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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Mar 24, 2016, 03:20 PM Mar 2016

Appeal for HRC as POTUS? Unofficial D.U. poll: Warren, HRC, Bernie [View all]

Poll response as such : I AM A ( select )

Thank you.

59 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Female for Hillary
3 (5%)
Male for Hillary
2 (3%)
Female for Bernie
29 (49%)
Male for Bernie
22 (37%)
Female who wishes Elizabeth Warren was running
0 (0%)
Male who wishes Elizabeth Warren was running
3 (5%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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There are more than 2 genders (nt) LostOne4Ever Mar 2016 #1
Good point. In which case, logic suggests that a poll to determine a preferred candidate among vkkv Mar 2016 #4
Some people don't identify at all. Agschmid Mar 2016 #19
And a greater percentage of the populous never votes at all.... eom vkkv Mar 2016 #22
But not more than two sexes. nt vintx Mar 2016 #6
Correct. People should go for what they identify as and not what anyone else Zira Mar 2016 #14
"Passed"? By ALL means - Write in a reply for who you would support. vkkv Mar 2016 #2
I'm voting for President, not prom king or queen. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #8
Jon, this poll is not about voting FOR male or female - it's a poll reflecting the VOTERS' vkkv Mar 2016 #18
I read "Appeal for HRC as POTUS" as implying voter's gender somehow affecting the choice. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #23
Yes, I agree. It is nuts vkkv Mar 2016 #25
Yes I know, and that lunacy is incomprehensible to me. However, I chose "pass" to object JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #28
I would support Russ Feingold LostOne4Ever Mar 2016 #9
How does one use different font sizes, colors, etc. in DU comments? senz Mar 2016 #54
I created a mini tutorial you can use here: LostOne4Ever Mar 2016 #58
Wow, thank you, LostOne4Ever! senz Mar 2016 #59
K & R AzDar Mar 2016 #3
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #5
Utterly silly poll cosmicone Mar 2016 #7
Sad that you would actually compare D.U. to Saudi Arabia vkkv Mar 2016 #10
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #15
Hey I see you are doing well UglyGreed Mar 2016 #32
Nothing like it, really. Christians have no reason to be in Mecca, except maybe sightseeing. merrily Mar 2016 #39
Hard to choose between Sanders and Warren Prism Mar 2016 #11
I too would vote for Warren......eom vkkv Mar 2016 #13
I wouldn't, but what difference does this moot hypthetical make? She's not running. merrily Mar 2016 #41
Where do I "appeal" her getting POTUS? I know it's early but if she gets in in NOV Zira Mar 2016 #12
That's a consideration! ....eom vkkv Mar 2016 #16
Sorry, Scalia has passed. merrily Mar 2016 #42
I am.....not voting. brooklynite Mar 2016 #17
Thanks for commenting !! vkkv Mar 2016 #20
Female for Bernie AND female who wishes Elizabeth Warren had run for president. /nt RiverLover Mar 2016 #21
This for me too nt vintx Mar 2016 #37
A lot of Bernie Bros here I see...Interesting. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #24
The term is not gender specific BainsBane Mar 2016 #27
Nonsense, it is very much gender specific. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #35
Not how I and some others I know use it BainsBane Mar 2016 #36
""" 24. A lot of Bernie Bros here I see...Interesting."" vkkv Mar 2016 #29
I was joking at the female Bernie supporters outnumbering the male. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #33
I've often thought that women are naturally quicker and smarter than men. vkkv Mar 2016 #43
There is good and bad in both sexes. Neither is superior to the other. senz Mar 2016 #55
Of course not. People who use terms like that have no intention other than smearing Democrats. DemocraticWing Mar 2016 #30
You can look at exit polls if you want information on gender and support for candidates BainsBane Mar 2016 #26
But that is not D.U., right? vkkv Mar 2016 #31
No, it's about the state surveyed BainsBane Mar 2016 #38
This isn't an Exit Poll Bains.. it's DU and if you don't want to play -like you said - vkkv Mar 2016 #45
Male for Bernie! bigwillq Mar 2016 #34
oooohhhhhh a clickety click poll. How very inaccurate and unexciting!!!!! n/t Sheepshank Mar 2016 #40
Oh look another whining post from a Hillary supporter! #ShockedNotShocked pinebox Mar 2016 #44
whining with exclaimation marks? You are a lost little soul Sheepshank Mar 2016 #48
Lost is hanging out on a forum pinebox Mar 2016 #50
Why don't you stick with reply to the OP yourself Sheepshank Mar 2016 #52
Stalking lol pinebox Mar 2016 #60
You are the one following me around making snarky comments to my posts. It's pathetic. Nt Sheepshank Mar 2016 #61
Thanks for commenting !! vkkv Mar 2016 #46
you are welcome...gotta keep the thread kicked n't Sheepshank Mar 2016 #49
Meh Tarc Mar 2016 #47
"Meh".. quoting Bill after Hillary's loss? eom vkkv Mar 2016 #51
Ahh, Camp Sanders gets funnier the further behind they fall Tarc Mar 2016 #53
Sour grapes... vkkv Mar 2016 #56
Self-selections polls are not scientific Tarc Mar 2016 #57
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