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8. I'm certain he is aware
Sat Jan 27, 2024, 04:45 PM
Jan 27

Sure, it's entirely possible to fuel a train with hydrogen created by electrolysis using electricity generated by hydro (or any other "green" source you choose), and these folks have done so.

But there are (at least) two very inconvenient facts for hydrogen boosters:

1. The fraction of hydrogen "production" using these methods is almost completely negligible and will remain so for a long time.
2. Choosing to use the "green" electricity to generate hydrogen, then create electricity again from hydrogen fuel cells, wastes much of the energy (since both electrolysis and fuel cell operation operate well short of 100% efficiency).

It's hard to imagine a stupider application for hydrogen than rail travel, since one could simply build an electrified train line and use that "green" electricity to operate the trains directly.

The fact that such stunts are done supports the charge that the real agenda is to extend dependence on the fossil fuel feedstock that supports most actual hydrogen production. This and the numerous other propaganda videos we are treated to regularly commit much more significant omissions by ignoring the realities of current hydrogen production at scale and the relative thermodynamic inefficiency of turning electricity into transportation work via hydrogen and fuel cells compared to much simpler alternatives.

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