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2016 Postmortem

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Tue Apr 26, 2016, 12:19 AM Apr 2016

Will the Democratic Party unify under Hillary or split in two [View all]

Will the Democratic Party unify under Hillary or split in two

131 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
The Democratic party will unify under Hillary
27 (21%)
The Democratic party will spit in two with Bernie supporters leaving and forming a new party or going independent
94 (72%)
Don't know or choose not to say
10 (8%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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You need more options JackInGreen Apr 2016 #1
I will fix it. Unicorn Apr 2016 #2
Thnx m80 JackInGreen Apr 2016 #4
Many Democrats will leave to go Independant, but certainly not all. Dustlawyer Apr 2016 #3
I think you nailed it Bill Clinton did start this. Unicorn Apr 2016 #11
A number of Sanders supporters split. HooptieWagon Apr 2016 #5
The last poll said 33% of Democrats wouldn't vote for her no mater what. It continue to rise 6.5% Unicorn Apr 2016 #17
"We hate the establishment! Down with the establishment! Let's form our own establishment!" NurseJackie Apr 2016 #6
Led by a member (for a third of a century, no less) of said establishment! nt MADem Apr 2016 #19
Under any other circumstances bvf Apr 2016 #63
It's not funny. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #66
It's like saying "I wouldn't belong to any organization that has actual members!" NurseJackie Apr 2016 #69
I don't feel like I'm even being given that option by Hillary's campaign. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #89
Good one! apcalc Apr 2016 #88
I don't think she projects that she cares about us at all Marrah_G Apr 2016 #7
+1 Unicorn Apr 2016 #15
If she gets the nomination, and if she is elected... Miles Archer Apr 2016 #39
I remember hearing someone talk about Hillary getting the nomination. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #92
Though I'm sure Hillary supporters will disagree with me. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #68
Do you really think she needs the money? hamsterjill Apr 2016 #103
I know what I will do. chknltl Apr 2016 #8
Most of the independants who have voted Sanders in open primaries will vote for Trump. hollowdweller Apr 2016 #9
I think you're right unless a new option opens. Unicorn Apr 2016 #13
Bullshit. HooptieWagon Apr 2016 #20
I wouldn't count on those older dems who support Sanders Downwinder Apr 2016 #23
I am one of those. Hillary has stated many times that she Bohunk68 Apr 2016 #35
When it comes to existence or politics, Downwinder Apr 2016 #40
So you sitting it out or going with the Drumpf then snooper2 Apr 2016 #56
I have voted in EVERY election in which I was Bohunk68 Apr 2016 #64
So no answer - IE the LOL, I was expecting it! snooper2 Apr 2016 #67
+1 Unicorn Apr 2016 #59
yup, we don't even register on her radar. Karma13612 Apr 2016 #123
+1000 baldguy Apr 2016 #33
Cruz will most likely be the nominee AgingAmerican Apr 2016 #70
Old Dem who supports Sanders. djean111 Apr 2016 #102
Ditto! Carolina Apr 2016 #112
Old Dem here...agree +10 eom Karma13612 Apr 2016 #125
I'm an older dem (62) Karma13612 Apr 2016 #117
That is a gross and very wrong assumption. TM99 Apr 2016 #129
I am a middle age Dem (55) and will exit stage right. Jackilope Apr 2016 #135
Party will unify if you call returning to status quo unifying. I did for purpose of poll. But... snowy owl Apr 2016 #10
Every Bernie supporter I know in real life will vote for Hillary in the GE. onehandle Apr 2016 #12
And I have been told by real life Bernie supporters nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #18
That's my anecdotal experience. HooptieWagon Apr 2016 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #47
Ralph? Ralph Nader? That you, Ralph? nt onehandle Apr 2016 #48
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #55
Same. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #51
Odd, every Bernie Boomer Carolina Apr 2016 #113
+10 eom Karma13612 Apr 2016 #119
It will continue to limp along ibegurpard Apr 2016 #14
Other, and it is more complicated nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #16
There are an awful lot of Bernie supporters SheilaT Apr 2016 #22
My First Post sacto95834 Apr 2016 #25
Excellent post. Unicorn Apr 2016 #95
Welcome to DU! Carolina Apr 2016 #115
I agree kathysart_decoration Apr 2016 #44
Well, we won twice in the 90's without you GulfCoast66 Apr 2016 #83
Hold on to that thought Bjornsdotter Apr 2016 #105
No it is not the 90's GulfCoast66 Apr 2016 #109
You are definitely not alone. n/t djean111 Apr 2016 #104
Excellent post, Sheila T! Carolina Apr 2016 #110
+1000 ^^^ this ^^^ eom Karma13612 Apr 2016 #127
One plus one justinjuarez99 Apr 2016 #24
If the republican party splits Urchin Apr 2016 #97
Democrats in general will unify 4 Hillary Clinton. Lil Missy Apr 2016 #26
That is the attitude that will lose the GE. n/t xocet Apr 2016 #85
And if they walk, as many may well do, SheilaT Apr 2016 #140
Definite split Meteor Man Apr 2016 #27
Some Bernie supporters are socialist, not social Democrat ... Onlooker Apr 2016 #28
It's shame our Democratic party is being taken over by Conservatives. I think I'm B Calm Apr 2016 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2016 #52
Oh, I agree Onlooker Apr 2016 #57
Those who aren't too invested will vote how they always do Sky Masterson Apr 2016 #29
"You can't poison a mans well and then deliver him bottled water and expect him to be grateful ..." hereforthevoting Apr 2016 #32
The party and DU will be fine. Agschmid Apr 2016 #30
that is a true thing on both fronts DrDan Apr 2016 #37
A lot of "Bernie Supporters" simply aren't Democrats to begin with... qdouble Apr 2016 #31
Actually a lot ARE long time Dems. We were Dems BEFORE the Clinton presidency. He took the party peacebird Apr 2016 #128
That's bullshit. It's typical Hillbot wishful thinking. BillZBubb Apr 2016 #132
Yes...everybody who supports a long time democrat is a paid shill or bot qdouble Apr 2016 #134
The "Democrats" are already unified behind Hillary. The Independents and faux Democrats Jitter65 Apr 2016 #34
not going to be a third party - too much effort DrDan Apr 2016 #36
Who said anything about "viable" 3rd Party? 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #84
good point - kind of a rally club DrDan Apr 2016 #101
Around a drum circle or facebook group. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #108
The DEM party will be fine. It has its loyalists, and tons of money. bigwillq Apr 2016 #41
A lot of Hillary supporters aren't democrats to begin with simply because they are Conservatives. B Calm Apr 2016 #42
Neither whatthehey Apr 2016 #43
NONE of the Bernie supports I know personally are Bernie or Bust. Adrahil Apr 2016 #45
The DU is not a microcosm of the general electorate Tarc Apr 2016 #46
Both, I guess - there will be a spew of small breakaways, but almost all the party will unify. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2016 #49
We should and will unite. hrmjustin Apr 2016 #50
Why should we? Most of us Liberals know the value of NOT allowing the Unicorn Apr 2016 #60
The truth is somewhere in between. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2016 #53
Voted Democrat for 40 Years...Going to Independent. mkrayburn Apr 2016 #54
I'll unite, with people that have my values. That's it. Joob Apr 2016 #58
Stick a fork in it. The Midway Rebel Apr 2016 #61
Thank God! Unicorn Apr 2016 #62
That depends both on how closely she's listening... Orsino Apr 2016 #65
Every poll is the same Dem2 Apr 2016 #71
Personally, I hope it splits. Blue_In_AK Apr 2016 #72
I wonder if Hillary trolls came here and voted. Unicorn Apr 2016 #73
Welcome to DU. Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #98
there will always be some disgruntled fools. think of them as the PUMA's of 2016 La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2016 #74
I consider them Democratic Progressives who are consistent. Unicorn Apr 2016 #75
Actual democrats and progressives will unify. MirrorAshes Apr 2016 #76
No, they are the real democrats and they are still standing for real democratic principals when they Unicorn Apr 2016 #77
The answers to the issues that divide HRC and Bernie supporters are diametrically opposed Ferd Berfel Apr 2016 #78
Probably most of Sanders' backers will vote for Hillary... Eleanors38 Apr 2016 #79
Maybe we should stop making it a priority to beat the GOP and start making it a priority to vote Unicorn Apr 2016 #82
Far more important is the rapid build up of a progressive movement... Eleanors38 Apr 2016 #87
It is not that the Democratic Party will split - it's that Sec. Clinton will split the Party with... xocet Apr 2016 #80
I would say split.. but it's our Party.. most definitely outlined by FDR berniepdx420 Apr 2016 #81
Democrats will unite behind Clinton. No doubt about it. nt. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #86
If not, she'll get plenty of republican conservatives votes. Myself, it will be hard but I B Calm Apr 2016 #90
It's up to each of us. Best wishes. nt. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #91
Wishful thinking Carolina Apr 2016 #118
Understood. But democrats, as most are now, will unite behind her. Nt NCTraveler Apr 2016 #121
Only Carolina Apr 2016 #122
Actually, all kinds of dems. NCTraveler Apr 2016 #126
of willfull blindness Carolina Apr 2016 #130
It will be a victory. Nt NCTraveler Apr 2016 #137
Unite behind Clinton, but hold her feet to the fire. forjusticethunders Apr 2016 #93
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2016 #106
Neither. A large percent will remain in the party, but not vote for Hillary. ieoeja Apr 2016 #94
Bravo! Carolina Apr 2016 #120
Given the liklihood of status-quo, I believe the party will probably just become irrelevant. NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #96
Neither....or "none of the above." Chan790 Apr 2016 #99
It will unify and continue shrinking. nt Dems to Win Apr 2016 #100
Democrats will vote for Democrats BainsBane Apr 2016 #107
I think there will simply be a bleed out of disaffected youth.... JPnoodleman Apr 2016 #111
You 'think'. The exact opposite is true. randome Apr 2016 #114
Wishful "thinking" on your part. BillZBubb Apr 2016 #133
I think that is optimistic... JPnoodleman Apr 2016 #136
TalkingPointsMemo.com is my 2nd source of news. I trust them, for what that's worth. randome Apr 2016 #139
Majority of Dems already support Hillary according to exit polls. Kaleva Apr 2016 #116
For the current states. How many had it the opposite. Several. Unicorn Apr 2016 #124
Well considering the amount of people I feel forced to put on ignore tonight mvd Apr 2016 #131
I'm pretty sure, after 20 some years of working for democrats.... Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #138
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