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47. I hope to visit St. George Isle next year or 2014
Fri Oct 12, 2012, 12:43 AM
Oct 2012

I have wanted to visit based on the images in the song (and later video) St George isle since I first heard the song. I have been in Florida many times, but never stayed in the panhandle I hope to visit St. George Isle next year or 2014 area. We are thinking, depending on finances, about a cross country drive in the spring from NY to Los Angeles' beaches, then on the way back making a number of stops and staying there awhile.

Or if we need to do shorter and more realistic, driving south with stops in DC NC and St. George Isle(instead of going to Orlando and further south) and just relax for a week or so.

And I thank you very much, for mentioning St. George Isle and the beaches in your post, and it has me wanting to get in the car and drive right now and spend the winter there. (I am so tired of winters here and know last years warm one won't happen again this year).

and never give up the fight and dreams. We have changed the world and we all continue to do so, even if it seems slow and that time is passing us by with all the new stuff out there.

I often think of my grandparents,and even the two great-grandparents that I knew, who all are deceased now for 35 and many more years, and how much they witnessed in their life, and since they have been gone, how much has changed since.

People Forget that Florida is Alabama [View all] titaniumsalute Oct 2012 OP
That's not entirely true democrat in Tallahassee Oct 2012 #1
ok Talkahasse and Gainesville aside titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #4
Florida is not Alabama! I've walked many miles of Florida's beautiful pan-handle beaches from jody Oct 2012 #2
im talking politics...not beautiful beaches titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #5
I live in AL, GA, & CA but I love FL and spend much time there. IMO FL is marginally Dem but that jody Oct 2012 #7
we love to have you... titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #9
Thanks, I love to discuss politics with young people, that is those under 65. nt jody Oct 2012 #13
My parents used to live in Milton, FL near Pensacola. Its pretty close to being Alabama. DCBob Oct 2012 #8
The panhandle is much more conservative than the peninsula. My family has been on the Georgia line jody Oct 2012 #17
Tom T. Hall (country singer and liberal) had a song "St. George Isle" a few years ago graham4anything Oct 2012 #33
Damn you for bringing tears to these old eyes and a flood of dreams from my jody Oct 2012 #44
I hope to visit St. George Isle next year or 2014 graham4anything Oct 2012 #47
Time permitting, please drive West from St. George Island along Florida's Emerald Coast to jody Oct 2012 #58
Looks beautiful, will add to the itinerary graham4anything Oct 2012 #67
75 degrees in the Florida pan handle at 8pm. Wish you were here. nt jody Oct 2012 #68
Coastal Alabama has beautiful white beaches, too... TroglodyteScholar Oct 2012 #59
Agree and tourists need to go East to Florida, not Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, et al. nt jody Oct 2012 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author TroglodyteScholar Oct 2012 #74
Please don't generalize. RedStateLiberal Oct 2012 #3
Thanks for showing titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #6
Florida has half a million more Dems than Rs. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #14
It's A Purple State DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #15
Wouldn't have to be purple, HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #19
The Party Is Too Hero Reliant DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #21
thus Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and an extreme right wng titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #18
I Lived In Greater Orlando From 6/70 -4/12 DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #23
I fucking live here. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #24
Orlando Has A Democratic Mayor, An African American Chief Of Police, And A Gay Councilwoman DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #25
Yes! And Tampa has a lesbian chief of police and congresswoman. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #28
Buddy Dyer Is Awesome DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #36
Buddy would be good Governor material... HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #40
Looking at that map one would assume this is a solid Republican country. DCBob Oct 2012 #10
Top song played OVER AND OVER HockeyMom Oct 2012 #41
If you're listening to that station, you're one of the reasons. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #43
How did Walker get elected with all that blue in Wisconsin??? Odin2005 Oct 2012 #53
That is simply not true. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #11
have you been to Polk County? titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #20
One vote per person, not per acre. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #26
i live in Boca Raton titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #29
Me too bagimin Oct 2012 #35
no kidding. titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #37
There Is No Lucie County DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #30
Sorry... St. Lucie. We shorten it at work. titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #38
Busted. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #42
hardee har har titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #46
Yet you can't escape the fact that Dems outnumber Rs by 500,000. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #49
That doesn't mean much in and of itself. Even in Oklahoma Ds still outnumber Rs in registration. n/t Daniel537 Oct 2012 #56
Who's the Governor of Florida? Who's the Senator? Who's the DINO Senator? titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #61
Or that the districts are gerrymandered, HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #63
Enlighten me titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #66
Donate and volunteer for individual progressive candidates is a great start. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #70
Currently I'm working to get Ted Deutch re-elected in titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #71
Nobody shortens St Lucie to Lucie RockaFowler Oct 2012 #55
OP is a troll. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #64
Hooptie you're an idiot... titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #72
Ok. My mistake. I just know so many counties around titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #73
I Lived In Greater Orlando From 6/70 -4/12 DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #12
Obama won by 240,000 votes last time. Hope he wins again. hrmjustin Oct 2012 #16
disagree mgcgulfcoast Oct 2012 #22
i didnt forget... titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #27
rubio gets alot of cuban support mgcgulfcoast Oct 2012 #32
yeah... titaniumsalute Oct 2012 #34
I lived in Florida -- southeast, west and north Florida. Actually, it's more like south Georgia. ancianita Oct 2012 #31
Collier is the Ailen Breeding Ground of Rick Scott, HockeyMom Oct 2012 #39
West of Tallahassee, YES BlueDemKev Oct 2012 #45
Obama won Orange Co easily quaker bill Oct 2012 #48
I Think Orange County Hasn't Gone Red Since 88 DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2012 #50
People forget a lot of things. Chan790 Oct 2012 #51
I have a friend who taught 4th Grade in Ocala... Odin2005 Oct 2012 #52
Redneck Riviera. bamacrat Oct 2012 #54
It ain't Bama, but its definitely a lean R state Daniel537 Oct 2012 #57
Only older Cubans are solid R. HooptieWagon Oct 2012 #65
Yes, but those solid R Cubans vote at much higher numbers than all the other Hispanics Daniel537 Oct 2012 #69
Horseshit! Obama won FL 51%-48% in 2008 Freddie Stubbs Oct 2012 #62
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