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mr blur

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Tue Mar 22, 2016, 10:25 AM Mar 2016

It's fortunate for the people of Brussels that Islam is the 'Religion of Peace', [View all]

Otherwise there would be more than a mere 34 people dead in today's suicide bombing.

My heart goes out to these poor people. Perhaps an Islam apologist can explain to us why this has nothing to do with Faith?

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This only happened because Sam Harris is a racist Islamaphobe. cleanhippie Mar 2016 #1
i'm tired of people calling me a bigot because i'm stating reality. Was there any doubt MariaThinks Mar 2016 #15
oh please, the bombers wear regular Western civilian clothes. kwassa Mar 2016 #68
disgusting murderers. MariaThinks Mar 2016 #80
So that means the aren't radical Muslims? Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #133
you are missing my point ... kwassa Mar 2016 #154
i know, what was the point of the picture. nothing to see here? MariaThinks Mar 2016 #165
How 'bout keeping your bigotry to yourself? hueymahl Mar 2016 #2
Not using. Being used by. They are a small part of the billion yes, but driven by the same cause. whatthehey Mar 2016 #4
Just so I am completely clear hueymahl Mar 2016 #8
The "dark force" in Islam would be the passages in the Koran, and the hadiths... trotsky Mar 2016 #10
You say it yourself: it is this "taking seriously" that is the problem, Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #183
If it weren't for religion skepticscott Mar 2016 #184
True. All religions. n/t Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #186
Not all of them. ZombieHorde Apr 2016 #228
Sure, although, Ghost Dog Apr 2016 #229
It's not mysterious at all. whatthehey Mar 2016 #14
very true. the fact that someone can be stoned to death for adultry or criticising a religion MariaThinks Mar 2016 #17
Religion is a human construct hueymahl Mar 2016 #18
So what should the standard be to call something a "religion of peace?" trotsky Mar 2016 #19
The whole "tiny minority" meme skepticscott Mar 2016 #21
Linking religious violence to mental illness is also an insult to the mentally ill, trotsky Mar 2016 #22
Well to be fair it is occasionally specifically true whatthehey Mar 2016 #25
"Suicide bombing" isn't the only skepticscott Mar 2016 #30
True enough; the overall favorability of terrorist groups is even more damning whatthehey Mar 2016 #33
Interesting footnote, Pakistan appears to have had about enough of that shit. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #44
hueymahl said not the religiously violent but Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #178
Did he give odds on that? rug Mar 2016 #180
Who knows? I'll ask my cat. Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #185
Yes it is, and an inherently lethal and vicious construct whatthehey Mar 2016 #24
The fatal flaw of your argument lhecker51 Mar 2016 #115
You say (all true) Muslims do, yet describe fundamentalists. Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #188
I'll quote the entire OP that you think disparages an entire religion muriel_volestrangler Mar 2016 #125
Islamic culture and it's peoples and societies have, historically, Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #182
So? What cultures haven't? skepticscott Mar 2016 #187
I see that in the USA many, actually, and many more potentially, in fact do. n/t Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #189
what a small part of a billion? there are over 20000 isis fighters in syria alone. is that a small MariaThinks Mar 2016 #16
Again to be fair small ratios of huge numbers are not insignificant whatthehey Mar 2016 #36
the numbers are not remotely that small MariaThinks Mar 2016 #42
Maybe so. Have no clue. Whatever the number is it is far too many whatthehey Mar 2016 #60
0.01% of 1.8 million Muslim is 180. Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #191
And 0.02% is 360. Math is easy, but what number should we satrt seeking? whatthehey Mar 2016 #207
how many of the billion support stoning to death of gay people? MariaThinks Mar 2016 #167
As an excuse? Seriously? skepticscott Mar 2016 #9
If it makes you feel any better, christians make me nervous too. Timothy McVeigh, etc. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #43
Guy, please. ISIS is just following Allah's commands: Herman4747 Mar 2016 #55
very telling about the billions DustyJoe Mar 2016 #67
Not true. Imams do denounce these atrocities both when perpetrated in the west and Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #192
You have obviously not read the Quran and relative hadiths.... lhecker51 Mar 2016 #112
Note taken. Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #193
Religious extremism is a blight on humanity Trajan Mar 2016 #129
what does the billion people thing mean? MariaThinks Mar 2016 #166
Unrec! hrmjustin Mar 2016 #3
Wow, that's a powerful argument. cleanhippie Mar 2016 #5
. Iggo Mar 2016 #11
Yes. A Christian would have dropped a nuke. Maybe two. nt Xipe Totec Mar 2016 #6
And those damn, pesky Scientologists skepticscott Mar 2016 #7
but they haven't. MariaThinks Mar 2016 #13
Uh, are we forgetting Hiroshima and Nagasaki? nt Xipe Totec Mar 2016 #20
In hindset there is very little debate that dropping "the bomb" was a bad decision. jonno99 Mar 2016 #23
so true. innocent people keep dying while these words are repeated MariaThinks Mar 2016 #12
Good Lord vdogg Mar 2016 #26
You mean Daesh, don't you? blm Mar 2016 #27
I need a shower. Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #28
Mr Blur, I'll be happy to anwer the question you pose above. Nitram Mar 2016 #29
Actually you can skepticscott Mar 2016 #31
"violence against blasphemers and infidels" is not an Islamic monopoly. Nitram Mar 2016 #206
Religion is an idea. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #45
You say that the proportion of Christians that act on such precepts is smaller. Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #194
A group I am involved in is actively combating that in court. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #208
Good. Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #209
You make it painfully clear you have not read the Quran.... lhecker51 Mar 2016 #116
"Islam demands the overthrow and subjugation or conversion of ALL non believers." Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #196
The Judeo/Christian Bible has similar passages. Nitram Mar 2016 #219
I cannot believe the jury let this stand. DeadLetterOffice Mar 2016 #32
I can. trotsky Mar 2016 #38
And Islam, and Christianity, being abrahamic faiths, share some of those foundational violent AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #46
You got it. trotsky Mar 2016 #49
It's unnecessarily cruel at a time when cruelty... DeadLetterOffice Mar 2016 #99
Is it cruel to acknowledge reality? trotsky Mar 2016 #110
Do post the jury results skepticscott Mar 2016 #41
I'll post them. I was the person who alerted. noamnety Mar 2016 #79
It doesn't surprise me skepticscott Mar 2016 #90
Yes this guy does just that. Leontius Mar 2016 #172
Yes, damn him for being bigoted skepticscott Mar 2016 #179
You lead the way. Leontius Mar 2016 #198
You read the threads in here skepticscott Mar 2016 #200
I give each post it's properly deserved response. Leontius Mar 2016 #210
Share, won't you? bvf Mar 2016 #76
Would if I had 'em, but I wasn't the first alerter... DeadLetterOffice Mar 2016 #98
Thank you for promoting terrorist propaganda ... salinsky Mar 2016 #34
Sure, right skepticscott Mar 2016 #37
It is not the "West" that has imposed ignorance skepticscott Mar 2016 #39
That's funny, because education and modernity is corrosive to religion. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #47
Of course it is ... salinsky Mar 2016 #51
Bringing modernity and education has been viewed as hostility from the west. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #52
I'm not a fan of organized religion ... salinsky Mar 2016 #54
I don't think it's bigotry to acknowledge the reality that 'this shit is a problem' among a list of AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #57
Yeah, right skepticscott Mar 2016 #56
Except that Islamic State want the whole world to convert to Islam muriel_volestrangler Mar 2016 #126
"education and modernity" trotsky Mar 2016 #50
Yeah, well ignorance and barbarity are very effective tools with which to control the populace ... salinsky Mar 2016 #53
Leaders of Islam were engaging in that kind of behavior... trotsky Mar 2016 #59
Please stop conflating terrorism with Islam. Maedhros Mar 2016 #35
First he would have to START doing that skepticscott Mar 2016 #40
Please don't tell me what to do or what I know or should know - mr blur Mar 2016 #48
I pity you. procon Mar 2016 #58
You got this one, mr. blur? skepticscott Mar 2016 #61
Save your pity for the religious - they need it. mr blur Mar 2016 #85
I just react poorly to bigotry. Maedhros Mar 2016 #63
Like most others in here skepticscott Mar 2016 #65
In this case, the terrorism was Islamic. trotsky Mar 2016 #66
We don't call the KKK "Christian" ConservativeDemocrat Mar 2016 #62
Does the god in the Christian Bible skepticscott Mar 2016 #64
No I'm not ConservativeDemocrat Mar 2016 #71
The three mormons injured in the attack belong to a religion that until 1978, considered black peopl AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #74
I'm sorry - I must have missed last the event where Mormons set off a bomb? jonno99 Mar 2016 #78
Q: What is a prerequisite to bombing people? AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #81
"All the prerequisites were in place" - Please, the ONLY prerequisite that really matters is jonno99 Mar 2016 #83
That's pretty ignorant. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #84
Ok - you can't produce another religion that espouses "convert or die", so jonno99 Mar 2016 #87
I did not explicitly search, do you want me to? AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #88
No, the hautiness is from those who like to lump all religious-minded folk into jonno99 Mar 2016 #94
Christians in this country used to kill each other over which edition of the bible would be taught AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #95
Here is your fail: you're still arguing the exception rather than the rule. There jonno99 Mar 2016 #97
Historical ignornace. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #123
Yes, you've presented more arguments for the exception. jonno99 Mar 2016 #132
Did you forget what Christians Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #124
Did they command them to convert - or they'd be killed? nt jonno99 Mar 2016 #130
Um, in a lot of cases yes. Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #131
Again, argument for the exception. The problem you are describing is not systemic. nt jonno99 Mar 2016 #134
So you are honestly saying that the genocide of Native Americans Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #135
What "system" were these so-called Christians using to kill Native Americans? jonno99 Mar 2016 #136
Holy shit, you really have no idea at all. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #139
I don't even know what to say, really. Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #140
American ideas, true. But not Christian per se. Learn to differentiate. nt jonno99 Mar 2016 #143
No, they predate the European discovery of the Americas. Though they were certainly influential muriel_volestrangler Mar 2016 #156
Men are forever looking for a path to power. Unfortunately, religion is a perennial favorite...nt jonno99 Mar 2016 #158
No shit. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #160
I don't know what to say to this, without garnering a hide. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #138
In many cases yes. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #137
Wow - if you truly think that Islam and Christianity are the same basic religion, there jonno99 Mar 2016 #141
Yeah, i'm the ignorant one. Ok. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #142
Your words...nt jonno99 Mar 2016 #144
Fuck me running. Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #145
Did Theodosius and Charlemagne and the Spanish, etc. do this of their own jonno99 Mar 2016 #146
Are you a Christian, by chance? n/t Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #147
It's almost inconceivable that you would find a Christian on the DU "Religion" forum - jonno99 Mar 2016 #148
So, you believe that those who don't accept Jesus' sacrifice are bound for hell, right? Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #150
Wow, excellent diversion tactics... jonno99 Mar 2016 #151
I understand why you don't want to answer. Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #152
Well, what I understand is that you don't want to discuss the OP. jonno99 Mar 2016 #153
I am discussing the OP Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #155
Your Religion(TM) is no better than theirs. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #161
"Your Religion is no better than theirs" From what I can see you want this very much to be true. jonno99 Mar 2016 #162
So far your contribution has been 'give me examples' and you've been given examples. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #163
"you've been given examples" Well, not really. Halfway through this sub-thread I started asking jonno99 Mar 2016 #169
I pointed you to a papal bull. That's the religious text. muriel_volestrangler Mar 2016 #170
Am I disappointed in "men"? Yes (am I surprised? no). Your point begs the question: jonno99 Mar 2016 #171
A papal Bull is not a "religious text". Leontius Mar 2016 #174
Not a True Scotsman either, I guess. muriel_volestrangler Mar 2016 #177
So facts are now "diversion" . Leontius Mar 2016 #197
"twist the core beliefs" trotsky Mar 2016 #75
Nice try skepticscott Mar 2016 #77
Yeah, that'll work. procon Mar 2016 #72
I'm nothing if not self consistent ConservativeDemocrat Mar 2016 #122
Sorry, Scott, you don't get to decide who is a "true" Christian. Nitram Mar 2016 #220
I'm not skepticscott Mar 2016 #223
then I must have misunderstood you. My apologies. Nitram Mar 2016 #224
You went to an awful lot of trouble skepticscott Mar 2016 #226
Or else you are just not very good at expressing yourself. Nitram Mar 2016 #227
Yes I do. AtheistCrusader Mar 2016 #73
Maybe *you* don't, but, like it or not, that's exactly bvf Mar 2016 #82
If anyone claims... rexcat Mar 2016 #114
What is clear is this bluestateguy Mar 2016 #69
Right you are. trotsky Mar 2016 #70
You know, you're right. I think I'll go to my friend Saleh Sbenaty's house cheapdate Mar 2016 #86
Talk about a silly straw man skepticscott Mar 2016 #92
Oh, I don't know... cheapdate Mar 2016 #93
You tell me skepticscott Mar 2016 #100
Oh Christ almighty. cheapdate Mar 2016 #105
So you basically agree with every point skepticscott Mar 2016 #107
Holy crap! The f%$king OP was a straw man! cheapdate Mar 2016 #111
The OP was sarcasm and hyperbole skepticscott Mar 2016 #118
Lol! cheapdate Mar 2016 #119
Or maybe not even then skepticscott Mar 2016 #120
How many you want? whatthehey Mar 2016 #149
Thanks for saving me the trouble! skepticscott Mar 2016 #175
Were you not around for the "religion had nothing to do with Charlie Hebdo" threads? truebrit71 Mar 2016 #173
No. Missed that. cheapdate Mar 2016 #181
So now you admit that plenty of people skepticscott Mar 2016 #190
What's more ridiculous, cheapdate Mar 2016 #195
And, exactly as predicted skepticscott Mar 2016 #201
An odd reply to someone who's just eaten your lunch. rug Mar 2016 #203
Oh please, he doesn't even understand the OP skepticscott Mar 2016 #213
The first to resort to smileys is the bluffer. rug Mar 2016 #215
Lol! Wrong. cheapdate Mar 2016 #205
Wrong, Scott. Nitram Mar 2016 #221
Bullshit skepticscott Mar 2016 #225
It is clearly central to the entire OP. Nitram Mar 2016 #222
I'm grateful the justice system doesn't rely heavily on anonymous internet message-board posts struggle4progress Mar 2016 #89
Yes, because if it did skepticscott Mar 2016 #91
Cheney is well-connected and, criminal or not, is in no danger of being prosecuted for anything struggle4progress Mar 2016 #108
Because it has to do with fanaticism, not faith kwassa Mar 2016 #96
And as we all know skepticscott Mar 2016 #103
no. kwassa Mar 2016 #113
Which is totally irrelevant to the point skepticscott Mar 2016 #117
That is not the point of the OP. kwassa Mar 2016 #121
Here you go: trotsky Mar 2016 #157
Luckily for the people of Iraq EdwardBernays Mar 2016 #101
If Islamic State represents all Muslims tazkcmo Mar 2016 #102
If the OP had said skepticscott Mar 2016 #104
You are correct. tazkcmo Mar 2016 #109
Islam has more fundamentalists hollowdweller Mar 2016 #106
That depends on how you define "Islam". DetlefK Mar 2016 #127
The fact that the majority of Muslims skepticscott Mar 2016 #176
What incredibly simplistic nonsense. guillaumeb Mar 2016 #128
Oh, do grow up. mr blur Mar 2016 #159
Your logic and reasoning ability amazes. guillaumeb Mar 2016 #168
Yes, I imagine that you're easily amazed. mr blur Mar 2016 #199
It's amusing how many people think "Ignore!" is an intellectual response. rug Mar 2016 #202
Agreed. Ignore and/or sarcasm are seen as substitutes for actual debate. guillaumeb Mar 2016 #211
people still say that with a straight face? MariaThinks Mar 2016 #164
a good analysis here Locrian Mar 2016 #204
Important and valuable information thanks for bringing it here. Leontius Mar 2016 #212
What utter twaddle skepticscott Mar 2016 #214
Well that didn't take long Leontius Mar 2016 #216
He's too busy ignoring imperialism, WW2, and the collapse of the European Empires rug Mar 2016 #217
I always found it amazing how well mules plowed with blinders on. Leontius Mar 2016 #218
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