Hillary learned she can't take black voters for granted in 2008. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #63
Hillary's primary campaign of 2008 is not comparable to anything Bernie has done or omitted in this merrily Jul 2015 #83
The two campaigns are nothing alike. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #97
Which is why, less than a month ago, she was still saying Ms. Toad Jul 2015 #92
I don't think O'Malley acquitted himself all that badly--white people are just not geek tragedy Jul 2015 #100
Even while black people here on DU keep saying they support Sanders. But, what else is new? marym625 Jul 2015 #66
We all know it's bernies fault that the first nomination contests are in IA and NH. Gore1FL Jul 2015 #67
There was a pathetic attempt to link him to a militia group yesterday arcane1 Jul 2015 #88
A little info please aspirant Jul 2015 #93
It's slimy...sleazy...and dirty. SoapBox Jul 2015 #99
70% of black voters in California voted for Prop 8. AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #106
I had never seen this statistic before... SoapBox Jul 2015 #114
To be fair, I should mention, that white people supported it at 53%, and there are a LOT MORE white AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #115
Thank you for all of the info. SoapBox Jul 2015 #117
Yeah, the mormons were the single biggest social bloc. AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #118
This thread is where I "got the meme" Politicub Jul 2015 #108
I sooo agree MissDeeds Jul 2015 #127
It's what is happening because Bernie is the "inevitable" candidate and Hillary rwsanders Jul 2015 #111
berniesoblack is not a Hillary operative campaign. intheflow Jul 2015 #130
What else have they got? Doctor_J Jul 2015 #139
The Berniesoblack stuff is kinda funny. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #140
BLM will never succeed in protesting at a Clinton event eridani Jul 2015 #144
Politics is a blood sport and in America, that is amplified by the corporate state mmonk Jul 2015 #148
If that's how they want it, then fine. Jester Messiah Jul 2015 #151
perhaps a counter hashtag restorefreedom Jul 2015 #152
I thought that Bernie was so black otherone Jul 2015 #170
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