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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Mar 6, 2016, 05:08 PM Mar 2016

To those who would withhold their vote in November. [View all]

Do it.

Just do it and spare us the hand wringing drama that accompanies such posts. Stop pretending that you hold an oh-so-precious vote hostage and will pull the trigger if your demands aren't met. I don't care, kill it.

I used to get upset with posts that expressed an inclination to stay home this fall or write in some protest vote if Sanders isn't the candidate, but then it occurred to me: We didn't need you to re-elect President Obama in 2012 and we won't need you this time either.

Since Obama and Clinton are cut from the same political DNA I know those idealistic minded activists looking for a revolution couldn't have cast a vote for domestic surveillance, constant war, and a lopsided economic system. Of course we got the good with the bad in gender equality, bail out of the auto industry, and LGBT rights, but the intolerance of those who would discard their vote this year surely couldn't have seen past that.

Even if one swears to Alinsky that they voted for Obama but will just sit out this election or write in Mickey Mouse or Bernie Sanders, it still doesn't matter. First of all your write-in protest won't count. It'll go straight to the trash bin. There will be no reports on how many voters opted for someone not on the ballot and it's not like you voted for Cruz. Secondly, you're such a small percentage as to be insignificant, probably much less than 1%. Though your threats get recs all the way to the Greatest Threads page very few here will follow through with you this fall. Everyone wants to participate and most want to celebrate with the winners. There's a reason Cafe Press doesn't make a bumper sticker that says: "Don't Blame Me, I Don't Vote".

I've heard your high handed excuses about your uncompromising ideals and and how your conscience won't allow you to vote for Ms Clinton if she's on the ballot in November, but your fragile conscience and ego that hang by a shimmering gossamer thread isn't worth two shits and a cup of coffee to the rest of us who will be fighting to avoid four years of a Republican seated in the White House.

Just don't let me see you at the victory party.

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Nobody's "withholding" their vote. We're all voting for Sanders! Attorney in Texas Mar 2016 #1
In the primary and only maybe WhiteTara Mar 2016 #5
You're still throwing away your vote. JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #10
Right and wrong, my registrar actually counts them nadinbrzezinski Mar 2016 #22
"We didn't need you to re-elect President Obama in 2012" kristopher Mar 2016 #31
People who will withhold their vote... JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #56
Thing is, a LOT more people are disillusioned by HRC than were complacent in '12 7962 Mar 2016 #74
I'll vote. Bernie. 840high Mar 2016 #77
Me too. Go Bernie. GoneFishin Mar 2016 #203
No kidding. The underlying foundation of this screed is flawed CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #177
Your analysis is spot on. vintx Mar 2016 #185
Not. Starting with Obama I only vote positive. No more lesser business. oldandhappy Mar 2016 #45
No. Thankfully many of us don't live in battleground states. n/t cprise Mar 2016 #79
My vote is mine to spend how i choose. Katashi_itto Mar 2016 #172
+1 Kittycat Mar 2016 #99
Amen brother pdsimdars Mar 2016 #106
. PeaceNikki Mar 2016 #2
K & R! BlueMTexpat Mar 2016 #3
at least vote for Dems for other offices! flor-de-jasmim Mar 2016 #4
I am sure that is a given! n/t marew Mar 2016 #29
Y'all just keep on with that solidarity message. Then come back and tell us it is our fault when Vincardog Mar 2016 #6
+1 Go Vols Mar 2016 #186
Oh wow, great post johnnyringo! Satch59 Mar 2016 #7
Funny thing is, Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #75
Do NOT lay your guilt trip on me. This is America- My vote is My right. As for Hillary jillan Mar 2016 #8
It's not just lesser of two evils... pat_k Mar 2016 #35
amen oldandhappy Mar 2016 #47
Doesn't it just piss you off when some of these smarmy young'ens want to lecture us? silvershadow Mar 2016 #80
Thank you. + a zillion 840high Mar 2016 #82
No one said it wasn't your right. Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #84
My vote is my right. Well said! One of my biggest pet peeves in life is other people liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #143
Numbers don't Lie ConsiderThis_2016 Mar 2016 #9
knowing that actually helps FreedomRain Mar 2016 #11
Having backed McGovern, I know how they feel. But they aren't acting like Democrats. Hoyt Mar 2016 #12
Nope. Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #85
That's because a lot of us aren't Democrats. Svafa Mar 2016 #187
I'd say those who don't vote will do that. Hoyt Mar 2016 #198
It's the fault of the DNC for forcing a candidate on us who doesn't hold Svafa Mar 2016 #199
"We didn't need you to re-elect President Obama in 2012" Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #13
indeed ibegurpard Mar 2016 #25
The green party got more votes in 2012... joshcryer Mar 2016 #30
I really think if Hillary is the nominee, that the Republicans will take Colorado TransitJohn Mar 2016 #46
I disagree and do not see that at all.. nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #112
My precinct in Denver TransitJohn Mar 2016 #138
Imagine how bad the idealistic uncompromising....... Red Mountain Mar 2016 #14
Unlike Hillary, bvar22 Mar 2016 #15
It's not about being bought pat_k Mar 2016 #37
Going to a "Victory Party" for Wall Street, bvar22 Mar 2016 #184
That's true JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #62
Your reply sounds like you prefer we beg for Hillary's largesse That Guy 888 Mar 2016 #160
Oooooo, Johnny. bvar22 Mar 2016 #188
Thank you! This needed to be said! NurseJackie Mar 2016 #16
They are hoping their threats to "hold their breath" will convince us all to switch to Bernie. DCBob Mar 2016 #17
I don't care who you vote for. 840high Mar 2016 #86
I'd vote for him hands down no problem if he won the general. Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #88
Threat after threat all over DU. fun n serious Mar 2016 #114
At the end of the day angrychair Mar 2016 #18
It's about us, not "them" pat_k Mar 2016 #39
Best Advice yet samplegirl Mar 2016 #19
I'll be voting D LyndaG Mar 2016 #20
I would love to see the General ONLY OPEN to REGISTERED DEMOCRATS nadinbrzezinski Mar 2016 #21
they think coalitions are formed by insulting, abusing and coercing people. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #105
Coalitions are not built with ideological purity tests redstateblues Mar 2016 #181
Thank you, JohnnyRingo for telling it like it is. oasis Mar 2016 #23
Feel better? ibegurpard Mar 2016 #24
Thanks IdahoGoBlue Mar 2016 #26
Reasons not to "withhold"... pat_k Mar 2016 #40
You are spamming this thread. NRaleighLiberal Mar 2016 #54
Am I violating the rules? pat_k Mar 2016 #66
You're being a pain in the ass. Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #153
why waste your vote ? Setsuna1972 Mar 2016 #27
Thanks. I'll vote as I see fit on the day of the election. Whether I vote for Clinton or not Nanjeanne Mar 2016 #28
Here's a reason to support whoever's the nominee... pat_k Mar 2016 #33
As I said I don't need anyone to tell me how to vote. Hillary has done nothing to Nanjeanne Mar 2016 #103
No one is telling you. Why do you guys feel the need to use your vote as a threat? fun n serious Mar 2016 #111
Which is what I said in my post. But thanks for your permission. Nanjeanne Mar 2016 #113
I'm just presenting a reason... pat_k Mar 2016 #121
Would you like the web address for Free Republic? Loki Mar 2016 #133
Thank you for your kindness and charming words. Nanjeanne Mar 2016 #135
As a Bernie supporter, I too am frustrated... pat_k Mar 2016 #32
Thanks One of the 99 Mar 2016 #36
thats a great post drray23 Mar 2016 #43
Her voice is hoarse. So is his. My throat hurts listening to them! nt tblue37 Mar 2016 #110
Refusing to Vote for Clinton is in no way, shape, or form betraying what Sanders stands for Doctor_J Mar 2016 #134
Supposing... pat_k Mar 2016 #140
Neither Clinton or a republican will sign the bill, since none of them would support it, meaning it Doctor_J Mar 2016 #142
It's up to us to prove her wong... pat_k Mar 2016 #145
Right on, and likely how real voters (not DU posters) think. TreasonousBastard Mar 2016 #156
It stems from a thought process in campaigning. NCTraveler Mar 2016 #34
If I make that decision, I will post about it and you can go suck eggs. BillZBubb Mar 2016 #38
It shouldn't be about liking, or disliking, the topic pat_k Mar 2016 #41
Hillary over Trump or Cruz all day. JRLeft Mar 2016 #42
IMHO - A Vote For HRC In The Primary Is A Vote For Trump In The General cantbeserious Mar 2016 #44
Thank you! Very well stated. haikugal Mar 2016 #65
Only if people like yourself are silly enough to vote 3rd party because of your "conscience". Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #91
Some People Are Fearful With Either Choice - Trump Or HRC cantbeserious Mar 2016 #101
I have no fears about HRC. Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #108
Your Opinion Only - Others See The World Much, Much Differently cantbeserious Mar 2016 #128
I voted last week. For Sanders. mountain grammy Mar 2016 #48
I'll vote for the candidate that best represents my interests. Maedhros Mar 2016 #49
+ 1000000 AtomicKitten Mar 2016 #51
The Democratic rank-and-file has stopped asking candidates to earn their votes. Maedhros Mar 2016 #55
Cheers! AtomicKitten Mar 2016 #92
I'm guessing whoever wins Dem nomination will better... pat_k Mar 2016 #57
Hillary does not do better in that respect than Jill Stein.[n/t] Maedhros Mar 2016 #63
Thx. Point made. pat_k Mar 2016 #64
Democrats have refused to hold their candidates accountable for the bad things they do. Maedhros Mar 2016 #70
Your position is completely understandable. pat_k Mar 2016 #115
We should be VERY WORRIED if Hillary wins the nomination. Maedhros Mar 2016 #120
I REALLY don't want to see that either.., pat_k Mar 2016 #124
With Trump daa Mar 2016 #50
Why do you say that write in votes are trashed? www.ciafront.com Mar 2016 #52
That's only for the primary. JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #69
I will vote for the Democratic nominee Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #53
Perhaps spread some of these ideas for doing so pat_k Mar 2016 #59
OMG! For the 47th fucking time! Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #154
I would never withhold my vote the SC ALBliberal Mar 2016 #58
And some additional reasons... pat_k Mar 2016 #61
Not sure how that was to influence me ALBliberal Mar 2016 #87
OK. Thanks for your *permission.* bvf Mar 2016 #60
You think you don't need us. But you did need us in 2012. JDPriestly Mar 2016 #67
Well at this juncture I don't know what I'll do Depaysement Mar 2016 #68
+1,000. n/t bvf Mar 2016 #71
My conscience is clear Bjornsdotter Mar 2016 #72
40% of Americans consider themselves Independents. There is a day of reckoning coming. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #73
Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave Joe the Revelator Mar 2016 #76
Beautiful post and 100% on point. Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #78
If Trump is the nominee, there will be self righteous Cruz supporters who won't vote. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #81
I agree. Turin_C3PO Mar 2016 #83
you are absolutely right on. Lil Missy Mar 2016 #89
Oh, I will be voting for Bernie in the fall all right, no matter if he's on the ballot or not. DrBulldog Mar 2016 #90
Then I guess Bernie isn't as smart as you, Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #93
A Clinton nominee would be seen as a referendum on the horrible GATS overseas Baobab Mar 2016 #94
For all the Bernie supporter out there; Chicago1980 Mar 2016 #95
I have no probs with people of conscience like that stupidicus Mar 2016 #96
what you said ellennelle Mar 2016 #100
thanks stupidicus Mar 2016 #118
It's as simple as this: world wide wally Mar 2016 #97
Run something other than a corporate operative then. Katashi_itto Mar 2016 #173
That's not my decision. world wide wally Mar 2016 #174
Thats what i am doing too. Katashi_itto Mar 2016 #180
Excuse the hell out of me? Where do you get off asking if we have the right to do liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #182
I didn't mention Hillary or Bernie world wide wally Mar 2016 #191
Good bye. You're going on my ignore list. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #192
another perspective ellennelle Mar 2016 #98
I'm not throwing away my vote; ie precious votes JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #117
In reality, bvar22 Mar 2016 #194
Yes, you build something better. JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #200
"It is not necessary to see the whole staircase, only the first step." bvar22 Mar 2016 #204
thank you! and you're right. barbtries Mar 2016 #102
As you said, withholding votes won't amount to a whole lot shawn703 Mar 2016 #104
If Clinton is the Democratic nominee the Democratic Party will continue its lurch to the right. LS_Editor Mar 2016 #107
+1 nt abelenkpe Mar 2016 #125
+2 marew Mar 2016 #201
well said....I shoulder when I hear democrats, liberals and progressives whine if THEIR beachbum bob Mar 2016 #109
Debs put it very simply Ochsfan Mar 2016 #116
Woohoo! Love this post. Show 'em the door already. brush Mar 2016 #119
Oh, I'll be there. I'll be the one holding the sign. Count on it. jhart3333 Mar 2016 #122
Glad to see this thread is doing well samplegirl Mar 2016 #123
...A Vote that is just like not voting at all. DeGreg Mar 2016 #126
Sounds like a winning strategy! abelenkpe Mar 2016 #127
Funny, how the left is considered "powerless" and "unneeded" until a moderate/centrist loses. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #129
Excellent SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #130
looks like you're nervous coyote Mar 2016 #131
Typical "there's no difference between R & D" comment. JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #137
Then I take it the next time the Republicans demand that the Democrats cut liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #139
Oh man coyote Mar 2016 #161
The issue here is to vote for the Dem in November JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #162
Why would I vote for a Dem that represents corporations and banks coyote Mar 2016 #166
Then I guess you'll go with Cruz JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #167
Thank you!!!! Loki Mar 2016 #132
You are a PERFECT example of a Clinton supporter. mhatrw Mar 2016 #136
I have never threatened to wihthold a vote. OZi Mar 2016 #141
If you vote for Clinton, you get a Republican anyway. senz Mar 2016 #144
Yeah, there's no difference between her and Cruz JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #148
"Caring." senz Mar 2016 #150
If you don't want to lose, don't back a losing candidate. Waiting For Everyman Mar 2016 #146
I'll gladly vote for Bernie if he can win the nomination JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #147
And Bernie is the only Democratic Candidate who beats ALL Republicans. bvar22 Mar 2016 #195
Any "progressive" who doesn't care about the Supreme Court is irrelevant ecstatic Mar 2016 #149
OK CBGLuthier Mar 2016 #151
I never "withhold" my vote. Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #152
You will help elect Republicans SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #163
I'm in California. Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #164
on the national level, not state SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #175
On the national level, Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #176
and you are already counted in the Dem column SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #179
So, by voting my consciece, how am I "helping elect a Republican" Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #183
not "you" as a singular SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #189
Ah, it's Nader now. Le Taz Hot Mar 2016 #190
Glad you conceded SCantiGOP Mar 2016 #196
The whole point is to encourage others to join them. Kinda like applegrove Mar 2016 #155
Enormous K & R. Surya Gayatri Mar 2016 #157
Agree absolutely, and... TreasonousBastard Mar 2016 #158
I say this, as on Obama supporter (in 2008 & 12), and a Bernie supporter now... Grown2Hate Mar 2016 #159
Voting for Hillary is throwing away your vote. JEB Mar 2016 #165
Then stay home. JohnnyRingo Mar 2016 #168
Nope. We will vote our conscience and leave the polls with a clear mind. n/t PonyUp Mar 2016 #170
Absolutely! n/t marew Mar 2016 #202
I am not much for TV, ut it might be better JEB Mar 2016 #171
Voting for Hillary is also throwing away bettering our future. PonyUp Mar 2016 #169
Why write such a nasty, divisive OP if you don't care? merrily Mar 2016 #178
Yawn. And who are you anyway? closeupready Mar 2016 #193
Any Repub president will enact exactly 0% of Bernie's agenda. LonePirate Mar 2016 #197
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