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25. 52% of Americans favor firearms...
Sat Aug 15, 2015, 02:16 PM
Aug 2015

...as their means of suicide:
In 2013, a gun was used in 21,175 of 41,149 total suicides.
A bit over half. Those are what I call a self-validated opinions.
>> http://webappa.cdc.gov/sasweb/ncipc/mortrate10_us.html <<

Opinions are only useful if they've been validated. My wife spent the last 40 years avoiding crushed red peppers on her pizza. Her opinion was that they would be too spicy for her. She finally tried them. She'd been wrong for 40 years.

Two-thirds back national gun registry [View all] SecularMotion Aug 2015 OP
Nope and Nope here. ileus Aug 2015 #1
People love security theater. hack89 Aug 2015 #2
2/3 support a registry? You should have no trouble getting it passed ... somewhere DonP Aug 2015 #3
And 95% of gun owners support ignoring them. Guess who wins. Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2015 #4
Not really surprised about the ignorance of the masses. ManiacJoe Aug 2015 #5
If you ask the right people, the right way, they'll support anything. beevul Aug 2015 #6
Against bluestateguy Aug 2015 #7
LOL virginia mountainman Aug 2015 #8
Kind of makes you glad ... Straw Man Aug 2015 #9
300 million guns....citizens need to know where every single one is and with who...citizens want to know, obviously. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #10
just one thing discntnt_irny_srcsm Aug 2015 #11
Did I forget to put an NRA-lover on ignore? I will take care of that right away! Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #12
I don't much care what you forgot discntnt_irny_srcsm Aug 2015 #26
Da All-Seeing Eye™ is looking for you. Eleanors38 Aug 2015 #13
Got nothing on the polling, eh? Go see what the NRA are saying and get back to us? Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #14
Actually, my comments went to the "totality" of your wants... Eleanors38 Aug 2015 #15
You want me to help you find the NRA response to this polling? Do your own research! Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #16
Not interested in the dehydrated Frenchman's views. Eleanors38 Aug 2015 #17
there is evidence that compliance gejohnston Aug 2015 #22
How would it work and how does it provide more safety or security beardown Aug 2015 #19
Australia, mate! Where have you been, the NRA Outback?? Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #20
Problem is... virginia mountainman Aug 2015 #21
And there you have it. beevul Aug 2015 #24
how many Australians actually complied? gejohnston Aug 2015 #23
Australia has their second amendment? beardown Aug 2015 #27
Public polling re. gun restriction is a complete joke...... pablo_marmol Aug 2015 #18
52% of Americans favor firearms... discntnt_irny_srcsm Aug 2015 #25
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