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46. Look, could it be complicated? Sure. Could it have been both? Yep.
Mon Aug 22, 2016, 04:24 PM
Aug 2016

but the bottom line is he's a hulk of a guy. She's literally half his size, if that.

And children who grow up in abusive households frequently have a distorted lens and many side with the abusive parent.

Patrick opposes fracking and drilling in the Everglades, opposes drilling off Florida’s coast NCTraveler Aug 2016 #1
He broke with Dems to support these bills. It's right in the article.... think Aug 2016 #2
It's also right in the article that the bills have nothing to do with fracking. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #3
Follow the money! NurseJackie Aug 2016 #4
That made me laugh so hard. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #8
Right. Increasing offshore sales of liquid natural gas has NOTHING to do with fracking..... think Aug 2016 #6
No, it doesn't have to. Be honest please. Murphy is opposed to fracking. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #10
He's opposed to fracking but supports increasing sales of liquid natural gas. Is that your claim? think Aug 2016 #16
The two aren't mutually exclusive. Here is what's concerning that is going on offshore. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #18
Can you focus on the issue or are you going to try and change the subject? think Aug 2016 #19
I addressed your question completely in my subject line. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #22
"The Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters are among the critics" think Aug 2016 #24
They should be critiquing his position here. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #28
Riiiiggghhhht, because no corporation has ever exploited a loophole in the law. Exilednight Aug 2016 #25
"Riiiiggghhhht, because no corporation has ever exploited a loophole in the law." NCTraveler Aug 2016 #29
Today, in 2016, it's a one for one tradeoff, fracking or coal Recursion Aug 2016 #5
Welcome to a Republican turned Democrat who didn't vote for the Democrats on this one. Is that think Aug 2016 #7
Yeah, adulthood. Recursion Aug 2016 #9
What did the majority of the Democrats do on this vote? Why did they choose to vote against it? think Aug 2016 #11
So, your response is to ask what others did? Interesting... Recursion Aug 2016 #13
No. My response was what did the majority of Democrats do. They voted against it. Obviously they think Aug 2016 #15
Look, I think Murphy sucks politically, but I flat out can't stomach Grayson and never could cali Aug 2016 #12
Keith could have stood a chance... that's the awful part Recursion Aug 2016 #14
yep. The upside is that they both have time. cali Aug 2016 #17
Keith at Labor and O'Malley as AG would be amazing Recursion Aug 2016 #21
That's still not exactly old. And I thought she was younger too from the photos I've seen. cali Aug 2016 #23
I just turned 40 Recursion Aug 2016 #26
Lol. And 40 seems impossibly young to me at 62. cali Aug 2016 #40
Love you, Cali Recursion Aug 2016 #53
Murphy's record & corporate financial support speaks for itself. /nt think Aug 2016 #27
Murphy is our best chance to beat Rubio mcar Aug 2016 #20
Alan Grayson beat his ex-wife. Sorry, that matters. A lot. BobbyDrake Aug 2016 #30
There is both video evidence that Grayson's wife is lying and the 21 year old daughter has twice think Aug 2016 #31
So we go from Murphey & anti fracking to Grayson's daughter siding with her mom in a domestic duel misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #32
The other person threw out the claims. Was I suppose to just let that go? think Aug 2016 #33
Maybe you should address your concerns to post #30 think Aug 2016 #34
This thread is about bashing Democrats. Isn't it obvious? FSogol Aug 2016 #43
Yup. If its from TYT or Commondreams ... misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #47
The primary isn't over between Grayson and Murphy. It will be soon. think Aug 2016 #48
True. Murphy will be a great loyal Dem for our Senate. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #49
Murphy just 3 years ago as a Democrat cosponsored legislation to undermine the Affordable Care Act think Aug 2016 #50
Grayson's no better for loyalty. And he's a shit. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #51
Good luck all in .... think Aug 2016 #52
People following this know Grayson is an abuser. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #35
Who got hit in the video? Who did the daughter claim was causing the problems? think Aug 2016 #36
Not much to gain from the video at all. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #37
Skye Grayson is a 21 year old woman. Your instant dismissal of her statements because she is a think Aug 2016 #38
In no way can you find anything I have said to be "disturbing". NCTraveler Aug 2016 #39
There are police reports from Lolita Grayson going back a couple of decades. cali Aug 2016 #41
Lolitta CLEARLY lied in the last incident, claimed the daughter abused her, and that daughter now 21 think Aug 2016 #42
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #44
You don't trust the 21 year old woman though. Lolitta called the police on her also claiming abuse. think Aug 2016 #45
Look, could it be complicated? Sure. Could it have been both? Yep. cali Aug 2016 #46
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