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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Jun 10, 2016, 06:13 PM Jun 2016

Chris Hedges: The announcement by AP of Clinton as the nominee is "part of a pattern..." [View all]

to ridicule and marginalize the Sanders campaign, by corporate media. There is an inbuilt hostility toward Sanders because he is not the approved corporate candidate.
Much more in the interview below.

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The Corporate Elite WILL protect themselves and Their Investment Ferd Berfel Jun 2016 #1
Always. All ways. 840high Jun 2016 #26
The corporate media have been AGAINST Clinton Hortensis Jun 2016 #90
Because the media spent so much more time airing Bernie Dustlawyer Jun 2016 #101
Because trees are really purple and pink? Bye. Hortensis Jun 2016 #104
Facts are pesky things, think your rose colored glasses need cleaning. Dustlawyer Jun 2016 #105
^^^^^^ THIS^^^^^^ Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #106
Lol. Not an admirer of the token pseudoliberal here either. Hortensis Jun 2016 #109
Sure, it's part of a pattern. The pattern is that some people can count and some people can't. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #2
sanders would not only have beaten trump by more than hillary will, but would have much better Doctor_J Jun 2016 #15
Proof? Dem2 Jun 2016 #67
You say you want proof then say "don't show me polls!"? lmao pinebox Jun 2016 #73
Because the polls are not proof. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #80
nope Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #108
The problem is that some people feel more comfy siding with the Rich and then gloat when the Rich rhett o rick Jun 2016 #27
That have a lot to do with being able to count to 2383? TwilightZone Jun 2016 #59
You are saying nonsense to the 2,500,000 homeless American children when you side with the rhett o rick Jun 2016 #62
Just when I thought you couldn't say anything less relevant to the topic at hand... TwilightZone Jun 2016 #65
It seems Clinton still never hit 2383 pleged delegates.#CLINTONMATH Matt_R Jun 2016 #99
That was 400 delegates ago. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #102
wow so #clintonmath has her at 2783 pledged delegates? Matt_R Jun 2016 #103
There is an "inbuilt hostility" toward progressive ideals in general. arcane1 Jun 2016 #3
+1 thank you Matt_R Jun 2016 #100
Part of the pattern of reporting results, what, a dozen times since the Primary started? randome Jun 2016 #4
OMG they called it for Obama the same way workinclasszero Jun 2016 #5
I really noticed the "Fix" was in just prior to Jack Bone Jun 2016 #6
They made Sanders unprepared for the NyDN interview?!?!? Nope bettyellen Jun 2016 #13
No. They placed his answers out of context. NWCorona Jun 2016 #25
Read the whole interview. Not impressive. bettyellen Jun 2016 #30
I have read it. From start to finish and we will just have to disagree. NWCorona Jun 2016 #35
So what was out of context? They printed the whole damn thing. sweetloukillbot Jun 2016 #66
Lol NWCorona Jun 2016 #68
Worked on you too...LOL Jack Bone Jun 2016 #69
Yes, it is "part of a pattern", stretching back to 1789 Tarc Jun 2016 #7
Actually only since 1981 RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #28
boo hoo CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #8
I love how you totally ignore issues and engage in stupid adhominums Armstead Jun 2016 #19
That's the problem today RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #24
Yes, like believing math. NT Adrahil Jun 2016 #32
Math is not an issue. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #34
Yes Hillary got more delegates TheFarseer Jun 2016 #77
I gave them all the attention they warrant with regard to the AP ct. CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #64
They want to want to censor us online and in the polls felix_numinous Jun 2016 #9
Don't Forget About Eric Schmidt (GOOGLE) And What Is ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #88
Thanks felix_numinous Jun 2016 #92
the "progressive" movement is fueled by a persecution complex wyldwolf Jun 2016 #10
Thank you Rush....or is it Sean? Armstead Jun 2016 #18
Marx? Or is it Castro? wyldwolf Jun 2016 #20
Just an old-fashioned liberal who now is considered a radical by the Democratic Party Armstead Jun 2016 #22
So you feel persecuted wyldwolf Jun 2016 #42
Naw, more like pissed the Democratic Party has moved away from me and millions of other Armstead Jun 2016 #61
They're Hoping We'll DIE Or At Least Go Away You Know... ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #95
What a terrible thing to say. The progressive movement is fighting for the 2.5 million homeless rhett o rick Jun 2016 #36
And you're fueled by a persecution complex wyldwolf Jun 2016 #40
Wow. I think that kind of sums up who you really are. rhett o rick Jun 2016 #44
That's all you can say? wyldwolf Jun 2016 #51
Isn't THAT ENOUGH??? n/t ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #89
If cop outs are your thing, then yes. wyldwolf Jun 2016 #96
Ugh ... more "Russia Today" crap. :-P "Putin-Controlled Media You Can Trust" NurseJackie Jun 2016 #11
Chris Hedges is TOPS in every way. Octafish Jun 2016 #16
LOL! I've never heard any Russian propaganda or US. Duval Jun 2016 #38
There's a reason that they are on Putin's TV network NurseJackie Jun 2016 #53
I find far more propaganda on: bvar22 Jun 2016 #50
When I want Putin's perspective on things… NurseJackie Jun 2016 #52
When I want the Wall Street 1% Corporate view, bvar22 Jun 2016 #55
Just because you don't recognize it as propaganda doesn't mean it isn't. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #81
I will say the same about: bvar22 Jun 2016 #85
Not Sure If You've EVER Watched RT... BUT I've Been Watching For ChiciB1 Jun 2016 #91
They should have announced it long before they did. Lil Missy Jun 2016 #12
How ironic. bvar22 Jun 2016 #87
AP response from their blog George Eliot Jun 2016 #14
I think the snark was perfectly justified. Adrahil Jun 2016 #93
Well, even if they want to change mind, they can't now can they? George Eliot Jun 2016 #98
Chris Hedges is often too depressing.....But unfortunately he often is telling the truth Armstead Jun 2016 #17
Thats the problem. bvar22 Jun 2016 #54
A pattern of using math and statistics to report the news. Ace Rothstein Jun 2016 #21
There's an old adage from Statistics 101. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #29
There's a calculation from Math 101. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #60
Something tells me that only the world's BIGGEST violin is going to get this job done.... BobbyDrake Jun 2016 #23
Something tells me you won't 840high Jun 2016 #31
Hubris and arrogance will be their downfall. It's just like the schoolyard. Some hide behind rhett o rick Jun 2016 #43
I could care less jamese777 Jun 2016 #45
You mistakenly assume that I want you, or people like you, in my corner. Sorry, I've got standards. BobbyDrake Jun 2016 #46
We have standards too. It's called not selling out. pinebox Jun 2016 #74
A.k.a. Not winning. Enjoy the purity-flavored losses. BobbyDrake Jun 2016 #75
Enjoy your corporate corrupted candidate pinebox Jun 2016 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #33
I see. Can't attack the issue, attack the person RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #41
Do you have proof of these "conspiracies theories" that you mention RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #48
If the primaries had been close jamese777 Jun 2016 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #49
Who cares what that kook thinks? Gomez163 Jun 2016 #56
That's right, can't speak to the points, attack the person RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #57
He also didn't like Obama. When is the world gonna end? It's only been 8 years. Gomez163 Jun 2016 #58
Meh. Don't care. My voting decisions aren't based on AP announcements. cheapdate Jun 2016 #63
K & R AzDar Jun 2016 #70
The right-wing of the Democratic Party hates this guy, probably because he keeps ... Scuba Jun 2016 #71
Math is not moral or immoral, it just is. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #82
That doesn't explain why the right wing of the Democratic Party hates Chris Hedges. Scuba Jun 2016 #83
A few weeks ago, when the AP was putting out pro-Bernie articles ... JoePhilly Jun 2016 #72
Kick! tex-wyo-dem Jun 2016 #78
The media is rigged! newfie11 Jun 2016 #79
So what was "unreal" about this information? The fact that you didn't like it? NT Adrahil Jun 2016 #94
The AP announcement wasn't about marginalizing Bernie, it was about reporting the facts. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #84
Plagiarhater needs to go back under his rock. He has no credibility. Link: ucrdem Jun 2016 #86
This may backfire on the dem party big time. zalinda Jun 2016 #97
I listened to about 30 seconds of Hedges and had to turn him off Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #107
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