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Sun May 22, 2016, 10:21 AM May 2016

CNN And MSNBC Are The Problem ----> Zero Violence In Nevada - They Lied And Are STILL LYING [View all]

I went to the caucus in Washington State, and all of the Hillary People, and the Bernie People got along just fine with zero problems there. In fact many of the "two sides" are good friends. I have many good friends I see all the time that support Mrs. Clinton. In almost every case us Democrats respect the decisions of others. I have been part of campaigns between 2 popular Democratic Candidates, and there was zero problems when it was settled.

The problem in Nevada was a whole bunch of Bernie people have a lot of frustration with how the media, and the establishment has done all they can to get their girl the nomination. Every step of the way they (Bernie) have been fighting an uphill battle (everyone knows) and with the DNC not playing fair, and the MSM actually part of the Clinton Campaign tempers are a little hot.

When the (blank) chairperson did what she did people started yelling. Rightfully so. They have been pushed around so much, here was a place they could push back, and push they did. They thought they were being screwed again. They started yelling.

But they did not push back with violence (except for the one Clinton Supporter who was arrested).

Now for the point. We all saw the angry crowd over, and over, and over, and over and then a few thousand more times. The media plays this UTTER CRAP TO CREATE CONTROVERSY, to get eyeballs to sell their ads to. They don't care if the "violence" story line is a lie. They are about getting people to stay tuned, not to tell anyone anything resembling the truth. Both CNN, and MSNBC pushed this "violence" garbage/lie. FOX (pure propaganda) doesn't count. It is for true psychos. Not once on CNN, or MSNBC did I see one host even explain the real reason why The Bernie People were even angry. The hosts just don't care. In fact they are still pushing the "alleged violence" garbage. They are in a win win situation. Getting a "controversial" story to get eyeballs, and to hurt Bernie so he can't win and do something about the billions they get in billionaire funded ad cash.

It isn't so much Hillary playing dirty, even though Hillary's "friends" did help "push" the bs story. Politics ain't bean bag.

The real problem is the scum sucking slimeballs we call the media. Distorting anything they can to sell advertising. To hell with news reporting. It isn't about news. It is about revenue. Now and in the future. They could have just reported what actually happened. Not on your life.

Us Democrats are not at war regardless what the media dirt bags spew in the form of lies. Real issues are for once being addressed, and for this I am proud of Bernie, and Hillary too.

Rec if you think this story needs told.

It's our f-ed up media.

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My View liberalmike27 May 2016 #1
"Wait, wait" on NPR devoted 15 seconds to it arendt May 2016 #34
"Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" is recorded live on Thursday nights for weekend broadcast. JimDandy May 2016 #45
It does not seem to be discouraging Bernie supporters in my area in Los Angeles. JDPriestly May 2016 #61
Attacking Enthusiastic Passionate Democrats Is Going To Work Out Sooooooo Well In November scottie55 May 2016 #2
Yep. SusanCalvin May 2016 #3
See what, if anything, they have next week. -none May 2016 #75
K&R floriduck May 2016 #4
if limbaugh and sons can say it all day from 1200 radio stations certainot May 2016 #5
my university does the same... lakeguy May 2016 #62
Billionaire lying media IS the problem! Dont call me Shirley May 2016 #6
Right. The real problem was the media, not the Sanders folk calling Boxer a "c*#t." SunSeeker May 2016 #7
Violent words, right? Ed Suspicious May 2016 #32
And the video of angry Sanders people starting to pull the metal crowd control gates R B Garr May 2016 #56
You're splitting hairs. procon May 2016 #8
"Now they know Sanders by his supporters who have earned a history of violent misbehaviors. " scottie55 May 2016 #12
Why are you trying to change the subject? procon May 2016 #17
With you 100% scottie55. Duval May 2016 #25
Me too. Enthusiast May 2016 #33
Truth dwrjr May 2016 #58
Yeah but cannabis_flower May 2016 #13
The Problem Is The Press Basically Lying About Every Phase Of What Happened In Nevada scottie55 May 2016 #14
Did you browse through the rules? procon May 2016 #24
No. The chair operates under Roberts Rules of Order arendt May 2016 #36
A parliamentarian you are not. procon May 2016 #79
"ignoring the actual intent of those involved in the incident." passiveporcupine May 2016 #35
Do you have video of Sanders supporters "rushing the stage"? bvar22 May 2016 #41
Indeed. Else You Are Mad May 2016 #71
Camp Clinton made very detailed and specific claims that were simply not the truth. Bluenorthwest May 2016 #72
It's our f-ed up media? SmittynMo May 2016 #9
The same people that own Hillary also own the media, so it's natural they would work together.[n/t] Maedhros May 2016 #10
Yes. Here's a troubling summary. Team Oligarchy and the Clinton Machine vs. The People.... NewImproved Deal May 2016 #54
So has NPR. Repeatedly. zentrum May 2016 #11
NPR got bought out by some fright wing corporation, didn't it? love_katz May 2016 #16
Yes. BlancheSplanchnik May 2016 #18
The wrong wing fundy fanatics have tried many times to gain control of all the media. love_katz May 2016 #23
Sadly true. BlancheSplanchnik May 2016 #80
I'm no fan of NPR, but it can't really be "bought out" RufusTFirefly May 2016 #27
Thanks for the correction. love_katz May 2016 #29
NPR non-profit, but Koch funded freepotter May 2016 #40
Well, the Koch Brothers sit on their board. arendt May 2016 #37
This is true, but the individuals at NPR are highly paid and not sought after by others Bluenorthwest May 2016 #73
Yes, something like that... zentrum May 2016 #42
Sorta kinda nxylas May 2016 #69
Bern on Face Nation lying this morning Cryptoad May 2016 #15
I don't believe this. BlancheSplanchnik May 2016 #20
Yes, please do. Duval May 2016 #28
Fighting For The 99% Against 50 Trillion In Wealth? scottie55 May 2016 #21
Military Contractor Talking Point? billhicks76 May 2016 #46
How high will it take timdog44 May 2016 #49
The "violence' and 'chair throwing' lies are STILL being thrown out there even today... pangaia May 2016 #19
Just Like Howard Dean's yell. pauldp May 2016 #22
Attempting To Kill A Candidate While Fueling A Revolution scottie55 May 2016 #26
MSN, do your fucking job and report the news, don't create it. Ed Suspicious May 2016 #30
Yep libodem May 2016 #31
They are trying to bring the left 'to heel' felix_numinous May 2016 #38
Just Watching CNN Trashing Bernie Again Right Now scottie55 May 2016 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc May 2016 #43
Kick libodem May 2016 #44
Rachel kept pushing the meme as late as Friday night - "ALLEGED CHAIR THROWING!!1!1!" bullwinkle428 May 2016 #47
K&R ReRe May 2016 #48
They may not push hatred like Fox does, 20score May 2016 #50
K&R dchill May 2016 #51
But, but... They read it on Twitter!!!11!! Beartracks May 2016 #52
So that tape was produced in a studio like the moon landing was doc03 May 2016 #53
which tape? the one of the wrestling match hopemountain May 2016 #63
They want all political races to be close ffr May 2016 #55
K&R. The whole establishment needs to go. Mouthpieces included. eom Betty Karlson May 2016 #57
Truth oldandhappy May 2016 #59
Not just CNN and MSNBC also CBS... 4bucksagallon May 2016 #60
Look at how the Republican primary went.... Spitfire of ATJ May 2016 #64
"Throwing chairs" was published in the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, gordyfl May 2016 #65
The corporate media conglomerates have major inherent conflict of interests with the issues that Uncle Joe May 2016 #66
The real problem was the media, not the Sanders Riot ? stonecutter357 May 2016 #67
The real problem maindawg May 2016 #70
The problem is liars. There was no riot. Rachel Maddow ran stock footage, last refuge of Bluenorthwest May 2016 #74
Bringing in a line of brown shirts to cover you while making underhanded moves is inciting brewens May 2016 #68
Right in Bernie world death threats are not rjsquirrel May 2016 #76
In the real world death threats are a crime, prosecutable as terrorist threats. Bluenorthwest May 2016 #77
Yesterday on "Face the Nation" the untrue theme of violence by Sanders supporters continued: Akamai May 2016 #78
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