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Fire Walk With Me

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Sat Aug 24, 2013, 09:44 PM Aug 2013

Good LORD, they're out in force. [View all]

Earlier today I alerted on a poster for saying I sounded like a crazy homeless person, and it was let stand. Just now I had a post hidden which contains 100% facts, but facts unpleasant to Obama absolutists. And one seriously deranged jury message:

Juror #5 voted to HIDE IT and said: Ordinarily, I wouldn't hide a post like this, since it's really just a difference of opinion, but Fire Walk With Me is such a stupid asshole propagandist that I will hide his nonsense on principle. Also, I think this will go 5-1 against the alerter, since juries are now stacked with the imbecile confederates of jackasses like FWWM, so I want to make sure they get the message that there are still some of us here who think moronic agit-prop like this is uncivil in the extreme.

(Just got called a Koch shill in another thread...they have no idea who their friends are and don't care, and somehow imagine this makes them both attractive and destined to win and lead...) FFS...

Edit: Any bad news means "their" president is imperfect and is not doing the perfect job they need to believe he's doing. Fuck consensus reality.

Edit 2: THANK YOU for the comments and conversation and support. It matters. Regards to all, keep fighting the good fight!

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Good LORD, they're out in force. [View all] Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 OP
Win some, lose some. Just Saying Aug 2013 #1
I'll only do it when it's absolutely blatant and useless to any conversation. Which of course is not Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #2
I am sorry for this, FWWM. roguevalley Aug 2013 #101
I Appreciate Your Contributions - Please Keep Posting cantbeserious Aug 2013 #3
Thanks; I know it means I'm doing something right, but this is what I'd expect from a RW Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #5
same here - let fly Supersedeas Aug 2013 #54
I hope it wasn't one of the great posts involving the 1% orpupilofnature57 Aug 2013 #4
That's what's upset them; I was hidden in a Probama thread for stating facts regarding Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #8
Or Liberty, the Freedom to tell the Truth . orpupilofnature57 Aug 2013 #16
That's a very common post creeksneakers2 Aug 2013 #34
Was it a BOG thread? OnyxCollie Aug 2013 #53
:) I've never posted there although it's SOOOOO tempting. It's unbelievable. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #62
I didn't realize it was a BOG thread when I posted. OnyxCollie Aug 2013 #72
I think I only posted there once, by accident-- truebluegreen Aug 2013 #75
I'm with you. Enthusiast Aug 2013 #84
And yet those are the same people who call anyone criticizing the NSA cui bono Aug 2013 #95
same DUer blocked me for a "multi-dimensional chess game" post - it was about a DrDan Aug 2013 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author bahrbearian Aug 2013 #153
In the BOG, a person can be blocked if they say something positive about a position taken by Obama - AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2013 #162
I remember that guy, the 2008 Obama for whom I voted. Wonder what happened to him. ;) n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #170
As Democrats, I would hope that we would not follow blindly emsimon33 Aug 2013 #83
Yes, the "alert system" is starting to become stacked DontTreadOnMe Aug 2013 #6
It isn't perfect Mz Pip Aug 2013 #71
I agree with you emsimon33 Aug 2013 #85
They are desperate. Keep the posts coming. n/t n2doc Aug 2013 #7
Thanks. These are facts; we shouldn't even be arguing them, much less shouting them down Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #9
Juror #5 is a f***ing COWARD Skittles Aug 2013 #10
Thank you Skittles. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #11
Actually, having presented such an inappropriate explanation, Juror #5 should be banned from ever be emsimon33 Aug 2013 #86
K&R for you MotherPetrie Aug 2013 #12
Thank you. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #13
That juror needs to get an alert. brer cat Aug 2013 #14
Thanks. I've posted it in the ATA section. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #15
What is ATA? n/t cui bono Aug 2013 #44
Ask the Administrators. OnyxCollie Aug 2013 #56
Good. DU doesn't need jurors who vote for/against someone "on principle". pacalo Aug 2013 #74
I agree. juajen Aug 2013 #50
I agree. The explanation was way out of line emsimon33 Aug 2013 #88
I am sorry this happened, FWWM. Place has definitely changed in the last 10 years, Mnemosyne Aug 2013 #17
KnR .... I had a similar experience alittlelark Aug 2013 #18
Sorry to hear it. I can't believe we'd have such trouble in an "underground" forum. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #19
k and r--some of us appreciate the information and insight you bring. niyad Aug 2013 #20
Thanks. Not "democratic" much, is it? Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #22
not democratic, not rational, not logical--just pure nonsense. will be fun to see if juror 5 niyad Aug 2013 #28
No, not democratic, and I among others have noticed that DUers, over the years, have Nay Aug 2013 #59
Thank you, and I fear that you are correct. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #65
I think that some here speak a little too harshly of Obama. Blanks Aug 2013 #202
They're getting very desperate Hydra Aug 2013 #21
Agreed- the RW mentality is here :( Peace... Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #24
these people are true RW, regardless of what they are calling themselves DJ13 Aug 2013 #39
When doesn't the 1% win? Hydra Aug 2013 #40
I bet a majority of Obama voters in 08 thought the 1% wouldn't be the winners when he won DJ13 Aug 2013 #52
I'm sure you're right Hydra Aug 2013 #57
I'm if full agreement DJ13 Aug 2013 #61
Voluntarily extended the Bush tax cuts. Enthusiast Aug 2013 #91
And he made some of them permanent in the "Fiscal Cliff" scam. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #92
You are exactly correct.........nt Enthusiast Aug 2013 #89
But many are employees. Enthusiast Aug 2013 #87
Well said! emsimon33 Aug 2013 #90
New here as a poster Ocelot Aug 2013 #186
What an asshole. Joe Shlabotnik Aug 2013 #23
Thank you; I appreciate your contributions as well! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #26
the juror was probably a real pro...... dtom67 Aug 2013 #31
Cha-ching. Sheesh! Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #152
not a real guess... dtom67 Aug 2013 #157
Pwned. Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #159
:D Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #171
I am the Leser of two evils.... dtom67 Aug 2013 #172
you know what they say... FirstLight Aug 2013 #25
Thanks! Some of them are actually a bit frightening :( Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #29
Heh! Control-Z Aug 2013 #46
I've tried to lay off of the President... dtom67 Aug 2013 #27
Thanks; agreed and agreed and agreed again! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #30
Truth doesn't have a side, your right . orpupilofnature57 Aug 2013 #151
That juror should be tombstoned. cui bono Aug 2013 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Aug 2013 #33
so this juror admits prejudice against you grasswire Aug 2013 #35
At first they're honest and learn it's a mistake, then use cannier methods. :( Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #117
I've received messages from assholes like that as well ZRT2209 Aug 2013 #36
There must be a very fine line between free speech and censorship or something; Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #118
They can try to suppress the truth . . . markpkessinger Aug 2013 #37
Thanks Mark; trying to rise above. Solidarity! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #119
FWWM, there are those like Winston Smith for whom the sturggle is over...... DeSwiss Aug 2013 #38
Great observations and I agree. People cling to known structure in both political parties Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #120
Maybe one day we'll be able to alert on a jury member. wtmusic Aug 2013 #41
Definitely agreed. It's an idea very worthy of consideration since Meta passed. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #121
You can alert on juror comments and in this case fwwm should do so. Warren Stupidity Aug 2013 #160
Thanks, didn't know that. wtmusic Aug 2013 #163
Aww. Drunken Irishman Aug 2013 #42
Well, you know how it goes. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #79
So how do you feel about Juror #5's explanation? n/t cui bono Aug 2013 #96
Pathetic, rude and mean. I'd pull their juror eligibility. I like the DU member Fire Walk With Me. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #97
Thanks for your honest answer. cui bono Aug 2013 #100
I think we agree more than disagree. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #102
I've been beenin'! haha. Drunken Irishman Aug 2013 #106
I supported Kucinich so I know how you feel. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #43
(chuckle) :) Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #124
The jury system as it stands The Wizard Aug 2013 #45
They added Unrec, they killed Meta, they've polluted the Jury system... Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #126
J would bet that if you could know. zeemike Aug 2013 #47
Thank you very much. My skin is not incredibly thick and I doubt I'd like myself much if it were. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #127
If I may make an observation Rain Mcloud Aug 2013 #48
As there are trolls here from RW message boards, certainly there are those here simply to Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #128
I am sorry for what they done to you,Bro. Rain Mcloud Aug 2013 #161
I usually make a point of reading your posts 2naSalit Aug 2013 #49
Thanks; I appreciate it. Best to you! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #129
More evidence that the jury system is fucked up. The irony of jurer 5. Jurer 5 should be alerted on L0oniX Aug 2013 #51
Rules, LOL railsback Aug 2013 #76
The jury system can be manipulated. RC Aug 2013 #112
Jury transaparency. Remove the anonymous Jurer 1-6 , use DU member names and watch what happens. L0oniX Aug 2013 #113
I can see the fanatics adding to their list of enemies with that, for later pile ons. RC Aug 2013 #114
Add a "alert on a jurer" feature where the jurer can get banned from duty. L0oniX Aug 2013 #115
That would be a good start. RC Aug 2013 #116
I agree that things are unDemocratic and that if user names were included, it would be different. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #130
I appreciate your posts Phlem Aug 2013 #55
Thank you for the support and your work towards maintaining the presence of all voices Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #131
Methinks that Juror #5 protests too much... truth2power Aug 2013 #58
Perhaps :) There is a definite, orchestrated attempt to "weed out" the voices of which they do not Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #132
Yes, the name-calling does get to some people. I wouldn't even bother alerting on it, though... truth2power Aug 2013 #155
Skinner got what he wanted, IMO: an echo chamber of BOG Demeter Aug 2013 #60
Hear! Hear! nt snappyturtle Aug 2013 #66
I'm really hoping you're wrong about Skinner and his plans for the forum. I hope that it is terribly Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #133
Some people can't handle the truth. limpyhobbler Aug 2013 #63
Which is decided unDemocratic, innit. :( Thanks for your work limpyhobbler. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #134
K&R Twice in as many days two of my favorite posters, FWWM being one, snappyturtle Aug 2013 #64
Thanks snappyturtle. It's not easy on the personal level. But as you so well describe, it's required Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #135
I've had the same thing happen. I stated FACTS and the haters couldn't take it. LaydeeBug Aug 2013 #67
Thanks. You'd hope that on a left-wing board or group or political party, there wouldn't BE Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #136
You are most certainly welcome. Haters are gonna hate, honey, it's what they *do* LaydeeBug Aug 2013 #168
I have to agree with you. From what you post I'd have to say you were hit by lightening twice. marble falls Aug 2013 #68
Then this OP was alerted upon (yeah, by a member of this group, sure). :( Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #137
How did the jury fall? marble falls Aug 2013 #166
Let it stand: Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #173
Mission Statement OmahaBlueDog Aug 2013 #69
Haters gonna alert on your post ;) Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #138
Great sentiments. marble falls Aug 2013 #167
I'm not fond of the "Gish Gallop" bhikkhu Aug 2013 #70
There is a technique called "dictionary flaming" where a posted presents many points Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #139
That's not an appropriate message whether you are a Koch propagandist or not Renew Deal Aug 2013 #73
"Crazy homeless person" is a compliment around here. napoleon_in_rags Aug 2013 #77
Interesting, thank you :) I've never "fit in" and doubt I ever will so I'll suppose that it's to be Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #140
Right on! Totally. napoleon_in_rags Aug 2013 #169
Keep up the good work. JEB Aug 2013 #78
Thank you. Here's hoping sanity prevails and inconvenient truths "are allowed". n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #141
If someone agreed summer-hazz Aug 2013 #80
Agreed! And I'd vote for Warrren as well! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #142
Thank you FWWM summer-hazz Aug 2013 #192
Juror #5 was out of order--there is no excuse for that type of explanation emsimon33 Aug 2013 #81
Al Gore with his Inconvenient Truth was shunned...why "they" do this is beyond me. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #143
Name calling and not being willing to at least listen to the other side never help emsimon33 Aug 2013 #179
You are a righteous dude. Enthusiast Aug 2013 #82
Thanks. I agree that bullying and targeting are NOT liberal/democratic values. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #144
I was actually the only juror who didn't vote to hide your other post BainsBane Aug 2013 #93
This OP was alerted, jury voted to LEAVE IT 2-4. Waiting For Everyman Aug 2013 #94
I was Juror #5 thelordofhell Aug 2013 #99
Thank you! Meta became its own circle of hell after a while, with Purity Control perched therein Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #123
wrong BainsBane Aug 2013 #103
+1 n/t jaysunb Aug 2013 #191
"Good Lord" redux. (facepalm) Thank you! Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #122
Well I just came upon the post I believe you to be talking about cui bono Aug 2013 #98
I think I found it bananas Aug 2013 #105
Ah... I thought it was this thread: cui bono Aug 2013 #154
Drunken Irishman makes it clear he has no compassion for the homeless or "mentally weak" bananas Aug 2013 #107
It sucks for someone to use their Jury powers that way: i.e. to be abusive, hateful, name calling 99th_Monkey Aug 2013 #104
They are apparently picking at me using something I dislike- name-calling, personal attacks, etc. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #145
I, for one, enjoy reading your posts. LeftofObama Aug 2013 #109
Thank you. It's important because it's plainly obvious some wish certain truths not be told. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #146
Personally attacking the poster by a jury member newfie11 Aug 2013 #110
I believe it's a planned set of personal attacks, all very similar in being dismissive, name-calling Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #147
It is not in anyway the Liberals or Democrats doing that, or are the problem. RC Aug 2013 #165
Could not agree with you more! marew Aug 2013 #111
Thanks! n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #148
It looks to me like a coordinated effort. After Meta was closed down because the bullies rhett o rick Aug 2013 #125
Agreed on all counts. And it ain't very Democratic is it. :( Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #149
Welcome to the club. donco Aug 2013 #150
The principle of the thing is scary. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #185
The response from #5 is over the top. reusrename Aug 2013 #156
"If the future of America is given to them, watch it go over Niagara Falls..." ~Dead Kennedys Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #184
We'll never know for sure, but could this be Juror #5? AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2013 #158
:) Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #182
I enjoy reading your posts Lifelong Protester Aug 2013 #164
I've set up some chairs and a reading lamp and air conditioning and even a snack bar Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #181
I always read your OP's. Utopian Leftist Aug 2013 #174
Please post more. It is needed most significantly. Peace...n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #180
Holy Shit what a nasty comment! k&r for your OP though. Little Star Aug 2013 #175
I'd expect such from a RW board or source. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #178
I know, but still that was really, really nasty. Little Star Aug 2013 #183
Isn't it against the DU bylaws to insult other DU members? I count approximately 5 insults in that Lint Head Aug 2013 #176
Yesterday I was specifically, personally insulted by at least five different DUers. Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #177
It spreads the lotion on its' skin Cronus Protagonist Aug 2013 #187
that the JS around here is screwed is one of the first things I noticed stupidicus Aug 2013 #188
Personally, I don't bother to alert on ad hominem Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #189
I'm a fan of yours. freedom fighter jh Aug 2013 #190
I hope you alerted on the jury results - that would take it to straight to the Admins. scarletwoman Aug 2013 #193
Fire Walk With Me PPR'd Hissyspit Aug 2013 #194
Do you know why? nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #195
This message was self-deleted by its author Hissyspit Aug 2013 #196
Skinner: "Anti-Semite" Hissyspit Aug 2013 #197
It's about dayum time Cali_Democrat Aug 2013 #198
This crazy, you mean?: Hissyspit Aug 2013 #199
??? Cali_Democrat Aug 2013 #200
No zappaman Aug 2013 #201
Some how I knew you would be celebrating. No place for those that dont agree. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #203
Seems like this site is no place for anti-semitism either. zappaman Aug 2013 #204
Your ridicule and grave dancing is about as low as you can get. rhett o rick Aug 2013 #207
Pointing out the poster you are defending was nuked for being an anti-semite zappaman Aug 2013 #209
Go ahead and ridicule and mock. And as far as him being anti-semitic, I dont rhett o rick Aug 2013 #211
Hey there, fellow imbecile! truedelphi Aug 2013 #205
You do know he was PPR'd. For being anti-semitic of all things. How ironic. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #206
What is PPR'd?? Really don't know. truedelphi Aug 2013 #208
Posting Privileges Revoked zappaman Aug 2013 #210
Beware, "They are out in force". They are looking to purify DU. Smite those that speak out. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #212
Smite those that are anti Semites. zappaman Aug 2013 #213
This message was self-deleted by its author Turborama Aug 2013 #215
Pointless Turborama Aug 2013 #216
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2013 #214
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