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Dr Hobbitstein

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45. First off, that's not a blog.
Thu Aug 6, 2015, 12:38 PM
Aug 2015

Second, I have no idea who wrote it, it's a website with information. There is a difference. You asked for reasons, I gave you some with a link. But I see what you tactic is here...

How is changing the economic status quo going to close racial gaps? n/t 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #1
Two big ones... MellowDem Aug 2015 #3
But ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #8
Because increased economic mobility... MellowDem Aug 2015 #16
"most help" /= equal playing field... that's what's needed theoretically seeing all will be lifted.. uponit7771 Aug 2015 #21
It means a more equal playing field... MellowDem Aug 2015 #29
By taking power out of the hands of the Oligarchy AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #4
"The Oligarchs" are not the people ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #12
The 'oligarchs' control our political and economic system AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #13
How exactly are "the oligarchs" doing that? ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #14
The oligarchs take away rights AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #17
Ignorance and apathy are some of the main drivers of racial discrimination anywhere with any people uponit7771 Aug 2015 #22
Exactly AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #26
It already has...Not enough obviously but a hell of a lot better than when I was young... Armstead Aug 2015 #42
Not really. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #2
Really... MellowDem Aug 2015 #5
. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #6
Why be rude? MellowDem Aug 2015 #7
Laws to mitigate the effects of racism are more useful than being rich, being rich doesn't stop me uponit7771 Aug 2015 #23
It it has nothing to do with being rich AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #40
How about a little joke ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #10
Closing racial gaps won't effect the status quo? MellowDem Aug 2015 #11
Maybe I don't understand ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #15
I suggested it up thread... MellowDem Aug 2015 #18
+1. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #9
Solutions aspirant Aug 2015 #25
Okay - if I accept your statement that social justice must come ahead of economic justice - what jwirr Aug 2015 #27
None of what you mentioned Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #28
"I'm not saying we don't need to address economic inequality" aspirant Aug 2015 #30
What the fuck does Hillary have to do with this? Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #31
and we have plenty of social justice reforms on the books aspirant Aug 2015 #33
Fear. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #34
Your blog link aspirant Aug 2015 #36
No where in the link is the last thing you quote stated. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #38
Your link aspirant Aug 2015 #41
Cool story, bro! Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #44
Fairy tales from the Land of Hobbits aspirant Aug 2015 #46
And you notice I did not call for ignoring the systemic racism. But some here on DU want to ignore jwirr Aug 2015 #32
I don't want to ignore economic justice... Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #35
"Conflating" aspirant Aug 2015 #37
Funding a social program =/= economic equality. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #39
"I tend to listen to what AA leaders and activists are saying about racism" aspirant Aug 2015 #43
First off, that's not a blog. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #45
Unknown author? aspirant Aug 2015 #47
Keep fucking that chicken. Nt Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #48
Hillary and you aspirant Aug 2015 #49
. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2015 #50
There is a book every should read called "The Son Also Rises" AngryAmish Aug 2015 #19
Economic mobility... MellowDem Aug 2015 #20
The same amount of economic mobility was seen in Communist China AngryAmish Aug 2015 #24
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