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22. I think it is our job to force them to put out legislation.
Thu Nov 6, 2014, 06:01 AM
Nov 2014

Whatever they put out will be horrible, and that gives us two years to show the nation how crazy they are. And we need to produce legslation geared towards each segment of our base. Stop just saying middle class all the time and speak to all groups. We have lots of poor people and people who feel poor, middle class folks who are cash poor and living on credit. Spending all of our energy on small business owners leaves them out of the conversation. Even red states voted for minimum wage last night. MY state voted to increase it to 8.75 in 2015 and 9.75 in 2016, and in think there will be incremental raises after that. We could not have done ot without conservatives coming out in droves and voting FOR it. It won over 60% support. We called it 'Vote Yourself A Raise' I think. They voted with us to protect Bristol Bay. Some voted for Pot. But it was OUR legislation that won the day, just not our candidates. It took years to get them to see the light, but they did. They just hate liberals. Love our policies.

Basically, I don't think we have bad policy. We have limp liberals. Not all. But enough to drag us down and it's time to figure out what works, where. And stop supporting the drug war and mass incarceration. Even Republicans are tired of it out here. If we push policy like minimum wage, lowering drug sentences, ending the drug war, decriminilization of small amounts of drugs, peopke will come to the polls, and even some conservatives and many libertarians will vote for them. We just have to stop being scared. People want these things, we should give them to them.

How could it not be about Obama? Lithos Nov 2014 #1
I was offended too. calimary Nov 2014 #2
Your's is the first post that has made feel better!!! LeftInTX Nov 2014 #13
TY and you're welcome SmittynMo Nov 2014 #30
I was offended,too leftyladyfrommo Nov 2014 #26
Preach it! calimary Nov 2014 #35
Absolutely. leftyladyfrommo Nov 2014 #36
So, Then liberalmike27 Nov 2014 #3
I tried to tell people how offensive it was. bravenak Nov 2014 #4
My whole family was MAD! karmaqueen Nov 2014 #5
They are weak willed pansies. bravenak Nov 2014 #6
I seriously doubt that the numbers will continue to slip. Major Hogwash Nov 2014 #19
I do not think the next person running on the Dem side will get the record levels of support. bravenak Nov 2014 #20
I was thinking along the same lines. Major Hogwash Nov 2014 #21
I think it is our job to force them to put out legislation. bravenak Nov 2014 #22
The Most Latino Congress Ever Is Coming In 2015 a kennedy Nov 2014 #29
That is The Question. Who is advising these people? LawDeeDah Nov 2014 #8
If Democrats were *thinking* and opening their eyes... MattSh Nov 2014 #18
Yup alcibiades_mystery Nov 2014 #7
Unfortunately it causes a vicious cycle TroyD Nov 2014 #23
But Obama wont be around much longer. bravenak Nov 2014 #25
I care, my Dad cared, many White People care, the assholes get all the press mikekohr Nov 2014 #24
Thank you. bravenak Nov 2014 #27
I understand. mikekohr Nov 2014 #28
United we stand, divided we fall Sunlei Nov 2014 #9
It ticked me off. Lugnut Nov 2014 #10
I don't know what they were thinking LeftInTX Nov 2014 #11
Should have hammered hard on Bush/Republican economic collapse and ErikJ Nov 2014 #12
not voting is worse SHRED Nov 2014 #14
As well they should be. And we were warned early on. A hint of what was squandered since 2009: freshwest Nov 2014 #15
The cowardice without conviction was glaring here in Colorado world wide wally Nov 2014 #16
Folks-Nobody Knew It was "Morning in America" Until Reagan Said it Was Stallion Nov 2014 #17
Chickenshit Democratic candidates caved to racist Republican sentiments. Paladin Nov 2014 #31
Sorry, I don't buy it ellie Nov 2014 #32
This post makes it obvious what happened SmittynMo Nov 2014 #33
I think it's why Nunn/Carter didn't get as close as expected. Dawgs Nov 2014 #34
My biggest far is Hillary does same dumb shit in 2016 smorkingapple Nov 2014 #37
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2014 #38
I'm a white voter and I was offended also. DCBob Nov 2014 #39
Beat on Obama ravik Nov 2014 #40
But the dem reps distinctly said SmittynMo Nov 2014 #41
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