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Yay! Welcome home, traveler! brer cat Dec 2023 #1
He seemed pretty happy to be here. I'm glad because it's starting to rain again a little Walleye Dec 2023 #18
👍 hlthe2b Dec 2023 #2
So relieved Walleye Dec 2023 #16
I'd bet he'd have some great stories multigraincracker Dec 2023 #3
Yeah like he was really hungry and he couldn't get out of the hole and there is an orange cat out here. Normal stuff Walleye Dec 2023 #15
Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY!!! Leghorn21 Dec 2023 #4
Oh yes and some shredded grilled chicken with his fancy feast. Spoiled? Walleye Dec 2023 #14
That Is One Sweet-looking Cat The Roux Comes First Dec 2023 #5
He's a good old kitty Walleye Dec 2023 #13
What a relief! nt Dear_Prudence Dec 2023 #6
That's the word. My back ache is better already and I'm getting an appetite for dinner Walleye Dec 2023 #12
Happy for you both! blm Dec 2023 #7
Thank you, now I can relax Walleye Dec 2023 #10
Thank Bast!!! Such excellent news!!! niyad Dec 2023 #8
I think he was glad to see me.He spoke to me, let me pet him a couple of times and gave me the slow eye-blink Walleye Dec 2023 #9
He just had himself a little foray into the MOMFUDSKI Dec 2023 #11
🙏🏻 Walleye Dec 2023 #19
How thrilling... 3catwoman3 Dec 2023 #17
You said it! Walleye Dec 2023 #21
Wonderful News!! Siwsan Dec 2023 #20
Thanks you know how it feels. I can't imagine worrying about many different cats out there Walleye Dec 2023 #22
Just a catting around 🙂 MLAA Dec 2023 #23
Thanks. He had good appetite too Walleye Dec 2023 #24
He was too busy to eat and all that cat-foolery really worked up an appetite! MLAA Dec 2023 #46
le whew. is el gato chipped ? AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #25
For some reason this popped into my head. Polly Hennessey Dec 2023 #26
When you put... 2naSalit Dec 2023 #27
Exactly, the power of DU Walleye Dec 2023 #34
Appears to be a good sized healthy kitty. KS Toronado Dec 2023 #28
He's in pretty good shape for his age, I think Walleye Dec 2023 #35
Yay, Tiger...but youre grounded !!!!! Karadeniz Dec 2023 #29
😸 Walleye Dec 2023 #32
he went to see his girlfriend Bird Lady Dec 2023 #30
😸 Walleye Dec 2023 #31
Glad your Tiger is back; we also have a Tiger. Permanut Dec 2023 #33
That sounds pretty good. I wish I could get tiger to sleep inside the house Walleye Dec 2023 #36
Cool. Ellipsis Dec 2023 #37
How long was he gone? NJCher Dec 2023 #38
It was just about 48 hours, but the weather was really stormy and I was worried Walleye Dec 2023 #39
Yay! Goddessartist Dec 2023 #40
Thank you, raining again today. Trying not to panic if he's late for supper again Walleye Dec 2023 #41
He'll come back. Goddessartist Dec 2023 #44
Thank you, he has already come up for dinner tonight Walleye Dec 2023 #45
Awesomeness! Goddessartist Dec 2023 #47
👏👏👏👏👏 irisblue Dec 2023 #42
Just now he showed up immediately at my first call for supper Walleye Dec 2023 #43
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