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In reply to the discussion: I lost my little black cat today... [View all]
I'm so sorry. Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #1
I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Izzie. onecaliberal Nov 2023 #2
What a loving tribute. 3catwoman3 Nov 2023 #3
Sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty. Wingus Dingus Nov 2023 #4
I wouldn't be surprised to learn Izzie is now ruling over her little slice of heaven as she waits for you. MLAA Nov 2023 #5
I'm very sorry for your loss. brer cat Nov 2023 #6
I'm so very sorry - Ocelot II Nov 2023 #7
So very sorry Chicagogrl1 Nov 2023 #8
I am so sorry. LoisB Nov 2023 #9
Condolences not fooled Nov 2023 #10
Gosh, got choked up with you telling how Izzy spent her last night on your chest. Fla Dem Nov 2023 #11
Always loved...never forgotten! So sorry PortTack Nov 2023 #12
Lots of loving memories SouthernDem4ever Nov 2023 #13
Ernie and Mousetrap will wait with her up there calimary Nov 2023 #14
So sorry for your loss. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #15
so sad To hear Riverman100 Nov 2023 #16
Lady Bast, please take Your Izzie gently home in Your loving niyad Nov 2023 #17
So so sorry for your loss cate94 Nov 2023 #18
I'm very very sorry. roamer65 Nov 2023 #19
This is so sad! BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #20
I lost my "helper" dog on Christmas morning, 3 years ago. slightlv Nov 2023 #42
That is a good thing BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #43
My deepest condolences. sinkingfeeling Nov 2023 #21
Condolences to you, and she had a very good life with you. nt spooky3 Nov 2023 #22
No one gets off this earth alive and it soubnds like she had a fabulous life Karadeniz Nov 2023 #23
Many of us will spend a lifetime at the rainbow bridge. Arthur_Frain Nov 2023 #24
Thank you all for your living words. slightlv Nov 2023 #25
I'm so sorry Laurelin Nov 2023 #26
My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your sweet kitty. virgdem Nov 2023 #27
I am so sorry for your loss. coolsimo Nov 2023 #28
So sorry for your loss, but hopefully the memories of halcyon days well spent with her are held onto. Celerity Nov 2023 #29
Hugs to you, slightlv. thatcrowwoman Nov 2023 #30
Oh Dear. I am so sorry. Bless you and the rest of your family. Maraya1969 Nov 2023 #31
Think of what you had not what you lost. You provided a great life. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #32
So sorry IbogaProject Nov 2023 #33
As ends go, that was a good one. CrispyQ Nov 2023 #34
I am so sorry. murielm99 Nov 2023 #35
Black kitties cksmithy Nov 2023 #36
... RKP5637 Nov 2023 #37
So very sorry. GoneOffShore Nov 2023 #38
I feel for you. Blessings of the goddess Izanami on you and your family until you reunite. keopeli Nov 2023 #39
Awww. I'm so sorry. She lived a good, long loved life and CousinIT Nov 2023 #40
I'm so sorry. area51 Nov 2023 #41
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