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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Dec 18, 2015, 03:37 PM Dec 2015

Do you think Bernie's campaign downloaded sensitive Clinton voter data? [View all]

The accusation:

According to data obtained by TIME, the Sanders campaign appears to have obtained files with lists of unique voters that the Clinton campaign had cultivated in 10 early states including Iowa and New Hampshire.

The compromised data reflects major financial investments by the Clinton campaign, and if the Sanders campaign did download and retain Clinton’s campaign data, it would mitigate some of the advantage she may have gained in voter outreach and listbuilding.


Do you think this is true?
43 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Bernie's campaign did download sensitive Clinton voter data
22 (51%)
Bernie's campaign did not download sensitive Clinton voter data
21 (49%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Absolutely... SidDithers Dec 2015 #1
Yet, they named them "Not Sanders," which points more to documenting an exploit than Fawke Em Dec 2015 #66
Why? Happenstance24 Dec 2015 #2
So far 8 people have voted and said Bernie's campaign did not download the data. nt Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #5
Shocking. Embarassingly so....-nt- Happenstance24 Dec 2015 #9
30 now are in denial Andy823 Dec 2015 #52
The meme that Bernie Supporters hate Obama is tired artislife Dec 2015 #64
Yes, but I am more disturbed by the media 'suddenly' paying attention to Sanders n/t Jeroen Dec 2015 #3
Nope--and according to the fired guy, there was no download. merrily Dec 2015 #4
hmmm... Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #8
Personal folders where? merrily Dec 2015 #12
Who at NBC reviewed that data? Fawke Em Dec 2015 #67
then he changed his story by the time MSNBC interviewed him tishaLA Dec 2015 #14
. merrily Dec 2015 #16
that cites a CNN interview. I cited an MSNBC interview tishaLA Dec 2015 #17
Not the point. Read what the guy said in that story and read the thread, esp. Vincadog's comments. merrily Dec 2015 #22
but I heard the gentleman's voice admitting to downloading tishaLA Dec 2015 #24
Even if you did hear it, what the person said originally is relevant. Did he directly contradict merrily Dec 2015 #25
there may be more to the story than downloading tishaLA Dec 2015 #32
Ah, so saved vs. downloaded. Kind of an important distinction. So is reading the guy's reasons for merrily Dec 2015 #42
apology accepted. have a great day! tishaLA Dec 2015 #43
They guy downloaded and then saved the files. boston bean Dec 2015 #46
i know BB, i know tishaLA Dec 2015 #47
Of course, they have proof. JaneyVee Dec 2015 #6
Of course. leftofcool Dec 2015 #7
Bernie freakin admitted it already! workinclasszero Dec 2015 #10
Maybe. But, if so, it rates a major *shrug*. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author merrily Dec 2015 #13
No doubt DWS will ban Hillary's campaign and demand an explantation for hiirng such a scoundrel. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author merrily Dec 2015 #21
Can we expect DWS to ban the DNC in response? Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #23
Any sanctions yet on the guy who was paid to keep the data secure, received notice it was not secure merrily Dec 2015 #31
My deepest apologies. Sanders is the one who hired Hillary's former data guy. I don't merrily Dec 2015 #50
So many issues here. The DNC seriously jumped the gun before an actual investigation occurred. EndElectoral Dec 2015 #15
They fired someone for it so it is pretty hard to say it wasn't done. Motown_Johnny Dec 2015 #18
They fired him becasue they were trying to avoid any perception of impropriety. EndElectoral Dec 2015 #20
except of course...WE DO KNOW VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #27
and a clinton loyalist controls those logs questionseverything Dec 2015 #39
hahahahahaha VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #40
Firing a guy doesn't mean he did it. Better to fire first, ask questions later and, if warranted, merrily Dec 2015 #34
But 40 people on DU say it wasn't done. Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #62
They must be having a very bad day VanillaRhapsody Dec 2015 #26
just stop posting and confusing them with facts dlwickham Dec 2015 #55
That YOU don't know how to read. eom Fawke Em Dec 2015 #72
I think if they did, they did it at the direction of their boss Josh Uretsky notadmblnd Dec 2015 #28
Well... MrWendel Dec 2015 #29
Apparently, you did not understand the stories about the Tyndall Report or the Tyndall Report itself merrily Dec 2015 #37
The active conspiracy and collaboration... MrWendel Dec 2015 #45
Instead of repeating yourself pointlessly, you should be trying to understand the things merrily Dec 2015 #48
What I do understand completely... MrWendel Dec 2015 #49
Now that's just mean comradebillyboy Dec 2015 #53
Ok I admit, kittens are nice still_one Dec 2015 #30
Didn't the Sanders' Campaign already admit they did? itsrobert Dec 2015 #33
Yes, they did. Yet look at the numbers that responded "no" to the poll nt Sheepshank Dec 2015 #38
false consciousness nt tishaLA Dec 2015 #44
Will Bernie win this on line poll? Nt Sheepshank Dec 2015 #35
So far we have only some news reports upaloopa Dec 2015 #36
Of course they downloaded the data Fluothane Dec 2015 #41
Statement from Clinton campaign Gothmog Dec 2015 #51
Good statement. Andy823 Dec 2015 #54
They already admitted it. MeNMyVolt Dec 2015 #56
Well....if you look at the poll, 38 DUers don't think they accessed the voter data Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #59
Which appears to mean absolutely fuck all to a number of people here Number23 Dec 2015 #68
Fired Sanders Staffer: We Saved Clinton Voter Data To Prove Breach Gothmog Dec 2015 #57
kick Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #58
Well it depends on what you mean by "downloaded" ismnotwasm Dec 2015 #61
I voted "did not" just because I think this whole thing Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #63
So you voted that they didn't access and save Clinton voter data...... Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #65
I have no idea, nor do I care. Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #71
I don't know. All that matters is a Sanders campaign staffer accessed it at all. NuclearDem Dec 2015 #69
Brawawaaaa 45 download truthers! Cha Dec 2015 #70
LOL Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #73
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