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4. You Are Searching For Certain Answers
Fri Feb 10, 2012, 12:32 PM
Feb 2012

from questions that can have many different, yet acceptable answers. I am of the opinion that what many "believers" substitute as "god", is nothing more than those innermost moralities that are nothing more than the product of evolution. The human mind is far more complex than say, the mind of mouse. A mouse eats and makes in the same area. A dog, for instance, knows to make in a place where he doesn't eat. Does that mean that a dog listens to words from god? Of course not, he is just more evolved. Morality, right, wrong, and most other deep-seated convictions, come from within, not from what some money-hungry god-pimp says on Sunday mornings. You, and you alone, know when you have done something wrong........you wrestle with it internally, you lose sleep, you question your decisions. Does this make you a bad person? No, just a further example of the ever-evolving existance that we call life.

It takes a person of weak conviction to allow their personal beliefs to be influenced by external sources. For anyone to fly in the face of science and fact, and profess that they are "sure" that there is a higher power, and that this power controls every aspect of life as we know it, is a sure sign of insecurity and openness to succombing to the will of others.........in short, a patsy. I'll take my chances, live my life to the max, not concern myself with eternal bliss, or a bag of magic beans. I will not die wishing that I had done this or that, I will just do it and know that I had the self confidence to do and try things that others were too scared to do or try. If we listened to the church, we would all still believe that the world is flat. I will enjoy life with an open mind rather than an open mouth.

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