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10. I'm sure Shrub asks himself that question every time he sees his distorted reflection in the mirror
Fri Feb 8, 2013, 04:00 PM
Feb 2013

What really stands out for me is how skewed his perspective is, and how he minimizes the size of his own face and body parts. The treatment of his own image is flat, almost transparent. There is no light reflected in the eyes.

These paintings demonstrate characteristics of someone with a borderline personality disorder, as well as no artistic talent.

Here are Shrub's bathroom self-portraits He sucks at painting almost as much as he did as President leveymg Feb 2013 #1
What a maroon! tk2kewl Feb 2013 #2
I don't know...those are better than what I can do, at any rate...interesting. TwilightGardener Feb 2013 #3
I find these very, very disturbing. hedgehog Feb 2013 #4
I do, too. First, who the hell paints themselves naked? I've racked my brain for any famous painter Nay Feb 2013 #7
Strange Cracklin Charlie Feb 2013 #9
I'm sure Shrub asks himself that question every time he sees his distorted reflection in the mirror leveymg Feb 2013 #10
could be him...but perspective all off unless he was throwing all perspective out the door Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2013 #12
weird thing about the right pic...his hands can not be seen....leading people like Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2013 #13
Is that what he was focusing on during September 11? undeterred Feb 2013 #18
Really fascinating relationship they have with those Clintons, huh? Goes far and beyond TwilightGardener Feb 2013 #5
Goes back to mutual friends, Stephens Bros., once the biggest investment bankers outside Wall Street leveymg Feb 2013 #8
wtf? zappaman Feb 2013 #6
Crazy? UCmeNdc Feb 2013 #11
and these are our fearless leaders...... dhill926 Feb 2013 #14
"George W. Bush likes to paint himself naked" TMI yellowcanine Feb 2013 #15
The reflection in the mirror looks like a Capuchin monkey. jerseyjack Feb 2013 #16
So what did his sister think Red Mountain Feb 2013 #17
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