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80. It was pointed out to you by two different people how your analogy failed.
Tue Apr 7, 2020, 02:28 PM
Apr 2020

But yeah, it's probably just because we "didn't like it." You bet. While you're criticizing others for supposedly trying to define god for believers, you should probably refrain from doing exactly that with awful analogies. That's the bad place you've put yourself in. But then if you're OK with hypocrisy, carry on. I won't stop you. Keep digging!

Because there is no such thing as divinity. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #1
👆This. dbonds Mar 2020 #14
I am sure edhopper Mar 2020 #2
If you drop a brick on your foot, guillaumeb Mar 2020 #17
Is that Aquinas? edhopper Mar 2020 #20
An even more famous theologian. guillaumeb Mar 2020 #45
Mother Earth tried to warn us about pollution , we did not listen pwb Mar 2020 #3
It's Nature's Way Cartoonist Mar 2020 #5
Back when music had a message and purpose. pwb Mar 2020 #8
It still does...you just have to know where to listen. Ferrets are Cool Mar 2020 #9
If I could roll my eyes back any further... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2020 #61
It's punishment for electing the orange dumbass. cos dem Mar 2020 #4
Do we blame the father of a man who kills his neighbor? Doodley Mar 2020 #6
And this is one good response to this ages old "argument". eom guillaumeb Mar 2020 #16
What aboput the free will of the neighbor? edhopper Mar 2020 #21
That is what happens when people are free to make good or bad choices. Some Doodley Mar 2020 #33
so God wants free will edhopper Mar 2020 #34
Without freedom of thought and freedom of action, we would not be human. We would Doodley Mar 2020 #42
the idea that humans actually have free will edhopper Mar 2020 #44
Okay, so don't ever judge Trump and the decisions he makes, if you don't think he Doodley Mar 2020 #47
He is a psychologically sick man edhopper Mar 2020 #48
is this father the omnipotent omniscient omnipresent creator of the universe? Voltaire2 Mar 2020 #25
No, it isn't the same father. That is how analogies work. Do you have evidence Doodley Mar 2020 #32
Then it's a horrible analogy. trotsky Apr 2020 #67
I'm an atheist. I don't have a God and never claimed I do. However, I believe that Doodley Apr 2020 #71
It was your analogy. It sucked. trotsky Apr 2020 #75
I don't have to defend anything just because you don't like it. And where's the "bad place" for me? Doodley Apr 2020 #79
It was pointed out to you by two different people how your analogy failed. trotsky Apr 2020 #80
I want a father who protects his children from danger. John Fante Mar 2020 #36
I agree. What exactly does he do? And is it really hard to wave your arms around and Doodley Mar 2020 #43
He can do all that but can't stop a measly pandemic? John Fante Mar 2020 #49
So does the invisible sky daddy intervene in the lives of humans or doesn't he? Major Nikon Mar 2020 #57
A loop hole in a poem..so saith the poem,,, safeinOhio Mar 2020 #7
Yahweh is a whiny little bitch. It's in the Bible. So no doubt we did something to set him off again malchickiwick Mar 2020 #10
Isn't that a lot like asking why He created humans, Backseat Driver Mar 2020 #11
Wait until swarms of locusts start spreading it. CaptYossarian Mar 2020 #12
I don't suppose we will hear any televangelists say cojoel Mar 2020 #13
An old argument, and the proponents of this never tire of raising it. guillaumeb Mar 2020 #15
Not an answer Cartoonist Mar 2020 #18
Why do you require an explanation? Without the bad actions of humans Doodley Mar 2020 #35
I know there isn't an explanation. Cartoonist Mar 2020 #37
With that, I agree. Doodley Mar 2020 #40
Your question is actually an assumption of the motivation of the Creator. guillaumeb Mar 2020 #46
What you're selling. Cartoonist Mar 2020 #54
I am not selling anything. guillaumeb Mar 2020 #55
so humans are just an accidental feature of evolution. Voltaire2 Mar 2020 #27
Here's the best part Major Nikon Mar 2020 #58
If that is your misreading of my comment, guillaumeb Apr 2020 #65
so your gods intervened in evolution to create humans but can't intervene in evolution to stop Voltaire2 Apr 2020 #69
You've answered nothing. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2020 #64
And you build on that same old argument. guillaumeb Apr 2020 #66
So if Ford designed a car that killed 2% of its passengers... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2020 #73
Your premise is faulty, unless you can demonstrate that Ford, or an agency, guillaumeb Apr 2020 #74
The elephant BlueTexasMan Mar 2020 #19
In science edhopper Mar 2020 #23
Billy Graham's daughter checks in. Cartoonist Mar 2020 #22
Put your shades on before you click that link. Iggo Mar 2020 #24
Holy crap! You weren't kidding. FiveGoodMen Apr 2020 #78
It's nature. elleng Mar 2020 #26
Fine Cartoonist Mar 2020 #29
Thanks for saying it explicitly. elleng Mar 2020 #31
The belief in nature and the belief in a God are not mutually exclusive. Doodley Mar 2020 #39
I see them as being different. Cartoonist Mar 2020 #56
Did God create nature? Act_of_Reparation Apr 2020 #63
To get to the other side, Loki Liesmith Mar 2020 #28
Now, Newest Reality Mar 2020 #52
Why, it's to punish... somebody... for... something? The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #30
Evolution, of course. Igel Mar 2020 #38
Good story. Well said. Doodley Mar 2020 #41
... Major Nikon Mar 2020 #59
11th Grade Science Project.. can't wait until God matures! n/t JustFiveMoreMinutes Mar 2020 #50
She's really really pissed. gibraltar72 Mar 2020 #51
My wife says that God is just culling the herd. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2020 #53
Sounds like a dick move. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2020 #62
that would make your wife's god, once again, a mass murderer. Voltaire2 Apr 2020 #70
Don't forget The Flood. I agree with the next post -- God's a prick sometimes, especially LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 2020 #72
I guess he should have worried more about bats and less about shellfish. AtheistCrusader Mar 2020 #60
Very simple.. Permanut Apr 2020 #68
The bigger picture is worse! FiveGoodMen Apr 2020 #76
God needs to entertain himself sometimes too. Kablooie Apr 2020 #77
+ Cartoonist Apr 2020 #81
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