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66. lol, the title itself is a rapid descent into self parody
Tue Oct 6, 2015, 08:10 PM
Oct 2015

It surpasses even Muslim Communist, and Anarchist Fascist, and those are two of my favorite internet signposts signalling a turn into The Twilight Zone.

SIX! 6 is the number of the day! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #1
Yeesh! deadlinetony Oct 2015 #2
Post removed Post removed Oct 2015 #41
They have nothing else really RobertEarl Oct 2015 #151
Just want them to know that artislife Oct 2015 #3
I think 10 or 12 Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #5
This is true, I think it's the 6th op though. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #6
666 Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #8
Oooooh! One of those SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #138
you got links to back that statement up? check my search link of DU... Bill USA Oct 2015 #12
. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #15
how many posts identical to this one, on this day? care to say? LOL! It isn't 6! It's ONE. Bill USA Oct 2015 #18
I just checked again, yep SIX! Maybe the Count can help you out with that! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #23
without links your chanting bullshit. let's see links to the 6 posts, identical to OP, on this day. Bill USA Oct 2015 #26
If I post them and you confirm that this is number SIX! AH AH AH! will you delete this one? beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #28
Correct me if I am wrong. TexasTowelie Oct 2015 #147
I never said it was posted 6 times ON THIS DAY. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #150
Check post number 23 TexasTowelie Oct 2015 #159
Why should I address a strawman? I never said it was posted 6 times "on this day". beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #163
Yes, it was posted six times over a five month period, TexasTowelie Oct 2015 #172
Okay: beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #174
You got your hot links so where's your retraction? Bluenorthwest Oct 2015 #36
Notice how when we do that all we hear are *crickets*? beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #39
Well, he did get hidden downthread, so he can't reply jeff47 Oct 2015 #45
Now don't you feel silly? I hope so. senz Oct 2015 #64
Coordinated smear job from the anti-Semitic hate site, no doubt. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #38
With a fake alert to go along with it too. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #40
Yep. They're gaming the system. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #44
Notice how many times that hit piece accusing Bernie of barring dissent on Israel was posted? beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #51
I love taking that one on. Fawke Em Oct 2015 #98
Just right. Fair to both sides. That's what I want in a President. senz Oct 2015 #179
^^THIS^^ nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #153
I was on my way out the door MuseRider Oct 2015 #84
It is an abuse and you're right to resent it. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #86
I want to say more MuseRider Oct 2015 #92
It <is> loser behavior. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #183
Cool it should be posted 20 times a day workinclasszero Oct 2015 #104
SIX! appears to be Bill's lucky number! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #110
Oh it is helping Hillary immensely I bet workinclasszero Oct 2015 #118
YOU CALLED BERNIE A GUN NUT AND I JUST DONATED $5 TO HIM FOR YOU!!! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #123
Thats your right friend workinclasszero Oct 2015 #131
I do my part by posting the truth whenever HC supporters gaslight DU. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #134
So you think it's cool to call Bernie a "gun nut?" senz Oct 2015 #133
They only say it to piss us off senz, I find it amusing and pathetic. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #140
As much as you would like to think its only the few Hillary backers on this board with that opinion workinclasszero Oct 2015 #142
Just because they work for Slate doesn't mean the author isn't a delusional moron. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #156
The Slate article doesn't surprise me, workinclasszero, senz Oct 2015 #175
A "Gun Nut" with a D- rating from the NRA Z_California Oct 2015 #185
When you have limited material AgingAmerican Oct 2015 #178
Well said. I've noticed the same thing. senz Oct 2015 #180
Six (6) recs is the number at this point.... SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #135
I don't believe in deities but someone has a wicked sense of humour! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #137
Hey, it could be her! SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #139
This is going to definitely be part of Billary's play against Bernie... ion_theory Oct 2015 #4
Yes I would vote for the Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #7
FYI, "Billary" is a right-wing term. You are on a Democratic forum, after all. Metric System Oct 2015 #11
Post removed Post removed Oct 2015 #16
Hardly. We fault her for her allegiance to oligarchs and other big donors. Not GOP at all. senz Oct 2015 #20
Post removed Post removed Oct 2015 #22
Because Sanders didn't have any!!?!?!? Really?! None... NOT ONE of the dem candidates running uponit7771 Oct 2015 #24
Looks like someone is Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #101
Lol, 6 hides! A long vacation! Nt Logical Oct 2015 #176
6 is a magic number, eh? HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #184
Uh, I'll put referring to Bernie as a "gun nut" SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #141
Voting against the Brady Bill once = gun nut, 5 times = gumper and that's where we START uponit7771 Oct 2015 #194
Please point out which one of these definitions of "gun nut" fits the pro-gun control Senator: beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #198
Yeap, they think the economy for the middle class is worse now than when Bush was uponit7771 Oct 2015 #21
I can't reply to hidden messages, but (!!) delrem Oct 2015 #90
I thought they were bogus too, and I was one of people Bill insulted. senz Oct 2015 #99
This whole deal of "hiding posts" has gotten out of hand. delrem Oct 2015 #108
I agree, delrem. But people around here have made a game of it. senz Oct 2015 #181
SIX!! SIX HIDDEN POSTS!! Capt. Obvious Oct 2015 #190
Maybe for you Bernie worshippers, but us Hillary supporters are persecuted LondonReign2 Oct 2015 #192
No, we're not Capt. Obvious Oct 2015 #193
Alert it or quit whining! Nt Logical Oct 2015 #173
Yeap, hate Obama... hate Hillary... hate dems in power but is a progressive... ok.. whatever uponit7771 Oct 2015 #19
Bernie supporters don't hate Obama. Fawke Em Oct 2015 #111
^^THIS^^ nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #143
Those are the two reasons why I can't back Hillary, until she actually gets the nomination. ion_theory Oct 2015 #195
I also have noticed this phenomenon. Blue_In_AK Oct 2015 #197
Hate is reserved for friends and those people TM99 Oct 2015 #187
Minor problem with the gun-loving claim jeff47 Oct 2015 #29
Exactly. He voted to ban assault weapons and for background checks in 1994 and 2013. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #35
Your comment is disgraceful and it is more disgraceful that it survived a jury. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #91
Not an issue. Both candidates will be good for gun owners nt hack89 Oct 2015 #9
Still at this idiotic attack? sadoldgirl Oct 2015 #10
It is meeting the needs of corporations first and foremost, we are so very far behind in finding Thinkingabout Oct 2015 #13
Hillary should make gun control the central issue of her primary campaign.. frylock Oct 2015 #14
I agree! ibegurpard Oct 2015 #17
OH PLEASE!!!!!nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #144
Except for that eagerness for war thing she has going - guns, bombs - cluster bombs galore. djean111 Oct 2015 #122
This thread was Alerted by someone whose only comment was "Don't hide it." senz Oct 2015 #25
Do you have the results, senz? beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #30
Here are the alert results. senz Oct 2015 #59
Thanks, senz. Someone is abusing the system. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #67
Been going on for some time. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #146
This is an abuse of the system and the hide votes are ridiculous. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #85
I think very little should be "hidden". delrem Oct 2015 #93
Each post can only be alerted on once. jeff47 Oct 2015 #31
Exactly, it should be reported. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #33
No, alerting on yourself doesn't trigger the jury system. (nt) jeff47 Oct 2015 #34
One of his friends then, the way they've been reposting old articles makes me wonder beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #37
They're coordinating from the hate site. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #62
Exactly. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #68
That makes me sad. senz Oct 2015 #72
Thanks, senz. You're very sweet to say so. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #74
Most of the time I am out of the loop. senz Oct 2015 #79
DU has been having software glitches lately. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #82
I've observed DU being unable to load pages recently. senz Oct 2015 #96
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service eggplant Oct 2015 #107
Alerting on people discussing "alert trolls?" Fawke Em Oct 2015 #117
Irony can be so ironic sometimes. --William Shatner, Airplane II DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #169
Good jury! Thanks for posting. Looks like senz is on the list too. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #127
Wow. Thanks for posting this, eggplant. senz Oct 2015 #165
ROLL WITH IT, SENZ! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #171
Thanks, bmus. senz Oct 2015 #182
I get the grayed out subject line from time to time Fumesucker Oct 2015 #188
Thanks. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone senz Oct 2015 #191
You can't alert on yourself. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #87
Unless you have a sock. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #88
Could be or 7t could be someone attempting it to make it look like an abuse. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #89
Or it could be an abuse, occam's razor. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #94
Well that is in the eye of the beholder. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #95
I saw it as deliberate lies and slander but didn't think lies should be hidden. senz Oct 2015 #102
What exactly was a lie in your view? hrmjustin Oct 2015 #103
Bernie is not a "gun nut". That is a lie. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #105
I sgree. Anything else? hrmjustin Oct 2015 #106
Isn't one lie enough? How many do you find acceptable about Hillary? beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #112
Do you object to the title or the whole article? hrmjustin Oct 2015 #114
Strawman much, justin? beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #116
Can you answer my question or not? hrmjustin Oct 2015 #119
Which question? I don't like strawmen, allergic you know. Same with lies. They make me itch. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #121
Ok I am done with your games. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #124
The hide votes were probably a reaction to an obvious attempt to game the jury system. Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #97
Well if true you might have a good point. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #100
Skinner doesn't. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #149
I heard of that purge. Very regretable and sad. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #152
Well, he might. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #154
I read that thread earlier this year and it was heartbreaking reading it. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #157
Yep. Thank you for reading it. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #161
. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #162
OMG, the manipulation continues... SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #148
Sounds like a coordinated disruption. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #42
Well, hopefully senz will alert on the results, since it's an obvious attempt to game the system. nt jeff47 Oct 2015 #43
How on earth does one alert on the results of an alert? senz Oct 2015 #61
If your on the jury? HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #63
You alert on the results email. jeff47 Oct 2015 #65
What do I give as the reason for the alert? senz Oct 2015 #69
If it were me, jeff47 Oct 2015 #71
Done. senz Oct 2015 #83
If they pay attention.... nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #164
Alert on the results. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #47
agreed grasswire Oct 2015 #52
Manipulation. System broken. nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #155
Inoculation. But it doesn't matter. Mr Bill (oh no!) isn't permitted in this thread anymore. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #54
DU is bigger than one thread. jeff47 Oct 2015 #56
Happy holidays. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #167
I would not call him a gun nut but his vote in 2005 was dissappointing. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #27
waaaah! ibegurpard Oct 2015 #46
Your adult behavior is a shining example to us all. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #50
I'll stack my "adulting" record next to yours ibegurpard Oct 2015 #58
enjoy. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #60
Bring everything you've got. It isn't hurting Sanders. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #55
I see what you write and you are no one to judge me and if you think I care what... hrmjustin Oct 2015 #57
But I don't make the same claims. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #73
Are you trying to bait me into a hide to silence me for 2 months? hrmjustin Oct 2015 #75
No. I am finished. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #77
Yeah I thought so. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #78
That's completely opposite from what you said in your last post, but ok. DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2015 #80
I have yet to see Clinton called a rapist. Scootaloo Oct 2015 #129
Bernie now on MSNBC Chris Hayes talking gun control left-of-center2012 Oct 2015 #32
Yes he was very clear Rosa Luxemburg Oct 2015 #48
They can't handle the TRUTH! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #49
That doesn't actually distract from other votes on the same subject mythology Oct 2015 #109
One of the things I love about that man is that his goodness makes me terribly protective senz Oct 2015 #113
He is intrinsically good, isn't he? Fawke Em Oct 2015 #130
Well shoot, Fawke Em, now you've got me envying your dreams! senz Oct 2015 #145
Here's the big thing - he listens and learns. nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #158
He is not a gun nut. mahina Oct 2015 #53
"Lie" works pretty well. So does "slander." IMHO, of course. senz Oct 2015 #81
Nah, it's not slander. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #166
lol, the title itself is a rapid descent into self parody Babel_17 Oct 2015 #66
RightwingleftistcommiesocialistlibertarianracistantiLGBTtooliberaltooconservative Armstead Oct 2015 #70
. SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #168
hillarysupporters.com Katashi_itto Oct 2015 #76
Yep. nt SusanCalvin Oct 2015 #170
Thanks! You've inspired to contribute to the Sanders campaign again! whatchamacallit Oct 2015 #115
Now THERE'S an IDEA. Every time someone posts this garbage we should donate $5. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #120
Indeed! whatchamacallit Oct 2015 #125
Someone called him a gun nut upthread and I made my first donation in their honour! beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #126
Sweet! n/t whatchamacallit Oct 2015 #128
It's not the articles or the DUers, it's the voting record. ucrdem Oct 2015 #132
You mean when he voted for universal background checks, the AWB and limited clip sizes? jeff47 Oct 2015 #189
Bernie made the right decision on PLCAA. Kang Colby Oct 2015 #136
Definition of Gun Nut: beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #160
This has been recycled dozens of times over the last four months AgingAmerican Oct 2015 #177
They have to recycle their smears. HooptieWagon Oct 2015 #186
It succeded in informing people that none of the candidates can pass the purity test Clinton uponit7771 Oct 2015 #196
No matter how hard I try ornotna Oct 2015 #199
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