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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Jul 12, 2016, 07:54 PM Jul 2016

The candidacy of Jill Stein makes a mockery of our democratic system [View all]

I guess anyone, even the grossly unqualified, can run for President of the United States.

Jill Stein proves that point. The biggest organization she has ever run is her medical practice and she probable hired a office manager to handle that job. She has run for Governor of the State of Massachusetts (twice), the House of Representatives, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and now President of the United States (for the second time). In each of her previous races she was of course defeated by HUGE margins.

The only political post Stein has ever held is one of 21 elected Representatives to the Town Meeting in her home town of Lexington, Massachusetts which has a total of 31K residents. There also 10 at large Representatives to the Town Meeting including the 5 Selectmen who actually run the town of Lexington along with a Town Manager. Town Meetings in Lexington are held on average twice a year and the 31 Representatives deal mainly with allocating the town budget and dealing with zoning issues. Stein was first elected a Representative in 2005 when she received at total of 539 votes, 20.6% of the total. she was re-elected in 2008, finishing second of 13 vying for eight seats

So the Green Party's candidate for President's only political experience has been running for offices she had absolutely no chance of winning and holding a relatively unimportant political position in a small town. She has no experience in management or in state or national office, yet she seeks to become the most important chief executive in the entire world. If, by some miracle of miracle, Jill Stein were to be elected to be President of the United States, she would be in shock her entire term. To say that she is totally unqualified for the office is a whopper of an understatement.

Those who vote for her cannot in good conscious claim that they are voting for the best candidate. They need to admit to themselves that theirs is a cope out protest vote. They might as well vote for Mickey Mouse, or Minnie if they want to vote for a female.

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at least Gary Johnson was a governor dlwickham Jul 2016 #1
Which makes him infinitely more qualified CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #2
I served in my college's student senate dlwickham Jul 2016 #4
What was your position on "school spirit"? Ken Burch Jul 2016 #15
The requirements are yeoman6987 Jul 2016 #27
No, millions of people meet the constitutional requirements to be President CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #53
I think I would make an excellent president. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2016 #152
I think so too yeoman6987 Jul 2016 #153
Awesone!... you can be my running mate yeoman! hahaha InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2016 #162
I'm pretty sure you only posted this to try to get people to defend Stein Ken Burch Jul 2016 #3
"baiting" seems to be the main enjoyment for some posters, still, rather than discussion... villager Jul 2016 #5
.that^ 840high Jul 2016 #6
I don't think anyone DU is that stupid; why would you assume they are? CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #7
Given what you have posted in the past, this is par for the course AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #11
You are entitled to your opinion CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #17
How about dissuading them by making a positive case for OUR nominee? Ken Burch Jul 2016 #23
How I choose to dissuade them is up to me CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #54
It's sad that your approach to politics is purely negative and destructive. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #59
Get a grip, if you haven't noticed, politics is a nasty business CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #60
And it doesn't become better because of attitudes like yours. hobbit709 Jul 2016 #108
You're intitled to your opinion CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #112
How about if you want to do that, you should go ahead and do that. This OP is raising a legitimate Squinch Jul 2016 #114
If I was trying to censor, I'd alert on the thread. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #133
Oh, great. Another "when did you stop beating your wife?" post. The hallmark of bad faith. Squinch Jul 2016 #134
Why are you so afraid of others pointing out what an incompetent loon Stein is? Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #148
Stein is a GE candidate- and I had no idea her record was so pathetic.... bettyellen Jul 2016 #19
Nobody here is going to do that. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #90
I don't see it as a trap, and there still are people here who bettyellen Jul 2016 #96
And we can also point out how dismally unqualified she is. Again, if you want to have a thread Squinch Jul 2016 #115
And some folks just need to have enemies AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #136
And one of the purposes of DU is to give information about the qualifications of opposing Squinch Jul 2016 #156
She is a non threat in the GE AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #135
Not in this election, but Greens want to be spoilers more than they want to build anything. bettyellen Jul 2016 #138
I will never understand the obsession AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #139
Don't understand why the run, or why people vote for them. I love a good mystery. bettyellen Jul 2016 #140
I think they run because the USA is a Democracy AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #141
Why don't they do any real party building or find serious candidates? bettyellen Jul 2016 #144
I would surmise that it's not an easy thing in an extremely polarized two party system AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #146
It's not just you skepticscott Jul 2016 #166
Primaries? I'm sorry, what primary was Stein in again? Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #147
Any candidate or party that makes protection cheapdate Jul 2016 #73
Small minds talk about people. Exilednight Jul 2016 #106
Exactly. Else You Are Mad Jul 2016 #127
This! jack_krass Jul 2016 #194
Pretty obvious. Nt Freethinker65 Jul 2016 #10
Not everything is a conspiracy. DanTex Jul 2016 #34
You'd know, since you did the same the other day MirrorAshes Jul 2016 #51
All I did there was to try to stop attacks on a person who didn't deserve them. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #93
Totally agree! Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #77
So telling the truth about a opposing candidate is now flame bait.... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #102
Sorry won't play Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #118
Plays perfectly for me CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #120
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #100
No, DU is what it has always been: CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #110
WTF??? Now we aren't allowed to say Jill Stein is unqualified? Guess what? SHE ISN'T QUALIFIED! Squinch Jul 2016 #113
She's also not GOING to be president...so what is the point? Ken Burch Jul 2016 #130
People have the right to criticize the opposition candidate whether you think it is productive Squinch Jul 2016 #131
Yes, people have that right. Other people equally have the right Ken Burch Jul 2016 #132
If people are convinced to vote for her skepticscott Jul 2016 #167
If they ARE convinced to vote for her, what's the point of attacking them Ken Burch Jul 2016 #180
Who said anything about "demonizing" skepticscott Jul 2016 #184
How come it's fine for Jill and her supporters to insult Hillary pnwmom Jul 2016 #170
It's not "fine" for Green voters to do that. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #179
There is a difference between justified criticism of Jill and going "scorched earth." pnwmom Jul 2016 #182
This should not turn into an excuse to go after Bernie...he has nothing to do with that. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #183
It's not an excuse, it's a fact. Jill is trying to draw Bernie's supporters pnwmom Jul 2016 #185
We can explain that our platform is better and that Bernie's campaign made a difference. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #188
So now that Bernie endorsed you decided to go this route? AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #8
Bernie's out; line up the next hippie to punch yodermon Jul 2016 #9
Well played Silver_Witch Jul 2016 #80
Bernie is a hippie? He had made over $100k a year for 20 years Jill is a hippie? stevenleser Jul 2016 #186
Jill Stein is an idiot. MohRokTah Jul 2016 #12
Probably, but so are the people that support her. tonyt53 Jul 2016 #151
She meets all of the qualifications required Duckhunter935 Jul 2016 #13
She may have meet the constituational requirements, but she still is not qualified. CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #20
There are NO requirements like political office to run for president yeoman6987 Jul 2016 #29
Did I mention REQUIREMENTS to run for President? NO!!! CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #76
Someone needs to go back and take another civics class CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #78
What qualifications do you have to judge? GeorgeGist Jul 2016 #44
Common sense - though apparently that isn't a common trait CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #79
In a Democracy we all have the right to judge. nt stevenleser Jul 2016 #187
I'm curious, exactly what NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #150
I have some hairs in my shower drain if you'd like to split those dlwickham Jul 2016 #75
Let's not spread the names of... SaschaHM Jul 2016 #14
And let's not do OP's that are nothing but an excuse to try to bait people Ken Burch Jul 2016 #16
OPs against Stein are just as fair game as OPs against Trump. SaschaHM Jul 2016 #18
They should be on the issues and her possible effects on the chances of beating Trump. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #21
Readiness and qualifications for the job is an issue when it comes to electing a president. SaschaHM Jul 2016 #24
Nobody actually thinks Stein is going to get elected...even her supporters don't think that. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #26
These are not personal attacks CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #35
IT's a personal attack AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #137
Yup it sure is about what you have done isn't it.... Avalon Sparks Jul 2016 #91
A candidate's issues don't mean crap if she is totally unqualified for the office. CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #31
OPs that confuse 'conscience' with 'conscious' are discredited and deserve OnlyTheGood Jul 2016 #41
Posters who dwell on spelling mistakes apparently.... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #82
Oh, you spelled the word perfectly. But you used it OnlyTheGood Jul 2016 #126
Ken Burch, do you feel baited? CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #22
Not personally. And attacks on Trump's competence are actually worth making: Ken Burch Jul 2016 #28
If they don't think she cand win - theirs is a throw away vote, a protest vote CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #37
Which is why THAT's the case we should be making: Ken Burch Jul 2016 #43
So you don't think a candidate's qualifications matter? CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #48
If the candidate has a chance of winning, they matter. If not, they don't. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #49
So it is okay if a candidate is not qualified if she doesn't have a chance to win CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #83
Let's not let our paranoia prevent us from making legitimate posts criticising opposing candidates. Squinch Jul 2016 #116
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #25
I see what you did there... Ken Burch Jul 2016 #30
so did I. sheshe2 Jul 2016 #65
So did the administrators CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #84
Post hide? sheshe2 Jul 2016 #89
+1 tk2kewl Jul 2016 #52
Bernie Sanders is a professional politician. TwilightZone Jul 2016 #72
I think just the opposite. aikoaiko Jul 2016 #32
The only reason anyone knows anything about Jill Stein is because... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #45
Stein is an opponent of the Democratic Party and therefore fair game mwrguy Jul 2016 #33
But she knows the purity codex by heart, and can recite it perfectly on cue. BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #36
I would make the Perfect presidential candidate... SaschaHM Jul 2016 #40
+1 nt BobbyDrake Jul 2016 #42
She is also a clueless human being. I saw an interview where she described quantitative DanTex Jul 2016 #38
You should review the difference between 'conscious' and 'conscience' before you post again. - nt OnlyTheGood Jul 2016 #39
You should try to find something more important than spelling mistakes in posts CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #46
LOL at 'spelling mistake'. Whatever you have to tell yourself, but spelling OnlyTheGood Jul 2016 #125
Being rude to the OP this way is unnecessary! Her Sister Jul 2016 #161
No, the constitution is quite clear on the requirements to hold the office. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #47
Sure, she is 35 or older and is a national born citizen CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #50
Actually, you said it "makes a mockery of our democratic system" Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #55
Well maybe that was a bit overboard CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #57
Bernie Sanders sure didnt do her any favors by endorsing Hillary at the same time she was begging Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #58
You're right about that.... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #61
Her name is not Hillary Clinton redStateBlueHeart Jul 2016 #56
Jill Stein will effectively sign the death warrent of the Green Party.... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #62
"I guess anyone, even the grossly unqualified, can run for President of the United States" TheProgressive Jul 2016 #63
Sneaky. bettyellen Jul 2016 #67
Not anyone who ran for the Democratic nomination. CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #85
Sounds more qualified than Don the Con. nt 63splitwindow Jul 2016 #64
Just be glad they don't have a more credible candidate TheFarseer Jul 2016 #66
Johnson got 1% in 2012 TwilightZone Jul 2016 #70
Yeah neither has been a huge factor TheFarseer Jul 2016 #71
Actually he got triple the votes Johnson got - Stein got 0.36% of the total vote CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #86
no it doesn't retrowire Jul 2016 #68
That's total fucking bullshit. It's exactly the American way. If you're worried about Jill Stein ... ThePhilosopher04 Jul 2016 #69
I guess I have a major fucking problem CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #87
Then let's make sure they DON'T do that... Ken Burch Jul 2016 #92
Again, I am not bashing Stein on a personal level CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #119
The best tactic with the Green candidate would simply be to not pay ANY attention to her. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #128
Let's not pretend what we say here on DU will affect the election CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #163
You should probably start a movement to change the type of "Democracy" we have in America NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #160
Not Sure How colsohlibgal Jul 2016 #74
If a dumb relative agreed with everything you said, would you vote for him... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #88
People would take the Greens more seriously if they had a real candidate. DemocraticWing Jul 2016 #81
I think you have it backwards adigal Jul 2016 #94
Shameful at DU? rbrnmw Jul 2016 #107
did Pat Paulsen make a mockery of our democratic system? hobbit709 Jul 2016 #95
Perhaps...but then, he MEANT to make a mockery of it. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #97
How does Jill Stein make this point better than Trump? Stein is underqualified but has a great Vote2016 Jul 2016 #98
People ARE voting for her! She got 0.36% in 2012! struggle4progress Jul 2016 #99
With a little luck, she'll get 0.72% in 2016. DinahMoeHum Jul 2016 #101
Assuming she picks up 0.36% in every election cycle, she's a shoo-on for 2568! struggle4progress Jul 2016 #123
Anybody know how many state ballots the Green Party made? Funtatlaguy Jul 2016 #103
No, the Libertarian, Ayn Rand, party is ONLY on 35 state ballots. fasttense Jul 2016 #109
I heard about 20 so far? Wasted vote bettyellen Jul 2016 #117
Whatever her qualifications jcgoldie Jul 2016 #104
This entire election cycle has made a mockery of the American people and the system. peace13 Jul 2016 #105
Actually, things like the electoral college and Super Delegates and Super PACs are NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #111
Trying to change the subject again? CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #173
No, just stating an obvious truth. -nt- NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #174
Well, my OP was the obvious truth CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #175
Unqualified? Yes. A mockery of US democracy? Nah. Every 4 years a whole bunch of men.... Hekate Jul 2016 #121
No it doesn't. Like her or hate her, her candidacy is democracy in action nt riderinthestorm Jul 2016 #122
She's no more of a mockery than Trump. Vinca Jul 2016 #124
True, they are both mockeries to our system of government CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #172
Whatever. JEB Jul 2016 #129
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #142
I disagree with your premise mythology Jul 2016 #143
I totally agree that Trump is not qualified to be President CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #171
Jill Stein is qualified to be the president cosmicone Jul 2016 #145
Sorry, but I have to wonder NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #154
Jill was a medical student and an intern cosmicone Jul 2016 #155
Okay, that's enough. Iggo Jul 2016 #149
I will never understand the hate for the progressive green party. JRLeft Jul 2016 #157
I don't hate the Green Party CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #169
She won't Hillary will win. JRLeft Jul 2016 #177
The moment their 2000 candidate accepted GOP money to help defeat the Democratic stevenleser Jul 2016 #190
it can certainly be difficult to accept the basic premise that all things being equal, any American LanternWaste Jul 2016 #158
So you are you calling me and oddball... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #168
Since when do Democrats consider folks running for public office to represent a "mockery" NorthCarolina Jul 2016 #159
The OP is referring specifically to her running for president skepticscott Jul 2016 #165
Jill Stein is a medical woo-wooer as well skepticscott Jul 2016 #164
I don't agree. David__77 Jul 2016 #176
When you don't want liberals voting in Dem Primaries... HooptieWagon Jul 2016 #178
It's simple for anyone to vote Dem. Registration is easy and FREE. And it's pnwmom Jul 2016 #189
Still a far better choice than Trump. Motown_Johnny Jul 2016 #181
I don't agree. Someone opposite in ideology winning isn't the worst outcome stevenleser Jul 2016 #191
Those who voted for Sanders in the primaries are not going to vote for Trump.... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #192
K & R SunSeeker Jul 2016 #193
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2016 #195
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