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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Aug 23, 2015, 01:52 AM Aug 2015

Poll: Bernie's lack of Congressional endosements... [View all]

58 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Reflects poorly on Bernie
3 (5%)
Reflects poorly on Congress
53 (91%)
I prefer not to answer because Greenwald is still out there, alive and well. He's waiting, waiting...
1 (2%)
1 (2%)
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I've barely got internet access lately and am missing a great deal Voice for Peace Aug 2015 #3
Long list of endorsements for another candidate AllyCat Aug 2015 #16
Certainly he's not as well-feared. senz Aug 2015 #47
Ok, you've got my attention MannyGoldstein Aug 2015 #4
There should be a name for the tactic of getting the first response to an OP rhett o rick Aug 2015 #74
!!! MannyGoldstein Aug 2015 #75
There is Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #83
I am glad you brought that up. For some the goal here is to have honest, decent rhett o rick Aug 2015 #95
Wrong Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #96
The point of the OP was certainly about Sen Sanders, it even states his name in rhett o rick Aug 2015 #97
Why? merrily Aug 2015 #23
Sorry, was paying attention to Manny. Have you posted an interesting OP I should look at? Autumn Aug 2015 #28
I would if you really had something to say. nm rhett o rick Aug 2015 #73
Reflects Corporate money is too afraid of him... cascadiance Aug 2015 #2
Funny they weren't afraid to "pay the price" in '08. They had no problem lunamagica Aug 2015 #14
I know, and look at all the banksters and CEOs he locked up. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2015 #15
They endorsed Obama Le Taz Hot Aug 2015 #38
But the meme is that "They want Bernie, but are afraid of the Clinton Machine". Obviously lunamagica Aug 2015 #40
I don't read it that way. Maedhros Aug 2015 #77
Question ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #84
Dealing with the enormous power of Big Money is not being a shill, any more than Hortensis Aug 2015 #53
Obama had far fewer endorsements than Clinton in 2008 until he started winning. (nt) jeff47 Aug 2015 #43
But Sanders has NOT even ONE congressional endorsment lunamagica Aug 2015 #54
You mean fear of the Clinton machine that came from those 2008 Obama endorsements? jeff47 Aug 2015 #57
It certainly is odd. KMOD Aug 2015 #5
Why haven't members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus endorsed him? Cali_Democrat Aug 2015 #6
... MannyGoldstein Aug 2015 #7
Every year the CPC releases their budget, DU collectively swoons Cali_Democrat Aug 2015 #10
LMAO! beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #11
Okay. I'm starting to like you almost as much as I like Bernie. senz Aug 2015 #48
Especially since he was one of the founding members of the CPC. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #8
They are scared. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #20
Mark Takano and Mike Honda are not cowards. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #25
Yes they are. short circuit Aug 2015 #31
You obviously have not the slightest clue. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #32
Vote at your own peril. short circuit Aug 2015 #33
Thanks, I take my right to vote seriously. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #35
Leader - whoops, I mean the FOUNDER... short circuit Aug 2015 #36
It's not like the CPC prefers HRC. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #65
What? Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #67
I wasn't saying they were sellouts Ken Burch Aug 2015 #68
I am guessing they disagree about the merits. Starry Messenger Aug 2015 #69
No idea why the Congressional Progressive Caucus has not wendylaroux Aug 2015 #9
It's because they are Democrats, and Bernie isn't. LuvLoogie Aug 2015 #12
For the purpose of the Presidential ballot, Bernie *IS* a Democrat short circuit Aug 2015 #34
Post removed Post removed Aug 2015 #63
Bernie has never, ever won and then declined a Democratic nomination. Not once. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #72
I'd like to see a link, please... ms liberty Aug 2015 #37
Okay LuvLoogie Aug 2015 #61
Bullshit. Bernie has already made it clear he won't run third-party in the fall. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #71
i don't think he has asked or tried to get their endorsements JI7 Aug 2015 #13
Maybe he's waiting until after the first debate jfern Aug 2015 #18
why would he wait for the debates ? HIllary beat Obama at the debates but Obama got almost all JI7 Aug 2015 #19
Hillary beat Obama at the debates? tularetom Aug 2015 #21
+1 But now, she has a new weapon, JFK's signature hand gesture. merrily Aug 2015 #26
Hillary really got called out for being a warmonger jfern Aug 2015 #22
In 2008, many super delegates who had endorsed Hillary switched to Obama. merrily Aug 2015 #24
Obama is a life long Democrat. LuvLoogie Aug 2015 #64
No. it tells me Congress would rather be in status quo mode short circuit Aug 2015 #30
every single person I talk to is voting for Bernie. Voice for Peace Aug 2015 #17
I still can't believe Nixon won redstateblues Aug 2015 #29
And we don't want Nixon to win again. senz Aug 2015 #52
boo Voice for Peace Aug 2015 #60
Not the same thing. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #70
Bernie does not play well with others Gothmog Aug 2015 #27
Bernie does not play well because it's not a fucking game. frylock Aug 2015 #46
If you want to pass legislation, you need to work with other members of congress Gothmog Aug 2015 #55
Clinton and Sanders voted alike 93% of the time.. frylock Aug 2015 #56
Do you want to compare the number of her fellow members of congress who are endorsing her? Gothmog Aug 2015 #90
zero fucks given. frylock Aug 2015 #92
To reiterate.. frylock Aug 2015 #87
And yet Clinton got bills through Congress Gothmog Aug 2015 #89
And so did Sanders frylock Aug 2015 #93
No, it is the real world where the people who know Sanders best do not trust him or endorse him Gothmog Aug 2015 #82
Yeah, everyone in Congress knows what a great idea it is to cross the Clintons. frylock Aug 2015 #86
What is more important? Maedhros Aug 2015 #79
Your judgement of me is meaningless Gothmog Aug 2015 #81
It's meaningful. Maedhros Aug 2015 #85
You sound like you are supporting a candidate who does not get along with his co-workers Gothmog Aug 2015 #88
I'm supporting Sanders because his policies across the board Maedhros Aug 2015 #94
Given the approval rating of Congress.. it may be the best thing for Bernie. Motown_Johnny Aug 2015 #39
The approval rating for Congress is so low Rosa Luxemburg Aug 2015 #42
As an institution; their poll ratings are dismal, but the people can't elect Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #66
A group of people whose approval rating is in the teens at best? Who gives a FUCK who they endorse? cherokeeprogressive Aug 2015 #41
Needs an option for Kurska Aug 2015 #44
Release the Greenwald! frylock Aug 2015 #45
*HillCo tout their endorsements from the den of thieves aka Congress* whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #49
It's the NEW rightwing meme! Woo hoo! senz Aug 2015 #50
Well, we can trust congress to do what's best for the country....oh, wait. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2015 #51
Irrelevant to me gollygee Aug 2015 #58
other: doesn't reflect poorly on Sanders who IS more progressive than Congress and does NOT reflect Attorney in Texas Aug 2015 #59
It proves that our system is broken and corrupted. HappyPlace Aug 2015 #62
It let's me know he isn't an insider and have made the right choice. mmonk Aug 2015 #76
Reflects poorly on Congress. in_cog_ni_to Aug 2015 #78
Should break down to the same as who supports who here. SouthernProgressive Aug 2015 #80
Not surprising from this "do nothing" congress. With Bernie as President they might actually have to Hiraeth Aug 2015 #91
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