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36. Remember that its not 1992 anymore
Sun Apr 27, 2014, 03:38 PM
Apr 2014

the next time you feel the need to trivialize a woman by calling her a "gal."

Dear God. nt MannyGoldstein Apr 2014 #1
Indeed, Manny. Jackpine Radical Apr 2014 #3
Well she was speaking to a group of Methodists yeoman6987 Apr 2014 #51
That's not what bothers me about Hillary & religion. Jackpine Radical Apr 2014 #2
This has always disturbed me as well. cbayer Apr 2014 #4
Disavow? immoderate Apr 2014 #5
I'm not sure what you are asking. cbayer Apr 2014 #6
If she has an affinity for that crowd (and she apparently does), Jackpine Radical Apr 2014 #14
It's politics and it doesn't mean that she necessarily has any cbayer Apr 2014 #16
I don't think she really believes that crap, but in many ways that's almost worse tularetom Apr 2014 #7
This is called politics. okasha Apr 2014 #8
Yeah 'cause "coalition building" with the fucknutz-crazy crowd has been working out really well for Warren Stupidity Apr 2014 #50
AMEN. nt Nay Apr 2014 #55
Scary AuntPatsy Apr 2014 #28
I am an ethnic Methodist but a non-believer DURHAM D Apr 2014 #9
What you describe goes on all over this country. cbayer Apr 2014 #10
Yep nevergiveup Apr 2014 #17
That is the Methodist church I went to as a child and Frustratedlady Apr 2014 #33
Is it just me or is fredamae Apr 2014 #11
Do you think acknowledging her religious beliefs and speaking to Methodist women cbayer Apr 2014 #12
Not the fact that she is faithful fredamae Apr 2014 #21
What "Conservative beliefs?" okasha Apr 2014 #23
Bringing what into politics? cbayer Apr 2014 #24
Go for it-I will wait to fredamae Apr 2014 #29
You don't trust any of them? cbayer Apr 2014 #30
No, I don't-Not fully fredamae Apr 2014 #52
Well, I think it's probably foolhardy to trust any politician fully. cbayer Apr 2014 #53
I think most progressives, LuvLoogie Apr 2014 #13
Excellent point. goldent Apr 2014 #47
But there's still no religious test for office? longship Apr 2014 #15
She was asked to be the keynote speaker at a convention. cbayer Apr 2014 #18
I am not complaining about any one candidate. longship Apr 2014 #20
What you say is true and there has been a rather dramatic cbayer Apr 2014 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author longship Apr 2014 #35
No, the claim is not falsified skepticscott Apr 2014 #19
I understand that. longship Apr 2014 #22
Of course there is a defacto religious test by individuals skepticscott Apr 2014 #41
Last I heard, she's not a government official. And last I heard, she said she didn't plan to run, struggle4progress Apr 2014 #43
Last I heard, she's considering it. longship Apr 2014 #44
I guess she could be, but her nix-on-that statement seemed pretty definitive, and all the subsequent struggle4progress Apr 2014 #45
Can the "listening tour" be far off? n/t Smarmie Doofus Apr 2014 #26
What would be wrong with that? cbayer Apr 2014 #27
Nothing that wouldn't be wrong w. kissing babies. Smarmie Doofus Apr 2014 #31
This is hilarious. cbayer Apr 2014 #32
Remember that its not 1992 anymore okasha Apr 2014 #36
That's interesting. Why don't you alert on my post? I'd be interested to see if a DU .... Smarmie Doofus Apr 2014 #37
I alert very seldom, and never for mere assholery. okasha Apr 2014 #38
Lol. Now that's an excellent point, okasha. cbayer Apr 2014 #39
It needed to be made. okasha Apr 2014 #40
Post removed Post removed Apr 2014 #42
Point me to any such post okasha Apr 2014 #46
If you say you haven't seen any posts on DU skepticscott Apr 2014 #48
So you can't. rug Apr 2014 #49
Obviously okasha Apr 2014 #54
Every post boosting the pope, a person who is the head of an organization Warren Stupidity Apr 2014 #56
If you're complaining about the hidden post, you should at least have the integrity to state what rug Apr 2014 #57
So good of you. okasha Apr 2014 #58
Well said! hrmjustin Apr 2014 #59
I'm sure you find your response just devastating. Warren Stupidity Apr 2014 #60
I'm willing to give him some time okasha Apr 2014 #61
That's an inappropriate comment, okasha. trotsky Apr 2014 #62
You seriously said that Warren wouldn't support LGBT rights Heddi Apr 2014 #63
No, I have not called "atheists" okasha Apr 2014 #64
I'm sorry you feel that way. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #65
Good for her! hrmjustin Apr 2014 #34
This seems like a non-issue. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #66
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