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24. Yes, I am aware of my use of pronouns.
Sun Jun 8, 2014, 06:42 PM
Jun 2014

Males are responsible for the vast majority of rapes in this country. We all know what we're talking about here, as do the authors of that law and their constituents.

All laws are reactive. That's how the legislative process works. People see a need for a law and politicians cook one up. That doesn't mean the law will work. And given the information that I have made available, not to mention the rest of that available on the internet, there is no excuse for not considering whether or not the law will actually work in the real world. Understanding the consequences of our legislative actions is just good citizenship.

Look, I'm trying really hard to be nice here, but I have raised issues that you continue to ignore. I'm not an attorney either, but I can spot a raw deal when I see one, and this law is a raw deal. It simply makes no sense to move responsibility for the actions of one party onto the shoulders of another, and then leave the burdened party no recourse when accused.

If you have any interest in justice apart from ideological imperatives you will consider a way for the accused to make an affirmative defense and explain why the accuser is absolved from responsibility for their irresponsible behavior. If you don't want to do that, that's fine. But understand if you stake your claim on an ideological foundation without any relationship to practical application in the real world your position is not significantly different from any religious fundamentalist. Which is, again, your prerogative. But if you do you change the issue from one of public policy to one of faith which offers no solutions for real people and lots of opportunities for your ideological opponents to cry foul, and for good reason. This law is classic culture war pap and if enacted will only give MRA's something to complain about to no benefit other than conservatives and their attendant bloviaters.

"prove they had agreed to have sex" rrneck Jun 2014 #1
It involves using words. Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #2
Yes, that's certainly appropriate. rrneck Jun 2014 #6
Simply having such a policy will change the dynamic in a meaningful way Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #7
In the late eighties rrneck Jun 2014 #9
This would be backed by law Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #10
Great. If it's backed by law then the rules of evidence will apply. rrneck Jun 2014 #11
I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not qualified to answer that evidence question. Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #13
As I recall rrneck Jun 2014 #14
Keep in mind that SB967 is a bill directed at the institutions and their responsibilities Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #15
Well, lets have a look at the law in question rrneck Jun 2014 #18
The law places the burden on institutions to provide the tools to students Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #20
What would those tools be rrneck Jun 2014 #22
Okay, one final time: the law is reactive. Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #23
Yes, I am aware of my use of pronouns. rrneck Jun 2014 #24
Ah, now I remember... rrneck Jun 2014 #19
Ah, not surprising. That is a very progressive school Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #21
I like the idea of there needing to be an explicit Squinch Jun 2014 #3
The rapist could say that but I think the point spooky3 Jun 2014 #4
yeah this is a problem, alp227 Jun 2014 #12
Gormy, could you give a link? This is interesting, but I'm not clear on what the law entails. Squinch Jun 2014 #5
Oops! Thanks for pointing that out. Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #16
FYI: The current version of SB967 Gormy Cuss Jun 2014 #17
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