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I may be wrong, but doubt she will do it. WI_DEM Jun 2012 #1
I doubt that the 911 war criminal will raise her head for this one. peace13 Jun 2012 #2
I don't think he can afford ... GeorgeGist Jun 2012 #3
In what universe is she a "progressive Republican"? Who's saying THAT? Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2012 #4
One must look beyond cbrer Jun 2012 #5
Having a black female on the ticket I suppose would be rather *progressive* for the GOP Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2012 #9
No way to know cbrer Jun 2012 #11
Kind of strange Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2012 #13
I believe they're examining every angle cbrer Jun 2012 #15
Of course they will Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2012 #17
Not going to happen. She has that "Obama problem" - she's black. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #6
Will his "Big Business" bloc cbrer Jun 2012 #8
We need a political mongoose. HopeHoops Jun 2012 #12
I believe we've got one cbrer Jun 2012 #16
He will probably pick a quiet (near apolitical) republican. MatthewStLouis Jun 2012 #7
Powell won't do it. cbrer Jun 2012 #10
He voted for Obama last time (which should be enough to sink him) Proud Liberal Dem Jun 2012 #14
she won't do it. hrmjustin Jun 2012 #18
I think Condi would do it Happydayz Jun 2012 #19
That poll was 2 months ago; since then, she's said she won't be his VP candidate muriel_volestrangler Jun 2012 #20
You're probably right cbrer Jun 2012 #21
"Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US" beac Jun 2012 #22
There seems to be an inverse relationship cbrer Jun 2012 #23
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