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2016 Postmortem

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Go Vols

(5,902 posts)
Thu Mar 17, 2016, 01:06 AM Mar 2016

Is Hillary pro Union? [View all]

She touts herself as Obama 3.0.
Obama couldn't find his comfortable shoes when Scott Walker fucked the Unions in Wis.

All Unions are what made us great.

Were you alive at that time to remember?I think your vote would be no if so.

40 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
7 (18%)
32 (80%)
wash out on it like Obama
1 (3%)
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Is Hillary pro Union? [View all] Go Vols Mar 2016 OP
Clearly a good number of national unions think so BainsBane Mar 2016 #1
Yep Go Vols Mar 2016 #3
Yeah, that's the running meme with Bernie supporters, but it's not true. SEIU, for example, fully BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #4
lol,its true Go Vols Mar 2016 #5
k Go Vols Mar 2016 #8
A few dissenters does not an entire union make. Even here, where we should be heeding the BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #13
They both are the enemy. Chan790 Mar 2016 #45
Got a link to anything that says the members voted? nt revbones Mar 2016 #14
Got a link to anything that says the majority of members didn't? nt BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #18
Well I wasn't publishing falsehoods and lies revbones Mar 2016 #21
Michigan is a heavily blue collar union state and union members broke 49-46 for the VT independent DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #46
The comment was about union endorsements. revbones Mar 2016 #49
This is the constant meme BainsBane Mar 2016 #7
Exactly. A few dissenters within the ranks does not an entire union membership make. BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #17
Wow. revbones Mar 2016 #24
ROFL! The Libertarian online news source is your proof?? ROFL! BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #25
Just because you don't like the source revbones Mar 2016 #27
Just because you prefer the source, doesn't make what they write true, either. BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #30
Shorter BlueCaliDem: "The truth, it burns!" revbones Mar 2016 #50
And you don't do your argument justice by using biased sources known for hating the Democratic Party BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #61
Sure. You win. Any source that isn't pro-Hillary 100% of the time is false. nt revbones Mar 2016 #62
Oh and {{{{{{BainesBane!!}}}}}} Welcome back! BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #20
Thanks. BainsBane Mar 2016 #35
Which union? revbones Mar 2016 #23
Anything Glenn Greenwald is involved in has zero credibility with me. Sorry, revbones. BlueCaliDem Mar 2016 #28
Okay. BainsBane Mar 2016 #38
That is too funny! revbones Mar 2016 #52
About as much as Robert Taft jfern Mar 2016 #2
we are Go Vols Mar 2016 #6
She Pushed NAFTA and is/was a major player in CINTAS Co. not becoming Unionized Bern2WinUSA Mar 2016 #9
She is not for us or the USA Go Vols Mar 2016 #11
Depends on who she is speaking to... eom Purveyor Mar 2016 #10
yes it does Go Vols Mar 2016 #12
I will add the fact, Go Vols Mar 2016 #15
I'm going to hazard a guess BainsBane Mar 2016 #16
You would be wrong. Go Vols Mar 2016 #19
Don't know what you mean by that sentence BainsBane Mar 2016 #39
Of course she is. How ridic. nt BreakfastClub Mar 2016 #22
She is? Really? Art_from_Ark Mar 2016 #26
Her time at Walmart was spent working on getting women in management and Lucinda Mar 2016 #48
This Union family does. Loki Mar 2016 #29
And she has done little to stop that nt Depaysement Mar 2016 #40
I blame Republicans for that not her. Loki Mar 2016 #43
Speak for yourself Depaysement Mar 2016 #44
Did you just say gender based? Loki Mar 2016 #57
On what planet could anyone construe my post as opposing equal pay for women? Depaysement Mar 2016 #66
another meaningless DU poll upaloopa Mar 2016 #31
yet you respond Go Vols Mar 2016 #32
yep didn't vote upaloopa Mar 2016 #33
friends= Union brothers and sisters Go Vols Mar 2016 #34
Where's the box for "Are you fucking kidding me"? kath Mar 2016 #36
agree Go Vols Mar 2016 #37
Excellent question Depaysement Mar 2016 #41
Depends on if the wind is blowing toward Unions that day. n/t PonyUp Mar 2016 #42
Per exit polls in Iowa and Nevada, union households favored HRC by a 10-point margin Tanuki Mar 2016 #47
So that means she is pro-union? Based on polls? nt thereismore Mar 2016 #51
when she gets a greater number of union endorsements... jcgoldie Mar 2016 #55
Or naive. thereismore Mar 2016 #63
The International Paid Off Politician Union. Fighting for the downtrodden Rich. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #53
Ask the Waltons who got rich while their workforce got welfare. Octafish Mar 2016 #54
From a personal experience my brother-in-law is an iron worker and Hillary did hrmjustin Mar 2016 #56
Not just no. 99Forever Mar 2016 #58
Her record says no. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #59
Unions are an obstacle to be surmounted to people like that. Smarmie Doofus Mar 2016 #60
Ask Wal-Mart TheDormouse Mar 2016 #64
Is Hillary pro-union? Depends on whether she's running for office nt TheDormouse Mar 2016 #65
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