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Did you read the article?: Jarqui Mar 2016 #1
!!! The Hillary campaign is embarassingly corrupt. BS hit piece. RiverLover Mar 2016 #2
I agree noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #3
They really don't see the hypocrisy, do they? How embarrassing. beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #21
You rag on the Hillary camp wchich has nothing to do with the OP. Stay focused on the OP riversedge Mar 2016 #40
Yes, I read the article BainsBane Mar 2016 #4
Did you read this? Jarqui Mar 2016 #9
A superPAC is a superPAC is a superPAC at the end of the day cosmicone Mar 2016 #12
False equivalence is false equivalence too, you know? Jarqui Mar 2016 #13
You have a real problem with math, don't you? Jarqui Mar 2016 #23
Mrs. Clinton wouldn't even cross the street for that paltry sum. frylock Mar 2016 #18
ZOMGWTFBBQ??? $3200??? beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #20
I Have To Come Clean - I Am A Lobbyist For Us 99%er's And I ..... global1 Mar 2016 #5
*boom* 99Forever Mar 2016 #7
Rec this post!! ^^^ Love it! We the People are the Lobbyists! RiverLover Mar 2016 #8
Exactly! GreenPartyVoter Mar 2016 #10
Ahhh Hell Yes!!!!! wendylaroux Mar 2016 #30
Bravo! beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #38
Excellent... Avalon Sparks Mar 2016 #44
I can't take credit for it Avalon! nc4bo Mar 2016 #48
I guess we know why Uponthegears Mar 2016 #11
We know there is interaction between lobbyists and congressional members, Thinkingabout Mar 2016 #14
I wonder whether you really do.... Avalon Sparks Mar 2016 #45
Guess you missed it. Thinkingabout Mar 2016 #49
Thank you for this, BB.. Cha Mar 2016 #15
K&R mcar Mar 2016 #16
Yes, thank you BB Uponthegears Mar 2016 #17
Oh and let's not forget to look at the big money this PAC pulled in Jarqui Mar 2016 #19
Gun lobbyists want some of that. nt LexVegas Mar 2016 #22
You mean the one raising money for Annie Oakley? beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #24
Ol' Blood and Bullets loves him some semiauto weapons. nt LexVegas Mar 2016 #25
The ones he's voted to ban for decades? You're not very good at this: beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #27
Voted against the Brady Bill 5 times. Voted to allow guns in national parks. nt LexVegas Mar 2016 #32
And yet the NRA gave him F grades 5 years in a row and a lifetime D minus rating. beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #37
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #39
The bill Obama signed into law? beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #41
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #42
And yet you're the one who just brought up the bill he signed into law. Oops. beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #43
I saw the NRA defended him on twiiter a few weeks back. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #26
Was it the same one Hillary's cozing up to so she can raise money? beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #28
No it was the NRA twitter account. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #29
Oh. Well maybe they're waiting for her to flip flop again. beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #31
Keep telling yourself that to make yourself feel better. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #33
I don't need to, it's a matter of record: beam me up scottie Mar 2016 #34
As is your candidates positions. Good bye Bmus. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #36
With all that money, he might be able to upgrade to first class! bobbobbins01 Mar 2016 #35
k riversedge Mar 2016 #46
lol Jefferson23 Mar 2016 #47
Embarrassing whatchamacallit Mar 2016 #50
The Banker who loves Hillary: Herman4747 Mar 2016 #51
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