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6. The reason for alerts on nearly every jury I have been on have been puzzling.
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 06:31 AM
Dec 2015

If the alerter is not being vindictive the only reason I can see for the alert is a misunderstanding. I confess that I alerted on a post and that was the case. I realized it as soon as I submitted and wished I could take it back. Fortunately the jury was intelligent in their deliberations and did not vote to hide. If I was on a jury to keep or lose the jury system I would vote to vote to lose it. The problem is what would replace it.

Suggestions I think would improve the system:
1. When a post is alerted the poster is sent a message which allows them to edit or self delete the post.
2. A reasonable time limit on alerting a post, say 2 hours max, after that the alert is null.
3. A verdict to hide can be appealed.
4. Member's profiles should show an alert history for all to see.
5. Alerts should not be anonymous.
6. A daily, weekly and monthly limit on alerts. Say, once per day, two per week and 3 per month.

Must have been the same one I was on... TreasonousBastard Dec 2015 #1
I'd bet the two hide voters ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2015 #14
Of course-- we've all seen that happen far too often. TreasonousBastard Dec 2015 #15
"I wouldn't mind seeing a rule change where a hide requires an explanation or it doesn't count." Cha Dec 2015 #21
Can you please post a copy of the jury decision along with the thread cited? n/t Digital Puppy Dec 2015 #2
Here. pnwmom Dec 2015 #4
I'd assumed this was about KMOD and was correct. betsuni Dec 2015 #7
I'm here now though. KMOD Dec 2015 #27
Please be careful. betsuni Dec 2015 #33
Thank you for that, pnwmom.. and the warning! Cha Dec 2015 #22
Good heads up but JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #3
There is a growing set of posters Coolest Ranger Dec 2015 #5
And they are spoiled petulant JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #11
I just trashed a certaing roup where all the post lately that make it to the trending page Coolest Ranger Dec 2015 #17
I trashed the Sanders group not long after he announced JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #20
The other day someone had bouncy smilies and such for silencing another poster. Agschmid Dec 2015 #38
What I want to know is Coolest Ranger Dec 2015 #40
Honestly they start half of them, "I saw this..." Agschmid Dec 2015 #41
I am at the point, too, where I don't care murielm99 Dec 2015 #25
Exactly muriel99 JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #37
Exactly, JAG. KMOD Dec 2015 #29
The reason for alerts on nearly every jury I have been on have been puzzling. TexasProgresive Dec 2015 #6
All excellent suggestions, IMO. bvf Dec 2015 #8
Thanks but I don't have much hope for a change TexasProgresive Dec 2015 #9
Me neither, truthfully. bvf Dec 2015 #10
The last jury I was on another juror wrote "Hillbots are annoying" when the OP betsuni Dec 2015 #16
The system is really messed up, that's for sure. bvf Dec 2015 #18
Oh, thank you. I didn't notice -- 2000 posts! betsuni Dec 2015 #19
lol KMOD Dec 2015 #30
That guy should look in the mirror and stay away from jury duty. Cha Dec 2015 #24
The projection is bizarre. betsuni Dec 2015 #32
Oh yes.. poor misunderstood bernies. Cha Dec 2015 #34
And what is it with the cryptic insinuations (and outright accusations) that a Democratic politician betsuni Dec 2015 #35
No, you're not missing anything.. that's their latest desperate ploy that Cha Dec 2015 #36
I can guarantee you Karl Rove and his minions pay people to post and call randys1 Dec 2015 #43
You can alert on juror comments, and then they loose jury privileges. Agschmid Dec 2015 #39
You should post this to ata JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #12
Thank you.. I can tell you've been thinking about this unfair fiasco! Cha Dec 2015 #23
The only thing I would add is ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2015 #42
I dont know what happened here, too complicated to follow. randys1 Dec 2015 #13
I remember when I first joined DU KMOD Dec 2015 #26
Good grief. I do not remember that, KMOD, but thank you so much! pnwmom Dec 2015 #28
awww, thank you for saying that. KMOD Dec 2015 #31
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