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5. Only from Camp Spinnerette does it become a BFD.
Tue Mar 8, 2016, 10:12 AM
Mar 2016

Many, many people understand what the real deal is.


This gif shows origins of poutrage. Take it up with the BLM.

Once again, Camp Spinnerette misses the point. Concentrating on bullshit rather than talking about the real issue. So much wasted energy. It's no wonder not a god damn thing changes for the better.

Bet this one won't get as much play as Ashley Williams vdogg Mar 2016 #1
It will get play in Michigan....and Illinois, and Ohio. DU? Meh. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #2
''Play'' as in ''Use.'' Octafish Mar 2016 #3
Only from Camp Spinnerette does it become a BFD. nc4bo Mar 2016 #5
What is the real deal that these mothers are missing? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #13
Google "private prisons" nt vintx Mar 2016 #18
I am glad they spoke up about this issue riversedge Mar 2016 #68
After that, tell me Hill's position on declassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug vintx Mar 2016 #19
Cherry picking like Dubya's WMD claims is only admired as a skill set by Beltway assholes. Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2016 #59
So Sanders repeated what someone told him without thinking it through for himself. randome Mar 2016 #24
The mothers were not talking 'bullshit' Spacedog1973 Mar 2016 #30
You think these AA women are allowing themselves to be used? nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #8
It's OBVIOUSLY Stockhom Syndrome. Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2016 #23
You seem to be getting some use out of them whether they're allowing it or not. Ed Suspicious Mar 2016 #50
Yes, that is where i counts. riversedge Mar 2016 #11
And Wisconsin. The mother of Dontre Hamilton has been with these moms. PeaceNikki Mar 2016 #39
Her entire campaign is based on smears CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #40
I'm disgusted with the distortions being used against Bernie. Having followed him since the 70s flamingdem Mar 2016 #47
Ms. Fulton did not live in a ghetto JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #4
Well, exactly. auntpurl Mar 2016 #6
+1 NCTraveler Mar 2016 #25
My dad - a few months before he died JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #31
Charles Ogletree wrote an entire book DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #34
stupid....in fact idiotic pipoman Mar 2016 #7
Apparently, some people do give a shit. nt msanthrope Mar 2016 #9
Only primary partisans...this hasn't a thing to do with what was said pipoman Mar 2016 #12
You think these mothers and other AA persons who took offense are merely primary msanthrope Mar 2016 #14
Yep, I do pipoman Mar 2016 #15
It is about.... pipoman Mar 2016 #17
If you believe DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #22
Nobody said "all"...nobody pipoman Mar 2016 #26
But Sanders did not say CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #43
They don't care about honesty or truthfulness pipoman Mar 2016 #66
So, there should be no more threads about the "Super Predators "statement either. vdogg Mar 2016 #41
I have no idea what you are on about pipoman Mar 2016 #67
Sanders looked to clean up his comments about ghettos on Monday (but Failed again)... riversedge Mar 2016 #10
I lived about three miles from where Trayvon was murdered. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #16
Did Sanders say a single thing about Martin? Did he say his name? pipoman Mar 2016 #20
He suggested black people are mired in poverty and live in ghettos. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #27
Thos is the definition of "white privilege" that so many pipoman Mar 2016 #28
White privilege means DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #32
Cue the outrage machine... MattSh Mar 2016 #21
I thought Sanders' claim that white people don't know what it's like to be poor Trust Buster Mar 2016 #29
When I was a kid we had friends who lived in trailer parks. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #33
I see your point, in contrast to relating blacks to being poor he said whites were at the oppoiste YCHDT Mar 2016 #44
I think the issue is that Sanders sees the world and its problems Kber Mar 2016 #35
Excellent analysis. Thanks for the effort. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #36
k&r DesertRat Mar 2016 #37
I agree he's out of touch. He means we'll but it's just about sealed his fate with the black vote. JRLeft Mar 2016 #38
David Brock said, "Black lives don't matter much to Bernie Sanders" on January 21. CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #54
I'm pretty disgusted with the way Bernie has been mischaracterized regarding race flamingdem Mar 2016 #42
It's not JUST this statement, for the most part people are forgiving but in Sanders case its YCHDT Mar 2016 #45
Bullshit. This is an issue cooked up to destroy his credibility flamingdem Mar 2016 #49
Being skilled at politics is an important skill to have when you're running for President auntpurl Mar 2016 #51
Thanks for the oft repeated talking point flamingdem Mar 2016 #52
Perhaps it's oft-repeated because many AA DUers have been trying auntpurl Mar 2016 #53
See from the context that they were discussing certain people flamingdem Mar 2016 #60
Did he not say that whites don't know what it's like to be poor ? Trust Buster Mar 2016 #46
He did not. OriginalGeek Mar 2016 #48
adding more - not to obfuscate, but to get it all out there OriginalGeek Mar 2016 #55
Respect to the mothers and the hell they've gone through. Amimnoch Mar 2016 #56
Guess they've problems with Rich Boy and John Legend then as well EndElectoral Mar 2016 #57
Yet she seems fine Geronimoe Mar 2016 #58
Okay.The privileged wealthy -- black, white and whatever -- can be ignorant of poverty and ghettos. Festivito Mar 2016 #61
Except blacks cannot be JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #63
Blacks certainly can be Festivito Mar 2016 #64
I highly doubt that JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #65
I agree Sybrina Sunsky Mar 2016 #62
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