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30. Thank you!!
Fri Feb 14, 2014, 03:34 PM
Feb 2014

My own childhood was scarred by dressup and careful posing, never having my picture taken when I was doing anything like painting or making sparklers with my chemistry set or building a Lincoln Log casket to hold the stupid dolls I never played with. Anyone who sees the few pictures of my youth would think I was a doll, myself, taken out of a box full of cotton batting once a year for a photograph and replaced carefully, never to be marred with a skinned knee or lump on the head from a rock in a snowball.

Other than the photos taken of starving women during the Depression and Rosie the Riveter during WWII, photos I saw growing up were of everything female being decorative objects.

I love this project. Thank you so much for posting it. And the little girl in the tutu with the basketball says it all, that we're not just little dollies put in the world to look at, we actually get out into that world and do things.

Wow. NYC_SKP Feb 2014 #1
Wy wife and I raised our girls with the attitude that can be who or what they want liberal N proud Feb 2014 #2
Hubby & I have raised our boys to Ilsa Feb 2014 #15
first... excellent point about taking the damn lady off the name of a college athletic team. seabeyond Feb 2014 #65
Now THIS celebrates women BainsBane Feb 2014 #3
I knew You would get it, Baines -- Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #4
Don't you dare delete BainsBane Feb 2014 #7
:-) Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #10
Amen!!! Or maybe that should be "Awomen!" calimary Feb 2014 #8
yes!! what you said BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2014 #11
Why can't we have both? one_voice Feb 2014 #36
No, the SI cover celebrates commodification of women BainsBane Feb 2014 #38
Jesus buy a frggin sense of humor... one_voice Feb 2014 #39
and this would be about pure power, naked in simplicity, all the people doing. your SI is fuckable. seabeyond Feb 2014 #40
I see women doing what the... one_voice Feb 2014 #41
that would be the hypocrisy. turn a blind eye to, to justify. you think it is harsh, when women seabeyond Feb 2014 #42
I cannot fully respond to this... one_voice Feb 2014 #43
i called you nothing. i said the argument you and others use is hypocrisy. seabeyond Feb 2014 #44
This is the problem.. one_voice Feb 2014 #46
right seabeyond Feb 2014 #52
Clearly you do not respect the SOP of this group BainsBane Feb 2014 #47
Sea told me to continue... one_voice Feb 2014 #50
Yet you insist we have no choice BainsBane Feb 2014 #49
Where did I insist you have no choice? one_voice Feb 2014 #51
You have not been even a bit respectful BainsBane Feb 2014 #53
I uphold, confirm and validate your position here, Baines. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #57
You are aware you are posting in HOF now BainsBane Feb 2014 #45
What disrespect? one_voice Feb 2014 #48
one_voice... You realize now you are posting in a protected group, but refuse to edit? hlthe2b Feb 2014 #54
thank you, hlthe2b. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #61
What's nice is that while some photos show women suceeding in stereotypical male roles, hedgehog Feb 2014 #5
Happy Valentine's Day, hedgehog Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #6
Back at'cha! hedgehog Feb 2014 #9
Absolutely! Brainstormy Feb 2014 #20
thanks, Tuesday! love this! BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2014 #12
Happy Valentine's Day, Blanche! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #18
Man, that is a fatass bulldog. AtheistCrusader Feb 2014 #13
yes, good one especially for today. Happy Valentine's Day, AtheistCrusader! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #23
And a very happy Valentine's Day to you as well! AtheistCrusader Feb 2014 #27
I heard about this on NPR earlier this week. redqueen Feb 2014 #14
Me, too. And was going to go look for it, but forgot. Hissyspit Feb 2014 #16
You are most welcome, redqueen. Happy Valentine's Day! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #19
These are beautiful, but... TygrBright Feb 2014 #17
Happy Valentine's Day, TygrBright! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #21
Back atcha, TA! TygrBright Feb 2014 #24
this is an ongoing project ... Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #26
I had the same thoughts, glad that you brought them up Tumbulu Feb 2014 #55
I've kept out of the contentious boy / girl feuds here on DU, but this is heartening and uplifting NBachers Feb 2014 #22
... lol ... Happy Valentine's Day, NBachers! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #25
And you're the first person today to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day - Thank You! NBachers Feb 2014 #29
Probably the most under appreciated band in rock and roll history. A Simple Game Feb 2014 #32
This was a great post to find! cinnabonbon Feb 2014 #28
thank you! and backatcha, cinnabonbon - Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #58
Thank you!! Warpy Feb 2014 #30
Warpy - Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #59
... Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2014 #31
Love It !! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #60
Love the two little girls playing chess. llmart Feb 2014 #33
one of my favorite memories is playing chess with my father. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #62
The disproportionate number of stilettos was driving me nuts. n/t Ms. Toad Feb 2014 #74
This is an on-going project. You can contribute a photo. n/t Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #75
Most excellent. JTFrog Feb 2014 #34
Indeed! More. More. More. Excellent women and girls being Excellent! Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #63
I love the pictures but... F4lconF16 Feb 2014 #35
exactly. agree totally.... nt seabeyond Feb 2014 #37
Point Taken. Ongoing Project at work here. Always strive for Excellence. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #64
what a difference in presentation. i was seeing the SI thread batting up against the young women l seabeyond Feb 2014 #56
been thinking about this, sea ... Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #66
i do not need to fight for their right to do. they already have that right. my fight is to call seabeyond Feb 2014 #67
I am staying out of that thread and while I agree with you and am aware of what it is doing to Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #68
i have little to no interest in the thread also. should simply die, but the guys want to .... seabeyond Feb 2014 #69
Life Is Good. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #70
ya, this would be the one. lol. i posted it to you, ah ha. i worry about my brain. seabeyond Feb 2014 #71
These are just fantastic. MadrasT Feb 2014 #72
one just cannot help comparing the difference in respect to our women and girls, huh. i know seabeyond Feb 2014 #73
Cool pics. Thanks for posting. n/t Laelth Feb 2014 #76
yw. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #77
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