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3. While I love your OP
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 08:38 AM
Apr 2016

and agree with it in that Hillary is still in very good shape overall, where did you find the information on both reaching their 538 target goals?

Right now, I can only find that Hillary has 36/38 and Bernie has 47/48, which is also what the NYT site shows.

Curious minds?

I agree! Her Sister Apr 2016 #1
I'll believe it.. and eager to see them.. thank you! Cha Apr 2016 #2
Black voters don't subscribe to pie-in-the-sky. They see the forest for the trees. I truly admire BlueCaliDem Apr 2016 #14
Thank Goodness for the African American voters in America who are carrying on our Democracy. Cha Apr 2016 #16
In California, the American Independent, Democratic, and Libertarian Parties are allowing BlueCaliDem Apr 2016 #19
Oh thank you.. I wish it were Closed like New York.. I imagine Hillary will have a lot Cha Apr 2016 #20
While I love your OP BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #3
http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/election-2016/delegate-targets/democrats/ Her Sister Apr 2016 #4
Perhaps your table has updated? BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #8
3 unaccounted in that table Her Sister Apr 2016 #12
Oh frabjus joy! BlueMTexpat Apr 2016 #22
AH yay! Thanks for updating me too!!!! Her Sister Apr 2016 #23
Love your post! DemonGoddess Apr 2016 #5
Nope, BS needed higher %. HRC made her target with the help of Blacks. Iliyah Apr 2016 #6
Going forward it will be easier for her--only DEMOCRATS will be choosing the DEMOCRATIC nominee. MADem Apr 2016 #7
I agree with you, MADem. eom BlueCaliDem Apr 2016 #15
His campaign has become a con job on his own supporters. CalvinballPro Apr 2016 #9
Pretty much. OhZone Apr 2016 #10
Oh yeah, openly deceptive.. so noticeably.. like he doesn't expect anyone to keep up with all Cha Apr 2016 #17
Enormous K & R. Thanks for posting. Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #11
Yep rock Apr 2016 #13
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2016 #18
Nice! mcar Apr 2016 #21
Yup and his percentage with black voters.... SaschaHM Apr 2016 #24
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