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Wonder Why

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26. Garage door openers and refrigerators are not 220V. I have never seen one that was or advertised as such.
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 08:49 PM
Apr 14

Washers - No
Electric Dryers - yes
Gas dryers - probably no
Electric oven - yes
Gas ovens - no
Whole House A/C - yes
Room A/C - no
Wall A/C - possibly
Fridge - No
Standalone home Freezer - No
Most small kitchen appliances - No
Garage Door opener - No
Dishwasher -No
Sink Waste Disposal - No
Electric water heater - yes
Gas water heater - No

Yes, you could put the working one inplace sunflowerseed Mar 17 #1
Federal Pacific? N/t gay texan Mar 17 #2
Yes, it says that on the box. Eko Mar 17 #5
get rid of that box NOW gay texan Mar 18 #19
Thanks, Ill call an electrician. Eko Mar 18 #20
If you have a 60/70 entrance, I'd definitely upgrade to a minimum 100Amp Service (or 200Amp) if you have future expansio OAITW r.2.0 Mar 18 #24
Yes, but... RainCaster Mar 17 #3
Could be you've lost a 'leg' of power coming to your home from the power company. rubbersole Mar 17 #4
One of the GFI's blew on a outlet in the kitchen Eko Mar 17 #6
What happens when you turn the oven on? rubbersole Mar 17 #7
Was afraid to try it and lose all the power. Eko Mar 17 #8
Good luck 👍. rubbersole Mar 17 #9
Should I try the oven tonight or just wait till tomorrow? Eko Mar 17 #10
Try it in the morning when you're ready to replace your main fuses. rubbersole Mar 17 #15
Sounds like you might have Bussmann fuses protecting the power legs. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 17 #11
Correct. Eko Mar 17 #12
That makes sense some, Eko Mar 17 #13
Doubtful. Probably on a branch circuit. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 17 #14
My drier seemed to want to work Eko Mar 17 #16
That's a 220V source, for sure. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 17 #17
That is what I was thinking looking at the schematic. Eko Mar 17 #18
pulled the mains and replaced them, Eko Mar 18 #21
I think you should probably get an electrician to check your entrance. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 18 #22
Yeah, no joy. Eko Mar 18 #23
Garage door openers and refrigerators are not 220V. I have never seen one that was or advertised as such. Wonder Why Apr 14 #26
Thanks, it was more of a problem that anything that took a lot of wattage wouldnt work. Eko Apr 14 #27
Update on power problems. Eko Apr 14 #25
A home electrical system, particularly one out of code, is not a location for on the job training ... marble falls Apr 14 #28
Yeah, paid an electrican and got it inspected. Eko Apr 14 #29
I've been a Machinist Mate in the Navy, Safety Officer with several companies and production engineer ... marble falls Apr 14 #30
I grew up in a huge Navy town, Eko Apr 14 #31
The two largest air forces on the planet by a long lead? USAF and the USN. marble falls Apr 14 #32
Yup, chuckled at that. Eko Apr 14 #33
How can you talk about breakers and fuses in the same device? 4dog Apr 14 #34
My bad, I had a fuse box with fuses in it and now I have a breaker box with breakers in it. Eko Apr 14 #35
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