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11. I don't think the want Trump to win.
Tue May 24, 2016, 05:18 PM
May 2016

But when you are that far to Left everyone to your right looks the same. So why should they vote? Trump or Clinton is the same to them.

Post removed Post removed May 2016 #1
graphic from OP azurnoir May 2016 #2
moderate and conservative Dems together make up more Democrats ericson00 May 2016 #3
so you're saying that the Democrats are centrist to right leaning ? azurnoir May 2016 #4
the majority of the Democratic Party is a pro-Jewish pro-Israel party ericson00 May 2016 #5
No. The Dems are a center liberal party aranthus May 2016 #7
what sort sub-divides liberals into smaller groups? azurnoir May 2016 #8
Not sure what you're asking about. aranthus May 2016 #10
I disagree leftists are liberals but are concerned about more issues than c/r 'liberals' azurnoir May 2016 #12
And it sure don't include suporting regimes that have a hate King_David May 2016 #13
Most Leftists support the people of Gaza as opposed to Hamas azurnoir May 2016 #23
You don't find such people here on DU part of the vocal tiny minority King_David May 2016 #24
BDS'ers banning a Jew while favoring a gay hating homophobe... shira May 2016 #27
The anti-Israel Left supports Hamas, not the people... shira May 2016 #26
well said. Its like the far-left wants Trump to win ericson00 May 2016 #9
I don't think the want Trump to win. aranthus May 2016 #11
One more reason to vote for Clinton. aranthus May 2016 #6
Any Democrat is better than Trump, but a right-leaning Democrat like Clinton shouldn't assume that Little Tich May 2016 #14
fine. She can trade uber-progs who will not vote for her on her support of Israel alone ericson00 May 2016 #15
Hopefully, Bernie Sanders will win the nomination. Little Tich May 2016 #16
he's not going to win the nomination. You know it, I know it, ericson00 May 2016 #17
Clinton hasn't won the California primary yet... Little Tich May 2016 #18
he's consistently lost the Jewish vote to Hillary ericson00 May 2016 #19
Sanders's Israel criticism splits Jewish American vote Little Tich May 2016 #20
Umm read the numbers...she beaten him with Jews by ericson00 May 2016 #21
Eppur si muove... n/t Little Tich May 2016 #22
Putting West on the committee leftynyc May 2016 #25
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