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40. How do we define victory?
Wed Oct 14, 2015, 10:02 AM
Oct 2015

I think we all agree that victory exists in opposition to failure. I'm going to argue that both Sanders and Clinton had victories. I think however that Sanders won the most meaningful one.

Secretary Clinton was victorious in looking poised, prepared, and professional. She showed that all the negative attention she's been getting hasn't diminished her likability among Democrats.

Senator Sanders for the first time was in a national debate running as a Democrat. He had to answer question going to his origins and he dealt with them admirably. He finished the debate by being viewed warmly by our party as a whole as a great spokesperson for us. He reached many Democrats who had little idea as to who he was and he's now on their radar after having made a favorable impression.

Young voters, and Independents, got to learn more about the candidate who's been doing extremely well with their demographic. They now have had confirmed his authenticity as the kind of candidate they want to see on the ballot. They represent important "stealth" votes, in key states, that normally can't be counted on for much turnout. Sanders can get these voters to show up while other candidates just don't appeal to them.

We're going to be hearing lots more about issues important to these voters, and Sanders has wisely played the long game by laying out in a deliberate fashion the parts of his platform that win them over to our side. It's also going to become more clear as to why we need the unique appeal of Senator Sanders to voters we've let slip through our fingers.

Is the author of this article, HA Goodman, still gonna vote for Rand Paul? Cali_Democrat Oct 2015 #1
The Googles! pinebox Oct 2015 #10
More like The Giggles! JaneyVee Oct 2015 #19
Name recognition? pinebox Oct 2015 #20
Talk about spin, non-scientific polls! JaneyVee Oct 2015 #24
Ya talk about pundits pinebox Oct 2015 #28
I post stories about my cat on Facebook...not a big place for polling brooklynite Oct 2015 #62
lolok pinebox Oct 2015 #77
Do they USE social media? Yes. Do they engage in POLITICS on social media? No... brooklynite Oct 2015 #82
Actually pinebox Oct 2015 #85
If you post stories about your cat on Facebook, does that disqualify or diminish your political Uncle Joe Oct 2015 #92
No, it means I don't express my political philosophy on Facebook...and neither do millions of others brooklynite Oct 2015 #93
It doesn't exclude political commentary on Facebook, I see much of that as well from all sides. Uncle Joe Oct 2015 #94
brooklynite, everyone I know does. you have an opinion, I have one. that doesn't roguevalley Oct 2015 #111
"I don't express my political philosophy on Facebook...and neither do millions of others" Lordquinton Oct 2015 #123
My Facebook 10th Anniversary video...care to share yours? brooklynite Oct 2015 #127
You don't share your political philosiphy on facebook? pinebox Oct 2015 #130
No, I don't...I share my hobbies and interests. brooklynite Oct 2015 #131
I beg to differ pinebox Oct 2015 #132
Okay, I confess!!! I supported Barack Obama in 2012. brooklynite Oct 2015 #133
Whoops Lordquinton Oct 2015 #135
It was a joke Lordquinton Oct 2015 #134
lol Keep-Left Oct 2015 #87
keep lol-ing. it does a body good roguevalley Oct 2015 #112
well not all the polls are out Keep-Left Oct 2015 #139
But where is the data? Flying Shoe Oct 2015 #102
You demean internet polls as non-scientific RichVRichV Oct 2015 #118
Talk about spin! You're touting the same media outlets that push Benghazi and Emails. cui bono Oct 2015 #120
In what universe do 32 percent of viewers think Jim Webb won the debate? onenote Oct 2015 #39
I've seen a couple pinebox Oct 2015 #41
Drudge and Reddit seem to like Webb Honeylies Oct 2015 #128
Webb ohheckyeah Oct 2015 #45
see above pinebox Oct 2015 #48
You hurt science's feelings. randome Oct 2015 #68
I had thought the moment the first debate happens PatrynXX Oct 2015 #116
For what it's worth, SheilaT Oct 2015 #52
All of that name recognition... CoffeeCat Oct 2015 #107
Yes, Mrs. Wall Street Rosa Luxemburg Oct 2015 #119
Is Cali_democrat gonna attack the messenger? AlbertCat Oct 2015 #60
The author wrote an opinion piece on the debate last night. Cali_Democrat Oct 2015 #78
Wow you got the first response slot. The best place to try to change the discussion. rhett o rick Oct 2015 #88
Before you take a shot at HA Goodman... NWProf Oct 2015 #89
Sorry but no he did not. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #2
Sorry but IMO you are wrong Hepburn Oct 2015 #7
So your friend reoresents all undecideds? I think not. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #8
they represent 10 more opinions than your single one does. magical thyme Oct 2015 #43
I will wait for more scientific polls. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #44
fair enough. I'm not taking pundit claims too seriously myself. magical thyme Oct 2015 #51
even some with hillary went with bernie restorefreedom Oct 2015 #34
That the post debate CNN focus group went for Bernie is uuge & significant. They Felt the Bern! appalachiablue Oct 2015 #53
it was huuuuuuge! nt restorefreedom Oct 2015 #84
How do we define victory? Babel_17 Oct 2015 #40
+1!!! You left out all of the "I agree with Bernie..." statements that show he has set the tone and Dustlawyer Oct 2015 #98
CNN's own focus group, after the debate, were roughly 75% for Bernie 99th_Monkey Oct 2015 #50
Wrong. pinebox Oct 2015 #14
I will wait for the scientific polls. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #15
... JaneyVee Oct 2015 #21
LOL All pundits pinebox Oct 2015 #26
What? The people? daleanime Oct 2015 #35
Good point. DeeDeeNY Oct 2015 #37
+1000 LiberalLovinLug Oct 2015 #58
My fave thing this AM.... AlbertCat Oct 2015 #73
It Would Only be a Scientific Survey If Hillary Won. srobert Oct 2015 #101
And that last poll you have pictured is bkkyosemite Oct 2015 #49
Because....? frylock Oct 2015 #46
This question will remain unanswered. BeanMusical Oct 2015 #105
Just like their candidate, completely void of substance.. frylock Oct 2015 #109
That's nice Dear... AlbertCat Oct 2015 #64
Well dear I didn't but thanks for playing. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #67
That couldn't be confirmation bias, could it? Goblinmonger Oct 2015 #69
The whole gang is coming out to see me. Merely an observation. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #71
Several people have responded to you that I have never seen before. Goblinmonger Oct 2015 #75
Well i am just as capable of using my observation abilities as you are and I will leave it at that. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #81
Sorry, but he did. Lordquinton Oct 2015 #124
This author needs to be banned from DU JaneyVee Oct 2015 #3
And I'm Always Worried About DUers That Advocate... BANNING... Just Sayin... WillyT Oct 2015 #11
Plenty of things are banned on DU, notably rightwing hacks who... JaneyVee Oct 2015 #13
Right pinebox Oct 2015 #16
She is human, right? daleanime Oct 2015 #22
What about right-wing hacks who talk out of both sides of their mouth Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #25
Noooooooooooo! That RW hack deserves to be here because he supports Hillary! silly. in_cog_ni_to Oct 2015 #74
Bingo! 840high Oct 2015 #103
you mean David Brock? roguevalley Oct 2015 #114
Wow. SoapBox Oct 2015 #80
god then. ban david brock, the one and only Anita Hill bastard. Ban him and his correct the roguevalley Oct 2015 #113
Yep Thespian2 Oct 2015 #117
You must be new to the party. Welcome! We, as dems, are inclusive...not exclusive. Bubzer Oct 2015 #72
Hillary hater. AlbertCat Oct 2015 #96
Seriously? Colorado Rambler Oct 2015 #99
My obsrvation was that Bernnie set the agenda FlatBaroque Oct 2015 #4
sixth choice? woah what happened? n/t retrowire Oct 2015 #97
KNR Hepburn Oct 2015 #5
Always So Cool Marty McGraw Oct 2015 #91
Then tell him to be sure to change his registration to Dem so he can help Bernie win the nomination. kath Oct 2015 #125
Next on DU will be a story from Cornell West about how Obama ni*****rized not only the presidency uponit7771 Oct 2015 #6
How did Dr. West get into this? Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #12
The OP article writer and West are dem haters, they shouldn't be taken seriously uponit7771 Oct 2015 #23
Well, I agree that somebody here Le Taz Hot Oct 2015 #27
Yes, the Bern Victims (tm) and their consummate whining about the MSM who've hated Hillary to uponit7771 Oct 2015 #31
lol from H. A. Goodman the biggest Bernie Sanders shill on the Internets. moobu2 Oct 2015 #9
Shill? SoapBox Oct 2015 #83
LOL. HA Goodman strikes again! DanTex Oct 2015 #17
LOL.. nonsense. DCBob Oct 2015 #18
So nice of you to define me like that..... daleanime Oct 2015 #29
No she didn't. Not even clise. n/t in_cog_ni_to Oct 2015 #36
Perhaps you could actually counter the authors argument.. frylock Oct 2015 #47
Sure.. DCBob Oct 2015 #56
okay.. frylock Oct 2015 #59
Okay.. that's your take.. DCBob Oct 2015 #61
Most pundits saw it your way.. frylock Oct 2015 #63
Well see when the next polling comes out.. DCBob Oct 2015 #66
We'll see when the primary voting starts. frylock Oct 2015 #70
"And she looked great up on stage. Bernie looked old and tired." frylock Oct 2015 #95
Talk about bias--you said the TPP is progress! Duppers Oct 2015 #108
Yeah..so? DCBob Oct 2015 #110
"Polling holy water?" OMG - that's one for the memory bank! in_cog_ni_to Oct 2015 #30
I Myself Went To One One Of Those 100,000 Bernie Parties AND ChiciB1 Oct 2015 #32
Thanks for sharing... KoKo Oct 2015 #86
The WaPo doesn't have an editorial today about the debates. Eric J in MN Oct 2015 #33
Yeah, Sanders won!!!! gopiscrap Oct 2015 #38
I tend to agree that whomever sets the tone, leads the debate thus the winner. Hiraeth Oct 2015 #42
whomever sets the tone, leads the debate SoLeftIAmRight Oct 2015 #65
Not exactly an unbiased source oberliner Oct 2015 #54
Thought Bernie clearly the winner Geronimoe Oct 2015 #55
Jill Stein? oberliner Oct 2015 #57
AWESOME post! Big K & R! ancianita Oct 2015 #76
This thread is hilarious.... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2015 #79
Clearly, the news media Aerows Oct 2015 #104
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Oct 2015 #90
Oh,H.A.Goodman,please get together with the sufrommich Oct 2015 #100
H.A. Goodman again. Does this guy write anything other than pro-Bernie, anti-Hillary articles? I Metric System Oct 2015 #106
I was deeply disappointed that Bernie gave Hillary a pass on the emails. SusanaMontana41 Oct 2015 #115
Government Secrecy Matters LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #122
So the FBI under President Obama is conducting a "witch hunt" SusanaMontana41 Oct 2015 #136
Yes it is a witch hunt LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #137
Keep the lectures coming. SusanaMontana41 Oct 2015 #140
Popcorn LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #141
I agree 100%. JDPriestly Oct 2015 #121
Who won is subjective, everyone has an opinion Uben Oct 2015 #126
When the piece got to Hillary's e-mails and Progressive dog Oct 2015 #129
New Poll Shows Clinton Recovers Lost Ground in N.H. workinclasszero Oct 2015 #138
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