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49. She did not only allow it to be run. Both Bill and, finally, Hillary herself, participated in it.
Sat Dec 6, 2014, 09:59 AM
Dec 2014

At first, yes, the dog whistles were only leaks and plants with media, like the Wright "black liberation theology" tapes and the photos of Obama in traditional Kenyan clothing.

Then, it went to surrogates, including Bill, dog whistling about drugs, black liberation theology, Jesse Jackson, and "shuckin' and jivin' (as if that would be something that just naturally rolled out of the mouth of Cuomo!).

Then, it went to surrogates being explicit, like Geraldine Ferrara saying flat out that the only reason that Obama was succeeding was that he was "black." (Because more Democrats are black, like Obama, than are female, like Hillary?)

However, as Hillary's chances got dimmer and dimmer, she finally identified her constituency as "hard working white people," which went well beyond dog whistle, though it certainly encompassed the "lazy" and "welfare" dog whistles. (This, from a woman who had earlier "tone deafly" compared being a United States Senator in a Republican majority Senate to being a slave on a plantation!)

After Bill's "casual" comment about Jesse Jackson, I had heard that Kennedy had warned that one more "racially tinged" campaign move would cause him (Kennedy) to declare openly for Obama (instead of allowing the primary to play out). Then, after Game Change came out, I read the bit about the private conversation between Bubba and Ted. Supposedly, Bubba said that, a couple of years ago, Obama would have been bringing them both coffee and the only reason that Ted was supporting Obama was because Obama was "black."

Aside from the racism, I had a hard time believing that Bubba, whom I see as one of the smartest people and best politicians on the planet, could be that clumsy and miss it by that much, both as to the "racially-tinged" campaign in general and how to win over Kennedy specifically. And, I think just "allowing" a racially-tinged campaign, especially one so transparent and clumsy, speaks volumes about America's alleged "First Black President" and his First Spouse.

If there is a real, hard-fought Democratic primary, these things will be raised against Hillary again and again. If there is a coronation or a dog-and-pony show aimed at convincing Democrats they are getting a primary when they are actually getting a coronation, Hillary will not be hit with these things again and again. So, I'll be watching. Meanwhile, Democrats, both PTB and rank and file, need to consider carefully what a Hillary nomination, despite her "racially-tinged" campaign against Obama, might do to one of their heretofore most steadfastly loyal constituencies.

Speaking of "racially-tinged," I never heard that term before the Hillary campaign. Until then, as far as I knew, something was either racist or it wasn't. Maybe the racism was subtle, or clumsy dog whistle, or blatant, but, in any event, it was either racist or not racist.

Was "racially tinged" invented to avoid accusing the Hillary campaign of being racist, or did I just miss it before Hillary's campaign? (Candidly, I think I am as capable of guessing as the next DUer, but does anyone know for sure when that term first hit our common lexicon?)

and Warren Buffet just bet his money on Hillary! VanillaRhapsody Dec 2014 #1
As will others. leftofcool Dec 2014 #2
Ohboyohboyohboy! djean111 Dec 2014 #3
But it's Hillary's Turn NorthCarolina Dec 2014 #10
Yes she's entitled to her turn nt LiberalElite Dec 2014 #23
It was her turn in 2008. She blew it, though. merrily Dec 2014 #29
Good for you. merrily Dec 2014 #30
Every time I read a post about how it is TIME to elect a WOMAN it makes me cringe. djean111 Dec 2014 #41
Absolutely NOT sarcastic. merrily Dec 2014 #43
Thank you! Me either. djean111 Dec 2014 #45
You're most welcome and thank you, too. merrily Dec 2014 #50
Yeah, McCain got clobbered making that kind of assumption about women. Rozlee Dec 2014 #78
So far, Hillary isn't running any more than Elizabeth. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #4
THIS: MBS Dec 2014 #5
Totally agree marlakay Dec 2014 #6
seriously....you missed passed gatherings where the places were packed. Sheepshank Dec 2014 #95
I was just saying it could happen marlakay Dec 2014 #96
First....making up shit and makeing a public posting, that is a RW strategy Sheepshank Dec 2014 #97
Wow I could say a lot about that marlakay Dec 2014 #98
Do you think Clinton is too ignorant or naive to know? joshcryer Dec 2014 #13
Have i told you that I love you yet? bravenak Dec 2014 #17
It wasn't that exciting or cool to have Palin running, either. merrily Dec 2014 #44
I couldn't agree with you more - and Hillary understands the lives of the poor about as much as I understand brain surgery, i.e. zero, zip, nada. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2014 #104
ZZZZZZZZZ... Indepatriot Dec 2014 #7
Not exciting at all. LP2K12 Dec 2014 #8
If Hillary runs LeFleur1 Dec 2014 #12
Clinton won't take their crap. joshcryer Dec 2014 #14
That's what I think too. She will not be afraid to speak out and call them out for RKP5637 Dec 2014 #102
Oh, I'll vote for her. LP2K12 Dec 2014 #16
two weeks late on michael brown. she's not a leader to me. roguevalley Dec 2014 #38
She's terrific at determining which way the wind blows. She's not the kind of leader who can advocate progressive ideas and sell them to the grsssroots base of the party. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2014 #105
Most "exciting". Now that's the REAL pipedream. nt NorthCarolina Dec 2014 #9
Oliver North trash talked her today over "smart power" foreign policy. joshcryer Dec 2014 #11
We have all been told that campaign rhetoric does not count. djean111 Dec 2014 #46
That's the only metric you have. joshcryer Dec 2014 #47
Well, I honestly feel I have already heard everything Hillary has to say, then. djean111 Dec 2014 #48
What do you think about her prison statements? joshcryer Dec 2014 #71
It is all just rhetoric. That's all it is to me. And nothing she says trumps the TPP. djean111 Dec 2014 #74
TPP is a symptom of globalization. joshcryer Dec 2014 #90
Nope. Among several other things, we have past and present conduct and past rhetoric as merrily Dec 2014 #54
Sure thing. joshcryer Dec 2014 #69
LOL, Obama's turn to be thrown under the bus for Hillary's benefit now? merrily Dec 2014 #75
Not at all. joshcryer Dec 2014 #91
Ah, so the answer was a bigger bus. LOL. merrily Dec 2014 #93
And the GOP dedication to bringing Obama down no matter whether it hurts this lumpy Dec 2014 #100
Hmmm. Obama 2008 on Social Security merrily Dec 2014 #66
It is not "OK." joshcryer Dec 2014 #68
You should have, which was the point of my prior post. merrily Dec 2014 #70
I didn't freak out, I didn't feel betrayed. joshcryer Dec 2014 #72
If you thought it was not an okay policy, you should have opposed it vigorously, even merrily Dec 2014 #73
Yes, it is whining. joshcryer Dec 2014 #92
Sorry, that story ain't gonna cut it. Expect low turnout. polichick Dec 2014 #15
The tea-left really needs to get on some reality pills and some uppers. Seriously. RBInMaine Dec 2014 #83
That disrespectful attitude toward the left is one reason turnout will be low. polichick Dec 2014 #94
Meh. bravenak Dec 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Dec 2014 #19
ssshhhhhh. Focusing on real issues will only distract us from clapping louder. merrily Dec 2014 #67
Hillary has not won me over rury Dec 2014 #20
dodgy rationale for support AtomicKitten Dec 2014 #21
Hillary is in trouble- again. she's a terrible campaigner cali Dec 2014 #22
She's the anti Stewart Smalley of politics tularetom Dec 2014 #37
I'd love to vote for a woman for president - LiberalElite Dec 2014 #24
You know the rules. You are only able to vote for NorthCarolina Dec 2014 #25
Yeah courtesy of the DNC LiberalElite Dec 2014 #26
Come to California nichomachus Dec 2014 #28
Dec 4 2014: Hillary speaks to half empty arena in GEORGETOWN, of all places. merrily Dec 2014 #27
Ha, this actually emphasizes the OP's point, if you think about it AJH032 Dec 2014 #39
Maybe. Maybe not. But it sure points to the timing of his thread, which was my point. merrily Dec 2014 #40
most exciting? who are you trying to convince? TheFarseer Dec 2014 #31
Yawn. 840high Dec 2014 #32
Remains to be seen. I doubt it Very much. LawDeeDah Dec 2014 #33
She did not only allow it to be run. Both Bill and, finally, Hillary herself, participated in it. merrily Dec 2014 #49
Good summary. I had forgotten some of the racist things that went on. LawDeeDah Dec 2014 #51
Thanks. merrily Dec 2014 #53
Yes what we need is another clinton and bush running for president...just movonne Dec 2014 #34
I believe you're right. Hillary will have very strong support all across the country. cheapdate Dec 2014 #35
The 1% is counting on that. n/t djean111 Dec 2014 #42
The Republican rank and file despise her, many on the left say they merrily Dec 2014 #56
Yes, because the rest of the nation aren't a bunch of political junkies cheapdate Dec 2014 #84
The more exposure she gets, the more her poll numbers go down. merrily Dec 2014 #87
I hope the Reds Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #36
IMO, Ms. Clinton would be a mediocre President at best. nt ladjf Dec 2014 #52
I think you're being unduly optimistic about that. merrily Dec 2014 #57
Well actually, I really was "watering down" my language a bit. nt ladjf Dec 2014 #60
I feel your 'splain. merrily Dec 2014 #89
It is so interesting to read how many here wants someone who cares about those who make under Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #55
Yep. Her record does stand for itself. That's why so many don't want her as President. merrily Dec 2014 #59
I guess it stand to reason you are not for a candidate who wants to increase minimun wages, huh. Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #61
I guess it stands to reason that your knee jerk is to make it personal, huh? merrily Dec 2014 #62
Knee jerk huh, I back a candidate who wants to increase minimun wages and other issues important Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #63
As I said, I am quite sure all Democratic candidates for President will campaign on that. merrily Dec 2014 #65
She has a record of a bill sponsored, how many more have the same? Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #76
Many Democrats have a record of voting for increases in the minimum wage. merrily Dec 2014 #77
Good, besides sponsoring the bill she voted yes on it also. That is good enough for me. Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #80
VERY exciting? Here's a prospect of something even more exciting DFW Dec 2014 #58
It's her turn?? Ink Man Dec 2014 #64
Who's objecting to an open Primary? brooklynite Dec 2014 #85
exciting? DonCoquixote Dec 2014 #79
Fuck this DLC propaganda shit. And fuck $hillary. Odin2005 Dec 2014 #81
Then be insane and go help the Republicans. Good for you. Hurry for the TEA-LEFT ! YAY ! RBInMaine Dec 2014 #82
Lol I hope you're phone banking for her Union Scribe Dec 2014 #86
Right, because those are the only two possibilities? LOL. Odin2005 Dec 2014 #88
Then get thyself over to the Grand Old Party, they need a tool. lumpy Dec 2014 #101
I am not a fan of her but I believe you are going to be correct Township75 Dec 2014 #99
The media will find that story line boring. They'll focus on the ABC candidate (anybody but Clinton) Rowdyboy Dec 2014 #103
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