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2016 Postmortem

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Warren Stupidity

(48,181 posts)
Wed Apr 13, 2016, 12:38 PM Apr 2016

My concern was noted. [View all]

As an ally I want to do the right thing. I thought that part of doing the right thing included speaking out as a white person when white people are engaging in racist behavior. For example, if a colleague at work tells a joke about "colored people time", I think I ought to speak up and let that colleague know that such jokes are not appropriate.

Am I wrong? Should I just shut the fuck up about white people behaving badly?

42 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Your concern is noted, shut the fuck up.
4 (10%)
As an ally, you have an obligation to speak out.
38 (90%)
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My concern was noted. [View all] Warren Stupidity Apr 2016 OP
well done :) yourpaljoey Apr 2016 #1
Your side doesn't get to call blacks "low information voters" and then pretend to care about a skit. CalvinballPro Apr 2016 #2
True ... But/and, see post #4. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #5
Bernie supporters have lain waste to entire galaxies with their Berniebrotastic perfidity! Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #120
Our side doesn't call blacks low information voters passiveporcupine Apr 2016 #125
Somehow? I'm completely unsurprised at the FIRST "your concern is noted" vote. VulgarPoet Apr 2016 #3
I voted that you have an obligation; but, if you are talking about the Mayor D/Hillary C skit ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #4
You are, of course, correct. This is insincere outrage though. Not worth the effort. nt LexVegas Apr 2016 #9
Sort of like the Vatican invite and scheduling stuff, you mean? IdaBriggs Apr 2016 #33
she does rbrnmw Apr 2016 #122
Thank you for that information. nt IdaBriggs Apr 2016 #123
So, in the hypothetical posed by the OP Matt_in_STL Apr 2016 #10
the fact that they were using it to attack someone besides geek tragedy Apr 2016 #14
If I have a friend who makes a racist joke and others around him laugh Matt_in_STL Apr 2016 #18
before you hold yourself out as a paragon of anti-racist activism, geek tragedy Apr 2016 #30
I'm not holding myself out as a paragon of anything Matt_in_STL Apr 2016 #32
Seriously, you're showing more racial tone-deafness than Clinton geek tragedy Apr 2016 #36
It wasn't a damned racist joke ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #39
You mean like the black poster who said she was offended Kentonio Apr 2016 #53
is this something that actually happened geek tragedy Apr 2016 #60
Yeah that happened. Kentonio Apr 2016 #62
maybe I'll take your word for it that someone geek tragedy Apr 2016 #68
You can always ask Imari362 herself. Kentonio Apr 2016 #72
lol, as I figured, someone went in there geek tragedy Apr 2016 #73
No, a black poster was quite understandably annoyed at being told to 'take it to the Bernie group' Kentonio Apr 2016 #74
the person's first post in that thread was to accuse the AA geek tragedy Apr 2016 #75
It seemed like a clear reference to an earlier thread Kentonio Apr 2016 #77
Funny how few Bernie supporting "regulars" to the African-American Group, 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #81
LOL ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #76
I've had discussions with Bernie supporters in that group. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #78
And there we have it. The most 'respectful' Bernie supporters. Kentonio Apr 2016 #80
I think you see what you wish to see ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #83
Oh I just see what I want to see do I? Kentonio Apr 2016 #87
I think I see the disconnect, here ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #99
Did you mean to post that to me? 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #35
yes, actually. Listen to black people. Radical concept, I know. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #37
Cool. Since they aren't offended I'll just consider this joke approved. Matt_in_STL Apr 2016 #40
you can consider it whatever you want nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #41
I am also assuming you think I should ignore blacks who were offended Matt_in_STL Apr 2016 #43
you can believe whatever you want. nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #46
Where are all the blacks that are offended? kwassa Apr 2016 #127
this is a very thoughtful response. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #21
That's because ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #42
Exactly. nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #45
It's a survival mechanism ... for most of us. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #59
Thanks for bothering to post the dialogue. Hortensis Apr 2016 #111
I know ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #114
Ah! Of course. I'll have to keep a closer eye Hortensis Apr 2016 #115
LOL ... Funny ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #117
Hey, I think I should be insulted. Hortensis Apr 2016 #118
Not insulted ... just careful ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #121
Ouch. Yet, if being careful means Hortensis Apr 2016 #124
LOL ... it'll just be an ally tap! 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #129
The whack-upside was what I gave myself after not Hortensis Apr 2016 #136
Your concern is noted. nt LexVegas Apr 2016 #6
you could have looked at the giant pile of fucks geek tragedy Apr 2016 #7
If a white guy at work said "CP time" and a black guy who was there expressed discomfort, Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #8
If a black guy is not present, who determines if it is racist or not? Matt_in_STL Apr 2016 #11
Just stop ... It is clear that you have read a word I have written. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #44
What about if ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #16
And you'd both rightly be hauled in to HR Lars39 Apr 2016 #82
Depends on the situation Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #12
You are to intuit the 'right thing' moment to moment and act accordingly whatchamacallit Apr 2016 #13
And, good for you. polly7 Apr 2016 #15
I wonder if those Black people on twitter have seen the entire skit ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #19
Yeah ............... they did. polly7 Apr 2016 #20
How do you know they saw the whole clip ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #24
Because they fucking said they did! That's how. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #26
LOL. Of course they did! LOL 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #47
Are you calling them liars? polly7 Apr 2016 #48
Not them. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #54
Oh! Well then I guess you need to look in a mirror for the real liar. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #55
LOL ... I'm not the person that said people told you they saw the entire skit. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #56
Wtf is your problem?? polly7 Apr 2016 #58
His problem ibegurpard Apr 2016 #61
Exactly. polly7 Apr 2016 #63
Of course you would, Polly. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #67
Oh definitely, but I have a feeling they'd get a quick visit from you. polly7 Apr 2016 #70
Yes ... That's exactly my problem ... that, ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #66
Got it one Prism Apr 2016 #89
Sure, Polly ... Sure, they did. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #64
Sure they did. And .......... I don't believe one fucking word you say. About anything. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #65
You seem angry. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #69
You seem dense. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #71
Do you really wish to take it there? 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #84
You took it there long ago. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #86
The projection is strong in you, polly. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #90
Your alert failed, and now you're just making me tired. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #91
More of your fictions? I did not alert. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #95
Nah. No fiction. Try again, I'm sure you'll get one. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #101
Okay ... I was being polite. Another lie, then. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #106
The only 'lies' here are yours. Check that mirror ............. yet again. polly7 Apr 2016 #107
Okay ... LOL and Okay. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #110
I'm sure they can speak for themselves ibegurpard Apr 2016 #22
Did you mean to post that to me? I'm not speaking for ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #88
Why are you lying? polly7 Apr 2016 #93
I think this will settle the issue of who the liar is ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #96
Sorry. Huge fail. polly7 Apr 2016 #97
Of course they did. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #98
Yeah ......... fortunately, not everyone is a clone of you. polly7 Apr 2016 #100
How do you get to that from anything I have posted in this thread? 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #102
Better things to do than trying to figure out your argle bargle. polly7 Apr 2016 #103
I'm sure you do. 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #105
And I'm sure you don't. nt. polly7 Apr 2016 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #109
You saying they're low information? whatchamacallit Apr 2016 #23
I'm asking whether they saw the entire skit or whether they ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #94
You can raise concern but when you are told by POC that you are giftedgirl77 Apr 2016 #17
People here don't speak for all others. polly7 Apr 2016 #25
It's not about speaking for everyone, it's about ppl not understanding giftedgirl77 Apr 2016 #27
Many differing opinions and things are tolerated and appreciated/not appreciated polly7 Apr 2016 #31
What happens when the race/ethnicity/whatever you purport to be defending Tarc Apr 2016 #28
It doesn't matter ... they are the final arbitrators of what is and isn't ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #50
DU is not the workplace, and this is not what it appears to be. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2016 #29
whatever. one_voice Apr 2016 #34
Well said. zappaman Apr 2016 #49
Perfect ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #52
This. Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #57
Thank you for this. PeaceNikki Apr 2016 #79
Well said. nt jcgoldie Apr 2016 #85
+ infinity. n/t JTFrog Apr 2016 #112
I get it, Hillary gets a pass on racism because some Bernie supporters said bad things! BillZBubb Apr 2016 #128
No, you don't "get it" at all. Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #132
Yeah, I did. Bottom line: Hillary gets a pass. BillZBubb Apr 2016 #133
Woooosh Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #134
Indeed In_The_Wind Apr 2016 #135
Other: You should do whatever benefits Hillary. QC Apr 2016 #38
You should start a Diversity Day Capt. Obvious Apr 2016 #51
actually, the more I think about this, it was a back handed slap AGAINST Hillary = Hiraeth Apr 2016 #92
Your choices don't match your post. basselope Apr 2016 #104
Well I guess there are other alternatives. Warren Stupidity Apr 2016 #113
I voted with the majority but ... Rebkeh Apr 2016 #116
depends. Was it Clinton or one of her allies who did it? Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #119
Why would you not speak up? MuseRider Apr 2016 #126
Your false analogy was duly noted, as well. A phony poll if ever there was one. kwassa Apr 2016 #130
I am absolutely loving some of the votes in your poll, I couldn't pick the option I wanted to Autumn Apr 2016 #131
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