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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:18 PM Jun 2016

I feel crazy seeing some of these responses to Bernie's speech. [View all]

He's trying to keep younger people engaged and lead them into the Democratic party. I don't think it's that confusing. The issues he listed are very real, and need to be tackled not only by the next President of the united states, but at the local and state level as well. It feels like people are mad just because it was Bernie, but I thought his message was quite good, and I think it's even good for Hillary because it's aimed at keeping people engaged in the political process and inspiring people towards public service.

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Conservatives don't want people engaged and inspired in the political process. arcane1 Jun 2016 #1
Yes, it's strange that we don't just become repubs. nt eastwestdem Jun 2016 #84
Blue dogs.....what's the diff MaeScott Jun 2016 #157
Yep. Neolibs are neolibs and they act a lot like repugs. vintx Jun 2016 #88
You don't have to be a Republican WayBeyondBlue Jun 2016 #101
Yep. We have a LOT of those types in Texas vintx Jun 2016 #133
Need to repost here re: Bernie Supporters Rockyj Jun 2016 #219
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #103
By keeping a charade going where you if he doesnt get exactly what he wants democrats suck and boston bean Jun 2016 #2
Rabies swhisper1 Jun 2016 #71
Do we still have free speech in this country? Seeinghope Jun 2016 #87
The right to Free Speech WayBeyondBlue Jun 2016 #112
I don't know if we do. I'm too busy reading Wikileaks. roguevalley Jun 2016 #120
Ah, don't worry about Wikileaks WayBeyondBlue Jun 2016 #122
So there you have it! Seeinghope Jun 2016 #143
That's not at all what he is saying but go ahead and keep being ignorant. cui bono Jun 2016 #147
Very good point. Nt ladjf Jun 2016 #166
such anger and hatred, really strange. Warren Stupidity Jun 2016 #173
Strangely true LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #189
I've been very puzzled by it as well Scootaloo Jun 2016 #201
FFR says what? Scootaloo Jun 2016 #206
Yes, he also needs to say he supports WhiteTara Jun 2016 #3
Getting people engaged SpareribSP Jun 2016 #7
Yep. What office will you try for? WhiteTara Jun 2016 #95
And, harping endlessly from his morally absolutist and heavily negative high-horse Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #146
Of course that's not what's happening but don't let that stop your bloviating. cui bono Jun 2016 #148
As one of the blindly devoted, you necessarily have difficulty perceiving Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #156
Translation: Nobody knows hillarys positions on issues AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #215
Speaking of blindly devoted..... 840high Jun 2016 #228
Why so bitter? GeorgeGist Jun 2016 #175
Not bitter, just disgusted and disheartened. What a base end to an uplifting beginning. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #176
They don't see fond of anything to the left of Clinton noiretextatique Jun 2016 #181
If Bernie does not knock this stuff off... Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #11
Are you kidding me? his clout just jumped up quite a bit from his speech.... panader0 Jun 2016 #17
The only channel covering the speech was msnbc woolldog Jun 2016 #44
Younger people don't watch tv elljay Jun 2016 #135
There were 102,000 people watching the podcast. kaiden Jun 2016 #151
It's on YouTube, pops pokerfan Jun 2016 #155
It only had 218,000 users live. Pretty sad turnout for a 'revolution' Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #187
It did? How so? Lord Magus Jun 2016 #139
It really didn't. nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #220
If Hillary doesn't incorporate Bernie's ideas she won't have to work with anyone. cui bono Jun 2016 #149
Why should the winner have to incorporate the loser's ideas? nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #174
Because they are better ideas. immoderate Jun 2016 #177
says you Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #221
Because a great number of voters were duped into believing... SMC22307 Jun 2016 #233
The winner's going to need more voters in the general. onyxw Jun 2016 #184
If the ideas were so great...the loser should have won. I disagree with the idea that Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #191
" If the ideas were so great...the loser should have won." bvar22 Jun 2016 #193
The Greens made the argument for months Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #213
That has been debunked for so long, bvar22 Jun 2016 #216
It has never been debunked...most Democrats will tell you Nader is a spoiler. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #225
Really? Still trying that old and tired meme? cui bono Jun 2016 #231
I cite facts and numbers, and links to sources. bvar22 Jun 2016 #235
Care to argue what was actually in my post? onyxw Jun 2016 #210
Platforms rarely matter. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #212
I don't believe Bernie can deliver any voters for the general Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #222
Because that's how politics works. Because the Dem Party can't afford to say "fuck you" cui bono Jun 2016 #230
There is time for that, should it be proper, at the convention. HubertHeaver Jun 2016 #26
It needs to happen before the convention WhiteTara Jun 2016 #91
No, it really does not. It will happen in its own good time. Be patient. HubertHeaver Jun 2016 #144
Fine with me but no speech if he does not concede and endorse. nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #223
Down the rabbit hole again... 4nic8em Jun 2016 #52
yes she did swhisper1 Jun 2016 #69
And isn't she gracious? But he needs to WhiteTara Jun 2016 #93
Here's a thought... 4nic8em Jun 2016 #111
he said he would work with her on social issues, did you not listen? swhisper1 Jun 2016 #56
working with her is not WhiteTara Jun 2016 #85
why should he support a corporatist? get real. She is everything he is against swhisper1 Jun 2016 #94
You were just complaining that he didn't say he was going to work with her. Scootaloo Jun 2016 #204
He isn't the nominee. There is no "working with her" WhiteTara Jun 2016 #207
You just said he needs to say he will work with her. Post #3 Scootaloo Jun 2016 #208
Scoots, I just edited my post to reflect WhiteTara Jun 2016 #209
He actually did say he's working with clinton to get things done. Scootaloo Jun 2016 #202
His unwillingness to admit to defeat LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #4
This. Not admitting the reality of the situation Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #16
What if the people don't care about Bernie SpareribSP Jun 2016 #24
And this person that cares about his platform is eternally grateful for the man and his efforts tk2kewl Jun 2016 #30
True, he's the reason why people are still talking about all this! SpareribSP Jun 2016 #36
+1000 deathrind Jun 2016 #54
Amen. 840high Jun 2016 #96
Here's the thing WayBeyondBlue Jun 2016 #121
Then they Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #34
Ummm tk2kewl Jun 2016 #40
Now that we got the "intellectual" opinion out of the way... -nt- Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #42
Your flat out denial of the viability of all form of economic progressivism deserves nothing more tk2kewl Jun 2016 #47
Is that what I did? Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #50
How do you get "flat out denial of all forms of viable economic progressivism out of that post? brush Jun 2016 #102
Any permutation of the "free stuff" argument is bullshit tk2kewl Jun 2016 #109
Not a good explanation at all. What an inaccurate and overblown charge. brush Jun 2016 #119
This is a very cynical outlook. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #43
Maybe, but a realistic one. Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #49
Only if "realistic" means "I've given up on seeing resources allocated for anything but militarism" villager Jun 2016 #51
Well Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #61
It's not all or nothing. But yes, militarism drastically rethought (as it will be by mid-century's villager Jun 2016 #63
America ALREADY pays more for healthcare than anywhere else for goodness sake! Kentonio Jun 2016 #192
fine with me to reduce our role in the world. They arent because we do it all for them swhisper1 Jun 2016 #64
right ! swhisper1 Jun 2016 #77
Yes, and it will take TIME. Duval Jun 2016 #217
Sanders has explained lastone Jun 2016 #45
Yes he has.. Happenstance24 Jun 2016 #53
And when those plans were analyzed they were found wanting mythology Jun 2016 #125
And you're candidate lastone Jun 2016 #137
You do realize that WayBeyondBlue Jun 2016 #127
thats what he's hoping for. I am working for the platform, not a man swhisper1 Jun 2016 #97
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2016 #48
oh Christ swhisper1 Jun 2016 #57
Reality, like sniper fire,is in the eye of the beholder. nt peace13 Jun 2016 #108
No. LWolf Jun 2016 #23
+1 Jackilope Jun 2016 #27
I reject your revolution LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #28
Clearly. LWolf Jun 2016 #32
You slander LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #35
What's with the neo-liberal diss? Clinton is not calling for austerity. brush Jun 2016 #115
Wow. Okay. LWolf Jun 2016 #170
Actually I was referring to austerity here in the US. brush Jun 2016 #172
Actually, I was referring to neo-liberalism, LWolf Jun 2016 #182
I'm not that confident. The debates clearly showed Sanders is not strong in that area. brush Jun 2016 #185
That's not what I saw nor heard. nt LWolf Jun 2016 #186
the party is dying, we want to save it swhisper1 Jun 2016 #99
No, its not dying LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #116
Our point, I think, is that WayBeyondBlue Jun 2016 #129
blinded by the pink swhisper1 Jun 2016 #78
+100 Duval Jun 2016 #218
No character flaw. A very intelligent man. bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #58
and yet he can't admit defeat LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #62
You want that from him....but millions don't...I'm sorry bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #76
You overestimate your numbers LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #81
You underestimate ....I am truly sorry. bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #118
Millions voted for him. Millions donated to him. TDale313 Jun 2016 #130
Rereading my response LoverOfLiberty Jun 2016 #131
I am not delusional...such vitriol bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #224
Not directed at you in the slightest. TDale313 Jun 2016 #229
Millions want him to deny reality? Lord Magus Jun 2016 #140
rabies swhisper1 Jun 2016 #73
Welcome to the Neoliberal Democratic Party. Beowulf Jun 2016 #5
He is self-righteous. madaboutharry Jun 2016 #6
+1 oswaldactedalone Jun 2016 #9
Honestly, I don't think that would work. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #14
No it's not a complete turnaround. He said all along he'd support the nominee. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #141
right swhisper1 Jun 2016 #74
No, what is important is changing the system, endorsing the status quo is accepting Autumn Jun 2016 #138
Oh gawd no. That can't happen. He's not going to sell out and endorse someone who represents cui bono Jun 2016 #150
I don't know what made me think of it but how far can someone stuff their head up thier own . . . pdsimdars Jun 2016 #161
Only to peopel who never valued the message anyway Scootaloo Jun 2016 #205
No he is not Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #8
"I have no idea what he is up to." panader0 Jun 2016 #19
I get the impression that many of the Hillary acolytes elljay Jun 2016 #136
The Republicans I know are gleeful about Bernie's behavior. Nonhlanhla Jun 2016 #10
Of course they are. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #13
"somebody needs to push him out"... who would that be? panader0 Jun 2016 #75
not helping trump at all swhisper1 Jun 2016 #105
+1000 n/t Triana Jun 2016 #12
At least he's consistent in his wishes and demands. Frustratedlady Jun 2016 #15
.+1 840high Jun 2016 #104
A lot of noise and false outrage to distract from the truth of the matter. Skwmom Jun 2016 #18
what truth is that? swhisper1 Jun 2016 #80
yeah.. that's what they're about, it would seem 2banon Jun 2016 #20
Who's mad ? Trajan Jun 2016 #21
Agreed - And I Have The Following Observation..... global1 Jun 2016 #22
Did it occur to you that maybe Hillary supporters like Hillary's ideas? YouDig Jun 2016 #38
You Need To Put Your Hate For Bernie To A Better Purpose.... global1 Jun 2016 #41
I didnt hear any ideas or actual policy except war swhisper1 Jun 2016 #86
Great post, thanks. nt 2cannan Jun 2016 #39
+1 SpareribSP Jun 2016 #46
What did he do to "lead them into the Democratic Party"? brooklynite Jun 2016 #25
Besides that his whole speech and the web page he set up SpareribSP Jun 2016 #33
I can see your point. apcalc Jun 2016 #29
He needs to endorse Hillary and join forces against Trump. YouDig Jun 2016 #31
he wont endorse her but will join against Trump swhisper1 Jun 2016 #92
If he doesn't endorse than we don't need him. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #160
I agree! A Little Weird Jun 2016 #37
it was flawless and to the point, no promises, just factuals problems in the country and swhisper1 Jun 2016 #55
He did not concede. He did not endorse. He is going to the convention. bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #60
of coarse he is, to present the voice of americans swhisper1 Jun 2016 #65
The only "young people" ... NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #59
Rabies is still beating down civil discussion here swhisper1 Jun 2016 #67
I really don't see that. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #70
By telling those "new voters" ... NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #152
He never said only he can change things. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #178
"All About Bernie from the get-go" Jokerman Jun 2016 #188
He's fight for the working people, poor, students, elderly and veterans. onecaliberal Jun 2016 #66
It's what I want. We 840high Jun 2016 #107
and hill fans put fingers in their ears LA LA LA LA LA LA. pansypoo53219 Jun 2016 #68
^^^^^^^^^^^ Amen! ^^^^^^^^^^^ pdsimdars Jun 2016 #162
You're asking them to be reasonable, just not possible for them. litlbilly Jun 2016 #72
Evidently it is unreasonable for losing candidates to concede defeat. LonePirate Jun 2016 #82
rabies, man its thick in here, all these "can't" ers swhisper1 Jun 2016 #106
I put them all on Ignore long ago, and add the new ones as I see them BernieforPres2016 Jun 2016 #79
I don't necessarily just like a pro-Bernie echo chamber also, honestly. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #89
I am not interested in an echo chamber either BernieforPres2016 Jun 2016 #98
Exactly. I prefer discussion, but at SOME point you have to accept reality, and that is pdsimdars Jun 2016 #163
I've formed an aversion to yapping dogs. I was going to comment on your patience and tact, you wear swhisper1 Jun 2016 #113
The last thing those currently running the party want dflprincess Jun 2016 #83
this is very true swhisper1 Jun 2016 #114
He made it all about him Whimsey Jun 2016 #90
A couple things. SpareribSP Jun 2016 #100
.that^ 840high Jun 2016 #110
Couple more things Whimsey Jun 2016 #123
I think we agree SpareribSP Jun 2016 #128
Well I am a pay as you go type of girl Whimsey Jun 2016 #132
I think this is a good discussion! SpareribSP Jun 2016 #134
Real equality Whimsey Jun 2016 #142
The funds were going back to the DNC to help pay for the database pnwmom Jun 2016 #154
People who take "talking points" as if they are facts are pretty clueless. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #167
Millions fewer people agree with Bernie's positions on the issues than with Hillary's. pnwmom Jun 2016 #153
oh please, revisionist history does not sell here, try elsewhere for an audience swhisper1 Jun 2016 #117
Revisionist how? Whimsey Jun 2016 #124
That is just an empty talking point. He said it wasn't about him and all of his supporters pdsimdars Jun 2016 #164
"she was the first first lady who husband wanted her by his side because he trusted her judgment" SMC22307 Jun 2016 #234
The rightwingers posting -- and posing -- here as "Undergrounders" have no other gear villager Jun 2016 #126
I think he could help and probably isn't hurting Dem2 Jun 2016 #145
Except he's not leading them into the Democratic Party. baldguy Jun 2016 #158
This young person Sunsky Jun 2016 #159
then what are you doint here typing? Get out there on the streets and talk to people! pdsimdars Jun 2016 #168
Clinton supporters care only about Mrs Clinton Doctor_J Jun 2016 #165
Here you go, . .. . .the visual pdsimdars Jun 2016 #169
Sanders talks AT people instead of WITH them. randome Jun 2016 #171
A speech is a pretty one-sided affair noiretextatique Jun 2016 #180
It explains his lack of success other than at the margins during 25 years in the Senate. randome Jun 2016 #183
"Elizabeth Warren has had more success than Sanders." ??? bvar22 Jun 2016 #194
It's in the eye of the beholder, of course. Not everything can be quantified. randome Jun 2016 #195
...and my opinion differs. bvar22 Jun 2016 #197
They are mad just because it's Bernie noiretextatique Jun 2016 #179
OMG really? Ugh... vintx Jun 2016 #211
The most level-headed Clinton supporters SheenaR Jun 2016 #190
Right, Bernie made it clear SpareribSP Jun 2016 #200
+1 cui bono Jun 2016 #232
what revolution? zappaman Jun 2016 #196
Yeah sure. And that would be why Bernie supporters threaten non support. Makes sense. Not. MichiganVote Jun 2016 #198
This has nothing to do with his speech? SpareribSP Jun 2016 #199
Personally, I've asked many Bernie supporters WhiteTara Jun 2016 #203
I'm an active participant in my local environmental group. riderinthestorm Jun 2016 #226
Activism is really great WhiteTara Jun 2016 #227
Many of the people denigrating the course he is taking now... pat_k Jun 2016 #214
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