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Wed Jun 1, 2016, 10:27 AM Jun 2016

Rail Safety Megathread. Updated August 10, 2023 [View all]

Last edited Thu Aug 10, 2023, 05:14 PM - Edit history (77)

This thread is for rail safety in general, as opposed to oil trains or crude by rail.

Previous updates: August 4, 2023; August 3, 2023; July 30, 2023; July 3, 2023; June 28, 2023; June 26, 2023; April 28, 2023; April 24, 2023; March 10, 2023; March 8, 2023; March 6, 2023; March 5, 2023; March 4, 2023; March 3, 2023; March 2, 2023; February 24, 2023; February 15, 2023; February 12, 2023; February 2, 2023; January 9, 2022; November 16, 2021; October 2, 2021; September 29, 2021; May 10, 2021; September 16, 2020; August 19, 2020; May 18, 2020, September 30, 2019; September 14, 2019; April 18, 2019; April 12, 2019; April 11, 2019; April 10, 2019; March 28, 2019; March 25, 2019; March 22, 2019; December 20, 2018; October 20, 2018; October 9, 2018; September 10, 2018; August 29, 2018; July 31, 2018; May 20, 2018; April 14, 2018, February 22, 2018; November 30, 2016; February 7, 2017; July 5, 2017; July 27, 2017; August 8, 2017; September 22, 2017; November 10, 2017; November 20, 2017; December 5, 2017; December 14, 2017; December 19, 2017; December 21, 2017; December 22, 2017; December 28, 2017; January 2, 2018; January 25, 2018.

Keywords: rail, railroad, railway, rail safety, rail workers, Amtrak, CSX, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, BNSF, Norfolk Southern, NS, Canadian Pacific, CP, Canadian National, CN, Kansas City Southern, KCS, PanAm, crossing, grade crossing, derail, derailment, Federal Railroad Administration, FRA, Ted Mann, positive train control, PTC, National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, MBTA, commuter, commuter rail, Keolis, OLI, Operation Lifesaver, brakes, electro-pneumatic brakes, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, ECP, EP brakes, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) braking, VRE, Virginia Railway Express, liquid natural gas, LNG, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, PHMSA, tank car, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, vinyl chloride, DOT 111, DOT 105, DOT 105J, wayside detectors, wayside track detectors, wayside machine vision detectors, hot box detectors, HBD, HBDs, in-train forces, train energy management systems, (TEMS), distributed power units, (DPUs), Precision Scheduled Railroading, (PSR), train makeup, train handling, very long trains, (VLTs), H503— Buffing or slack action excessive, train handling, FRA H504—Buffing or slack action excessive, train make-up, train handling, train makeup, buffing, slack action, Train Energy and Dynamics Simulator (TEDS), TOES™ and NUCARS® simulations, TOES™/STARCO™ modeling software

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Federal Officials Order New Safety Measures to Help Protect Railroad Workers Near Tracks mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2016 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2019 #50
Colorado railroad crossing where 5 family members were killed was awaiting improvements mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2016 #2
The Latest: DOT Head Urges Haste in Rail Safety Upgrades Eugene Jun 2016 #3
Italy Vows to Improve Rail Safety After Deadly Crash mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2016 #4
Report: Train didn't heed stop signal in deadly Panhandle wreck mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2016 #5
FRA issues final rule on identifying passenger railroad safety hazards mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2016 #6
Number of U.S. railroad workers testing positive for drug use skyrockets mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2016 #7
N.J. Train Crash Raises Questions About Rail Safety mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2016 #8
Feds: Railroads Slow to Make Progress on Train Technology Eugene Nov 2016 #9
FRA to railroad employers: Remember that OSHA regs may apply mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2016 #10
Defective axle blamed for 2013 fiery North Dakota derailment Eugene Feb 2017 #11
NTSB releases witness interviews and documents related to deadly 2016 Panhandle, TX train collision mahatmakanejeeves May 2017 #12
Wilmington News Journal - Delaware Online: Rail safety questioned as fuel shipments likely to go up mahatmakanejeeves May 2017 #13
North Dakota may halt rail inspections aimed at derailments mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2017 #14
NTSB: We can't know why SUV was on tracks before train crash mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2017 #15
US nixes sleep apnea test plan for truckers, train engineers Eugene Aug 2017 #16
Thanks, Eugene. Here are links to the Federal Register: mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2017 #17
U.S. safety board says train crash engineers had undiagnosed sleep disorder Eugene Sep 2017 #18
Canada Proposing Fatigue Regulation for Rail Workers mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2017 #19
Ignored Safety Procedures, Fractured Safety Program Led to Fatal Amtrak Derailment mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2017 #20
USDOT opts to repeal ECP brake rulemaking mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2017 #21
Growing length of U.S. freight trains in federal crosshairs after crashes: GAO Eugene Dec 2017 #22
2016: CSX train derails in Northeast Washington, leaking hazardous chemicals and disrupting travel mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2017 #23
Metro-North likely to miss deadline for positive train control mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2017 #24
Amtrak safety record already under scrutiny before fatal derailment Eugene Dec 2017 #25
Trump rail safety oversight in focus after Amtrak crash Eugene Dec 2017 #26
APNewsBreak: 298 die in rail crashes system could've stopped mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2017 #27
Could Amtrak catastrophe happen in Sacramento? It almost did, leaving some riders scared and angry mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2017 #28
U.S. urges railroads to quickly install anti-crash safety system Eugene Jan 2018 #29
Amtrak engineer misread signal before fatal crash near Seattle: U.S. agency Eugene Jan 2018 #30
Witnesses report 'issues' at crossing in Amtrak accident, NTSB says Eugene Feb 2018 #31
South Carolina train crash: Amtrak 'on the wrong track' Eugene Feb 2018 #32
Locked switch blamed in fatal Amtrak crash Eugene Feb 2018 #33
U.S. safety board blames two commuter crashes on sleep disorders Eugene Feb 2018 #34
BNSF to {Continue Installation of PTC} as Part of Annual Capital Program mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2018 #35
Truck was on tracks despite gates when struck by Amtrak train: U.S. report Eugene Feb 2018 #36
MBTA: A rail safety system gone badly off track mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2018 #37
FRA: We've got PTC funds available. Act now! mahatmakanejeeves May 2018 #38
Operation Lifesaver, Federal Railroad Administration award safety grants in 16 states mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2018 #39
FRA Awards More Than $200 Million for PTC Implementation mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2018 #40
The State of Positive Train Control Implementation in the United States mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2018 #41
NTSB issues report on the Amtrak Chester PA crash mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #42
1 dead, 1 missing in Union Pacific train crash in Wyoming mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #43
APNewsBreak: US miscalculated benefit of better train brakes Eugene Dec 2018 #44
Truck driver involved in crash with Amtrak train carrying GOP lawmakers had marijuana and a prescrip Eugene Mar 2019 #45
Amtrak Struggles to Screen Workers for Drug, Alcohol Abuse, Report Finds mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2019 #46
Positive train control fully activated on Amtrak Cascades corridor, Washington State DOT says mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2019 #47
New safety system launch causes some delays for Virginia Railway Express mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2019 #48
Trump proposes new FRA regulations on transport of LNG by rail mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2019 #49
Federal Officials Order New Safety Measures to Help Protect Railroad Workers Near Tracks mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2019 #51
50 years later, lifesaving technology that could have saved over 300 lives inches toward completion. mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2019 #52
Jury awards $17M to 3 plaintiffs in deadly Amtrak derailment Eugene Sep 2019 #53
NTSB releases accident report on February 2018 Amtrak -- CSX head-on collision in South Carolina mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2019 #54
Brake Defects Plague Canada's Aging Grain Cars mahatmakanejeeves May 2020 #55
FRA "Highly Pleased" With 98.8% PTC Implementation mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2020 #56
Amtrak Completes PTC Implementation mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2020 #57
Department of Transportation issues new rules on shipping liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2020 #58
NTSB: Engineer in 2019 CSX collision in Ohio was intoxicated (updated) mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2020 #59
Federal Railroad Administration modernizes brake safety standards mahatmakanejeeves May 2021 #60
Amtrak train that derailed was going just under speed limit mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2021 #61
Train derailments like the Montana incident are rare, but other rail-related deaths are on the rise mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2021 #62
NTSB urges railroads to boost safety measures for workers on the rails mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2021 #63
Regulators seek to suspend Trump rule on railway natural gas Eugene Nov 2021 #64
PHMSA, FRA Capping LNG By Rail? mahatmakanejeeves Jan 2022 #65
Bump and a question DemReadingDU Sep 2022 #66
Fiery Ohio derailment raises railroad safety questions mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2023 #67
Goodbye Cab Signals Technology, Hello Positive Train Control mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2023 #68
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) On-Site Coordinator, East Palestine Train Derailment mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2023 #69
Wayside detectors in spotlight after Norfolk Southern derailment in Ohio mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2023 #70
Norfolk Southern: Developing 'intelligent' wayside track detectors mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2023 #71
Ohio train derailment spurs rail safety advisory on hot box detectors mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #72
A Veteran Railroader's Perspective on East Palestine and the Rail Industry's Future mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #73
FRA Safety Advisory 2023-01; Evaluation of Policies and Procedures of Hot Bearing Wayside Detectors mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #74
FRA Announces New Hazmat Safety Initiative (Updated) mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #75
East Palestine: NTSB Examining Tank Car Hatch Covers mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #76
States hold little power on railroads. They're still trying to tighten rules. mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #77
Federal advisory urges railroads to improve use of safety detectors mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #78
Feds urge railroads to review sharing of hazardous shipment information mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #79
Norfolk Southern rolls out new safety plan mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #80
NTSB, FRA intensify safety reviews of Norfolk Southern operations mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #81
Class Is agree to join FRA's close-call system; CSX highlights record safety performance mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #82
Freight railroads agree on safety measures after Ohio derailment mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #83
FRA Announces Supplemental Safety Assessment of Norfolk Southern Railway's Operations mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2023 #84
WHITE PAPER: Management of In-Train Forces - Challenges and Directions, First Addendum mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2023 #85
Railroads warned about the problems long trains can cause Eugene Apr 2023 #86
The Rails... Waterguy May 2023 #88
Federal Railroad Administration Safety Advisory 2023-03; Accident Mitigation and Train Length mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2023 #87
USDOT Proposes Requirements for Real-time Hazmat Information for Firefighters and First Responders mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2023 #89
Miles-long trains are blocking first responders when every minute counts mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2023 #90
Witness testifies freight car involved in NS train derailment was not inspected mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2023 #91
Norfolk Southern staffer, working solo, missed danger signs of impending Ohio crash mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2023 #92
6 months after the East Palestine train derailment, Congress is deadlocked on new rules for safety BumRushDaShow Aug 2023 #93
Missouri budgets $50M for railroad crossings in response to fatal 2022 Amtrak derailment Eugene Aug 2023 #94
Norfolk Southern content with minimum safety too often, regulators say after fiery Ohio derailment Eugene Aug 2023 #95
OSHA announces citations, agreements in connection to train derailment mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2023 #96
Rail whistleblowers fired for voicing safety concerns despite efforts to end practice of retaliation mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2023 #97
Rail union wants new rules to improve conductor training in the wake of 2 trainee deaths Eugene Aug 2023 #98
Railroads resist joining safety hotline because they want to be able to discipline workers Eugene Aug 2023 #99
Rule allowing rail shipments of LNG will be put on hold to allow more study of safety concerns Eugene Aug 2023 #100
Explosion in Union Pacific's massive railyard in Nebraska appears accidental, investigators say Eugene Sep 2023 #101
Broken rail caused fatal Colorado train derailment that collapsed bridge, early findings show Eugene Oct 2023 #102
Railroad automatic braking system needs improvement to prevent more derailments, safety board says mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #103
Chicago commuter train crashes into rail equipment, injures at least 19, 3 seriously, official says Eugene Nov 2023 #104
Railyard explosion, inspections raise safety questions about Union Pacific's hazmat shipping Eugene Nov 24 #105
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