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... which implies they don't take her tax hike message seriously, Auggie Jul 2015 #1
Yup... Helen Borg Jul 2015 #4
Perhaps, but it could also be a reflection of the craziness of what the Republican Party has become still_one Jul 2015 #26
Or they think Democrats are better for the economy. Renew Deal Jul 2015 #36
Probably all three n/t Auggie Jul 2015 #57
Any elected official who hasn't collected from you is a threat Babel_17 Jul 2015 #201
...because she's going to be our next President. nt onehandle Jul 2015 #2
Which would make it.... daleanime Jul 2015 #20
Best president zentrum Jul 2015 #40
having her as president together with a far right congress is ideal for them Doctor_J Jul 2015 #3
/\_/\_This right here_/\_/\ Scuba Jul 2015 #65
+1 azmom Jul 2015 #125
Yup. moondust Jul 2015 #143
+100 kath Jul 2015 #147
*10000000 TheNutcracker Jul 2015 #180
Rec'd ibewlu606 Jul 2015 #5
Post removed Post removed Jul 2015 #22
+1,but expect a hide for that. nt sufrommich Jul 2015 #25
Annnnd there's the hide. Unbelievable. sufrommich Jul 2015 #66
Yup. KMOD Jul 2015 #76
Both should have been hidden MissDeeds Jul 2015 #112
I wouldn't have voted to hide the post that told the misogynist to fuck off. boston bean Jul 2015 #131
FYI. Warren Stupidity Jul 2015 #159
any further proof needed that the jury system is being abused? BooScout Jul 2015 #176
I noticed the same thing BooScout SCantiGOP Jul 2015 #206
Sorry, but then you would be wrong. And that's why this jury system is so badly broken. cui bono Jul 2015 #241
Absolutely not. Little Star Jul 2015 #155
Apparently we disagree MissDeeds Jul 2015 #189
Yeah, but which one isn't hidden? KMOD Jul 2015 #192
Both should have been hidden MissDeeds Jul 2015 #195
Bingo!!!! Little Star Jul 2015 #231
You weren't though JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #94
Thanks for the heads up.lol. nt sufrommich Jul 2015 #110
I didn't mercuryblues Jul 2015 #127
Calling Hillary Clinton a whore. You guys stay classy. nt sufrommich Jul 2015 #24
You guys? Ed Suspicious Jul 2015 #34
Who are "you guys"? MissDeeds Jul 2015 #35
The poster plus four anonymous jurors who didn't explain their vote BeyondGeography Jul 2015 #107
Ha, nice try whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #64
Agree, totally uncalled for. There's so much to criticize Hillary for without resorting to crude name calling. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2015 #67
I recommend that everyone who objects to the "WHORE" post alert on it. MADem Jul 2015 #77
I agree. KMOD Jul 2015 #79
That was my alert, and was stunned that four people voted to keep it (with NO rationale) George II Jul 2015 #83
Ask all your friends who feel as we do to ALERT ON THAT WHORE POST!! MADem Jul 2015 #84
I would argue the witch hunts over words are what make DU suck Egnever Jul 2015 #268
The INTENT of that post was clear--it was a "dog whistle." MADem Jul 2015 #269
So if Hillary was a male it would be fine Egnever Jul 2015 #270
It would still be rude, but less obviously so. Historically, that word has been directed at women MADem Jul 2015 #271
Right, more sanctimonious lecturing Egnever Jul 2015 #272
You are very defensive. It's obvious I have touched a very raw nerve. MADem Jul 2015 #273
That's the point Egnever Jul 2015 #274
I am not planning on using any sexist, racist or other -ist insults, so I suspect I'll be fine. MADem Jul 2015 #275
I did. tazkcmo Jul 2015 #103
I did too. First post I've alerted on in well over a year n/t eridani Jul 2015 #276
Done. Agschmid Jul 2015 #223
I didn't call her that and it was an unfortunate choice of words on the part of the poster. PatrickforO Jul 2015 #129
unfortunate choice of words. KMOD Jul 2015 #132
He "misspoke." okasha Jul 2015 #141
Also politicians of various genders get called whores routinely Doctor_J Jul 2015 #182
I can't believe you are defending the posters use of the comment. KMOD Jul 2015 #185
Someone in YOUR group got an op hidden for calling us whores: beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #205
Knock it off!!! KMOD Jul 2015 #213
I did condemn it, why are you defending your side? beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #215
Spare us.... BooScout Jul 2015 #217
So that post was okay with you? beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #219
Can you give me a link to that? KMOD Jul 2015 #220
BOTH should have been hidden and I'm sorry the one upthread wasn't. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #222
A hidden post the 'stay classy' hypocrite above, rec'd. AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #259
so your the one who warned on that.... BooScout Jul 2015 #214
Nice accusation but I was at work. Why didn't you alert on it? beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #216
Who is "you guys"? cui bono Jul 2015 #235
You should hide that post. If that is the only way you can express disagreement it speaks volumes still_one Jul 2015 #29
A member for four and a half years.... George II Jul 2015 #41
My next post was going to say the same thing! ancianita Jul 2015 #42
A hide is all it gets? BooScout Jul 2015 #78
Worse - it DIDN'T get hidden! George II Jul 2015 #88
I saw that after... BooScout Jul 2015 #91
There was no HIDE--the person who OBJECTED to the WHORE characterization got the HIDE. MADem Jul 2015 #89
already done.... BooScout Jul 2015 #93
You applauded an op in the HC group who called Sanders supporters whores. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #211
Let's have a link for context, so I can see me applauding a post calling a woman a whore. MADem Jul 2015 #212
Do you really need a link to the post calling Sanders supporters whores? beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #218
I want you to show me a post where I call a WOMAN a whore. You can't, can you? MADem Jul 2015 #225
Nice try but I never accused you of that. Here is my post again: beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #228
I wasn't laughing about the "w" word at all. You have difficulty with context, I see. MADem Jul 2015 #267
I alerted. shenmue Jul 2015 #265
Golly---ain't that something!!! MADem Jul 2015 #87
and it looks like a "hit and run". Make an outrageous post, and then crawl back in the hole where still_one Jul 2015 #90
DU jury people just let you get away with that "whore" bullshit. Maybe you're just too fucking new. ancianita Jul 2015 #31
Wow...just...wow. nt sufrommich Jul 2015 #32
Curiuously the three who voted to hide had coherent comments to explain their votes.... George II Jul 2015 #37
Thanks for sharing the results. I'm gobsmacked. nt sufrommich Jul 2015 #43
Ban them all Renew Deal Jul 2015 #46
I'm sure Senator Sanders would be VERY disappointed with the behavior..... George II Jul 2015 #49
People want to know what the (true) far left is Renew Deal Jul 2015 #52
There is nothing left about that post at all, it is a right-wing post Bjorn Against Jul 2015 #58
The username is their union Renew Deal Jul 2015 #63
Being a union member does not automatically make a person a lefty Bjorn Against Jul 2015 #69
You're right Renew Deal Jul 2015 #86
I've seen plenty of IBEW and pipe fitter Union stickers next to Romney stickers on pick-up trucks Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2015 #96
My teabagger nephew is a member of the IAFF. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2015 #200
Agree. nt msrizzo Jul 2015 #99
No question about it. still_one Jul 2015 #54
Because only a Sanders supporter would throw out a misogynistic slur like that, right? historylovr Jul 2015 #105
Your concern should be with the offensive post KMOD Jul 2015 #111
See post #48. historylovr Jul 2015 #115
Thank you! KMOD Jul 2015 #116
You're welcome. historylovr Jul 2015 #119
I can't see a hillary supporter calling her a whore, can you? boston bean Jul 2015 #123
I wasn't trying to deflect. historylovr Jul 2015 #138
Post removed Post removed Jul 2015 #117
As would HRC be of the behavior of many of her followers. What's your point? cui bono Jul 2015 #239
I didn't see that 'flaming turd' comment but I believe it was hidden? George II Jul 2015 #246
I believe it was not. And hosts replied in the subthread and never asked for a self-delete or gave cui bono Jul 2015 #248
Did you see the one calling us whores? beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #253
They won't. You still can't find anybody who admits they voted for richard nixon. calimary Jul 2015 #139
Okay, I admit it....in 1968 (the FIRST election in which I voted) I voted for Nixon. George II Jul 2015 #251
That is why I avoid jury duty, because there are just enough who still_one Jul 2015 #53
That is why you are NEEDED on jury duty--if it had been you, instead of one of those no-comment MADem Jul 2015 #108
Considering the context "FU" response to the poster was appropriate, but also a clear violation still_one Jul 2015 #157
You aren't held to the TOS when you adjudicate. You can and should use context. MADem Jul 2015 #163
Appreciate the insight, thanks still_one Jul 2015 #193
I have found that the cleverest disruptors try to use a misunderstanding of the jury process to MADem Jul 2015 #197
Not a Hillary fan but this should 840high Jul 2015 #55
Hafta agree with you there. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2015 #71
Skinner??? BooScout Jul 2015 #81
or Earl G, but that is an excellent point still_one Jul 2015 #158
You can alert on the jury results and ask the admins to look at the posters who voted to leave it. MADem Jul 2015 #92
This is totally unbelievable etherealtruth Jul 2015 #100
just another one to the list... harumph.. boston bean Jul 2015 #104
Wow MissDeeds Jul 2015 #39
I hope you get tombstoned for that Renew Deal Jul 2015 #45
+1 KMOD Jul 2015 #51
+2 okasha Jul 2015 #146
+3 irisblue Jul 2015 #151
I can only hope sharp_stick Jul 2015 #154
Yup. Agschmid Jul 2015 #226
I don't do this. But I'm going to have to elaborate on my Jury comment: ancianita Jul 2015 #47
What a disgusting thing to say. historylovr Jul 2015 #48
As a Bernie supporter I really think you should self delete Bjorn Against Jul 2015 #50
Calling a woman a whore on Democratic Underground? onehandle Jul 2015 #59
Disgusting comment. KMOD Jul 2015 #72
You comment needs to be removed. That's as disgusting as someone who called Bernie a flying turd Autumn Jul 2015 #82
I don't think that calling bernie a flying turd was a bigoted slur, was it? boston bean Jul 2015 #106
Both are nasty, so yeah I equate both as unacceptable. n/t Autumn Jul 2015 #118
Both are. But calling Bernie a flying turd, is nothing like using a misogynistic/sexist slur. boston bean Jul 2015 #121
Whatever but I'm not interested in the discussion you want to have. So find someone else. Autumn Jul 2015 #126
And I was just pointing out the two are not even in the same league. boston bean Jul 2015 #130
As far as I'm concerned nasty is nasty, I'm not into the parsing of it n/t Autumn Jul 2015 #134
It's not parsing, it is making a false comparison. nt. boston bean Jul 2015 #135
Whatever. Autumn Jul 2015 #136
ok. boston bean Jul 2015 #137
HC supporter calling us that same slur: beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #207
In their group no less. Puglover Jul 2015 #261
What does it matter which category it falls under? They are both offensive and wrong. cui bono Jul 2015 #242
Because it does matter. nt boston bean Jul 2015 #244
No, it doesn't. Unless you are biased in some way or are letting something cloud your objectivity. cui bono Jul 2015 #247
The bias was included in the first comment that spawned this thread. My objectivity is crystal clear boston bean Jul 2015 #249
No, it really isn't. You posted above that you would not have hidden the reply to the despicable cui bono Jul 2015 #250
right because I don't put an general insult in the same category as a misogynistic slur. YMMV. boston bean Jul 2015 #252
Agreed, any post calling someone a whore should be hidden. beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #209
its absolutely ridiculous that a jury didn't hide this! BooScout Jul 2015 #85
Agreed. historylovr Jul 2015 #113
Please delete this. TDale313 Jul 2015 #95
You guys are really exposing yourselves. Congrats. nt Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #102
Care to clarify? whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #166
Meaning right wingers posing as liberals. nt Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #167
So the one low-post troll then whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #168
There are others...others who have been here for years and have lots of posts. Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #169
Care to point them out whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #171
Link to them so you can alert and hide my post for call out? Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #172
I wouldn't alert whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #173
Ya right....I know how you folks operate. nt Cali_Democrat Jul 2015 #174
2nd clarification whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #175
Why don't you share some of your outrage here at the offending poster? KMOD Jul 2015 #187
It was outrageous whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #190
Apparently not, since you think call outs are against the rules. AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #263
there is no rule against backing up an accusation with evidence Warren Stupidity Jul 2015 #260
Call-outs aren't against the rules on DU3. AtheistCrusader Jul 2015 #262
How Fucking DARE YOU!!!!!! calimary Jul 2015 #114
Stay classy (nt) Recursion Jul 2015 #120
Just so you know, Bernie fans, SHIT LIKE THIS is making the rest of you look HORRIBLE. calimary Jul 2015 #122
I am not the only Bernie fan who condemned this post Bjorn Against Jul 2015 #128
Don't go blaming ALL Bernie supporters. A lot of us have condemned that post. cui bono Jul 2015 #238
I sincerely do not believe that person is really a Bernie fan. MohRokTah Jul 2015 #264
When I serve on a DU jury I try to be impartial, no matter my candidate of choice. It's too bad the Metric System Jul 2015 #145
You've got to be fucking kidding me sharp_stick Jul 2015 #153
The jury system failed on your filthy post, but MerryBlooms Jul 2015 #160
the members who voted to NOT HIDE are complicit. wyldwolf Jul 2015 #199
Yes they are.. And, Bernie would be so proud. Not. Cha Jul 2015 #255
NO Democrat should be called a riversedge Jul 2015 #162
YOU!!!! heaven05 Jul 2015 #181
Some of you are really disgusting SCantiGOP Jul 2015 #188
Might not even be one of us heaven05 Jul 2015 #221
Stop with that bs talking point already. Enough is enough. cui bono Jul 2015 #245
+1 Cha Jul 2015 #256
I'm A Sanders Supporter and I found NikolaC Jul 2015 #191
Notice this post is ut oh Jul 2015 #194
A member was banned for calling Clinton something similar wyldwolf Jul 2015 #198
Utterly unapropriate post for DU. chknltl Jul 2015 #210
I'm sure the rest of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 606... wyldwolf Jul 2015 #227
Replying to more easily track whether admins protect their candidate by deleting and banning aikoaiko Jul 2015 #229
Oh, please, if this poster is banned, KMOD Jul 2015 #230
I didn't defend the post. I advised him to change it and not use do this again. aikoaiko Jul 2015 #232
Jury results from earlier alert. nc4bo Jul 2015 #233
That's uncalled for and just plain wrong. Since it survived, you should self-delete. n/t cui bono Jul 2015 #234
Using the term "whore" to refer to a female candidate is offensive, tblue37 Jul 2015 #254
another Bernie supporter here who tried to alert on this post zazen Jul 2015 #257
Glad to see they banned you.... BooScout Jul 2015 #278
I'm not a huge fan of HRC, but calling her a "whore" isn't cool. ZombieHorde Sep 2015 #279
Nobody with a brain wants to see a repuglican in the WH. IHateTheGOP Jul 2015 #6
Oh? Hedge fund titans preferred Mitt Romney to President Obama in 2011-2012 fundraising. En Garde Jul 2015 #15
Looks like they are in agreement with her DURHAM D Jul 2015 #7
Yeah, that's the ticket ybbor Jul 2015 #11
Either her golden eloquence has stirred their social conscience: Smarmie Doofus Jul 2015 #8
I'm going with the latter ybbor Jul 2015 #12
Substitute "spouting" for "full of" and you'll be on the mark. Scuba Jul 2015 #68
They simply know the difference between LWolf Jul 2015 #73
It's all in the family. Her son-in-law runs his own hedge fund. They trust Hillary to take care... En Garde Jul 2015 #9
Hedge funds have been very, very good to Marc & Chelsea Divernan Jul 2015 #13
These people have no shame. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2015 #75
One hand washes the other. Divernan Jul 2015 #14
So Democrats have their very own .00001% candidate this year... we are so lucky. En Garde Jul 2015 #38
yayyyyyy! wooohooo! all bow...not! They feelin' the Bern! InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2015 #80
That Tells You a Lot yellowwoodII Jul 2015 #10
Oh come on, they are just friends of Chelsea's..... nt artislife Jul 2015 #16
A DINO's Delight! SoapBox Jul 2015 #17
Might that be, because ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #18
What do hedge fund managers titans contribute to POC or humanity? Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #21
Nothing ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #30
individual philanthropic activities. .........LOL Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #70
Yeah? ... Okay? n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #97
Yeah? ... Okay? n/t....LoL Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #124
What are you talking about? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #142
I have said nothing about my "economic philosophies" Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #144
That is exactly what I am talking about ... Straw - F'ing - Man ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #150
So what do you support......? Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #152
Just stop ... There was no question that wasn't answered ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #156
capitalism with strong governmental regulation. Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #161
Through trade agreements; but, let's be honest ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #165
""I live in the world as it is ..' Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #170
No, I do not know any of that ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #179
''But my vision of the future is a vision that cannot be lived until it comes about. '' Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #183
Surprise - Surprise - Wonder What Those 1% Want In Return - Guaranteed Their Wants Won't Help The 99% cantbeserious Jul 2015 #19
This means nothing whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #23
Only Hill Haters believe she has any issues. Vincardog Jul 2015 #44
A clear cut case of misogyny RufusTFirefly Jul 2015 #56
She has to be the BEST how else could she have raised all that MONEY? Caus MOLNEY is the ultimate Vincardog Jul 2015 #60
It's in the family, Chelsea's husband runs a hedge fund... PoliticAverse Jul 2015 #27
unregulated hedge funds like Hillary virtualobserver Jul 2015 #28
No friend of the working class for sure 4dsc Jul 2015 #33
They know the odds HassleCat Jul 2015 #61
The weirdo members of the richest club PATRICK Jul 2015 #62
Yup. Follow the money. 99Forever Jul 2015 #74
Centerpice of her campaign. tazkcmo Jul 2015 #98
Isn't pretty much every "group" in this country..... NCTraveler Jul 2015 #101
K and R snagglepuss Jul 2015 #109
Groups like that usually contribute to both sides. Even Unions and environmental groups will Hoyt Jul 2015 #133
Not a Hillary supporter but would NEVER EVER onecaliberal Jul 2015 #140
We should censor words now? Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #148
What news source called a presidential candidate that word? onecaliberal Jul 2015 #149
What is '' that word? Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #177
You know what I'm talking about. onecaliberal Jul 2015 #178
Hedge Fund Titans Choosing Hillary Clinton Over Top Republicans Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #184
Buh bye... onecaliberal Jul 2015 #236
You know what Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #243
I knew what you meant. Don't worry about the OP who can't put it together. boston bean Jul 2015 #196
''the OP who can't put it together.............'''.. Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #204
Well said. riversedge Jul 2015 #164
Did you reply to the OP by mistake? Babel_17 Jul 2015 #208
"The candidateís populist rhetoric didnít dissuade many managers from supporting her." arcane1 Jul 2015 #186
Yeah. Well. There's a reason for that. Smarmie Doofus Jul 2015 #202
Well of course they are. One of them is her son in law.x hedda_foil Jul 2015 #203
Anyone notice how most are not talking about the hedge fund op? Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #224
Did you read the thread. I also said I know she is owned by corps. onecaliberal Jul 2015 #237
So its my fault for reporting a true story" Ichingcarpenter Jul 2015 #240
Shocking. raouldukelives Jul 2015 #258
So I'm guessing Hillary won't be pushing to reinstate Glass Steagall anytime soon either. L0oniX Jul 2015 #266
Down payment. marmar Jul 2015 #277
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