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Thanks for posting the links, Segami. Duval Jun 2016 #1
But... But ... SHE WON! (sarcasm) Chasstev365 Jun 2016 #2
You forgot ... ONE. MORE. DAY !!1!! senz Jun 2016 #6
But... Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #8
For some, it might well be a) the Democratic Party or b) the media or c) the world itself. senz Jun 2016 #13
Exactly. Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #22
I think I shall change it to this... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #18
K&R Censorship of vital issues about life or death felix_numinous Jun 2016 #3
But that would silence the voice of the majority. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #4
Wrong! She got Gazillions more votes and millions more delegates.... nc4bo Jun 2016 #10
Yeah, and "brocialism" or something. Snarkoleptic Jun 2016 #16
Can you imagine the censorship to come if ... ? senz Jun 2016 #5
I know, and from tomorrow onwards sadoldgirl Jun 2016 #7
Me, too. Sounds like a plan. PWPippin Jun 2016 #11
Yes and thanks senz...,.. Segami Jun 2016 #15
See you there, dear. Liberal Jesus Freak Jun 2016 #17
Big Fat K&R!! nt nc4bo Jun 2016 #9
I know. SheilaT Jun 2016 #12
Dickery dock! tk2kewl Jun 2016 #14
Could we just stop the hate, period? At least on DU? snot Jun 2016 #19
Well, some people find facts offensive and alert Segami Jun 2016 #20
We are at war. The Big Money is killing, literally, many Americans. 2.5 million children are rhett o rick Jun 2016 #21
^^^+++ - hopemountain Jun 2016 #23
Picking battles carefully RobertEarl Jun 2016 #24
+1000 blackspade Jun 2016 #25
Just don't call her a llama fasttense Jun 2016 #26
Excellent thread Segami. thanks for this. eom Karma13612 Jun 2016 #27
I've been saddened to see it senz Jun 2016 #28
I posted an expression of aggravation against DWS re:her platform committee control and that comment JudyM Jun 2016 #29
One thing not to lose sight of is the reason Bernie is still working hard: Stevepol Jun 2016 #30
i made the mistake of signing in again floppyboo Jun 2016 #31
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