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Barack Obama

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Sat Aug 10, 2013, 03:02 PM Aug 2013

I Blame Obama! A Poll for Members of the BOG. [View all]

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Because the price of gas just dropped half a dollar a gallon at the COSTCO in my neighborhood. Welcome to my world!

BEWARE! You are close to entering the Big Bad Barack Obama Group, or as residents call it, the BOG. It is a SAFE HAVEN for those who CELEBRATE the policies and achievements of President Barack Hussein Obama.

This is you last chance to escape the Borg of the BOG, or Obamanista Collective. Resistance is Futile here. If you are not willing to be absorbed, click fast to get away and have a nice day.

P. S. I am not in charge here, fortunately. My super powers exist solely within the twilight zone of internet paranoia and my delusions of grandeur. What, you don't have any?

11 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I blame Obama when I run out of coffee creamer. He probably drinks his black, and that\'s what\'s wrong with him. Obama haters drink too much coffee and act like hyperventilating chihuahuas.
0 (0%)
I thank my lucky stars to wake up on Planet Earth when the Sun rises in the morning but only think of Obama when I visit DU. IrishAyes goes to sleep with an Obama lullaby every night. Well, not really, but she knows I love her.
0 (0%)
Obama is the best president of my lifetime. My greatest regret is that he\'s not running again.
5 (45%)
OP writer is an imperialist, statist, running dog counterrevolutionary lackey that happens to love socialism, or an Obamabot. Give your excuse for being here below.
0 (0%)
Obama is the reason we get coconut milk in grocery stores. No, this is not an OREO joke. And what\'s wrong with coconuts and OREOs, anyway?
0 (0%)
This nation is being overrun by Kenyans. Or Hawaiians. Or Something. After millenia of dinosaurs overrun by natives overrun by Europeans. We shall overcome Chick-fil-A and the GOP.
0 (0%)
OP writer is avoiding paperwork again. At least this isn\'t one of those long-winded rants. Yet.
0 (0%)
Obama has made my life better, but not in the monetary sense. If your life sucks, you may be a Bagger or Libertarian and not know it. Sorry for your loss.
0 (0%)
Michelle Obama could whip your ass. And if your name is Rush, Beck, Hannity, O\'Reilly, Ryan or Paul, it\'s long overdue.
4 (36%)
Yap -yap -yap! I am chihuahua, I am invincible!
2 (18%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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The bolded text is really funny, in my opinion. nt ZombieHorde Aug 2013 #1
Thank you, kind sir. Or lady. Or cat. Or zombie. Or all of those. freshwest Aug 2013 #19
Just had too Politicalboi Aug 2013 #2
Kudos on the coconut milk comment. giftedgirl77 Aug 2013 #3
I love coconut milk myself! OREOs not so much, they don't agree with my digestion. freshwest Aug 2013 #5
Yeah, that was funny.. lol I'm on Cha Aug 2013 #6
I blame Obama for a lot of things too, fresh.. and one of them is.. Cha Aug 2013 #4
Indeed! On October 1st, tens of millions of Americans will get the chance for affordable healthcare. freshwest Aug 2013 #7
Amen sistah.. Cha Aug 2013 #8
:) BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2013 #9
Hey ya! Hope things are going well for you. freshwest Aug 2013 #14
I'm one of them! greatauntoftriplets Aug 2013 #10
Good for you, and so many others! And pre-existing conditions are part of life. Denying was wrong. freshwest Aug 2013 #11
Thanks, freshwest. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2013 #12
That's what I'm being told now, too, I just can't believe it. I never did before. freshwest Aug 2013 #13
It's great, isn't it? greatauntoftriplets Aug 2013 #15
And I'm very grateful. I supported it when I thought I wouldn't be helped, for the future of others. freshwest Aug 2013 #16
Oh what wonderful news for you, freshwest! sheshe2 Aug 2013 #52
Well there is that whole "why can't you be as good a husband/father" look I get whenever grantcart Aug 2013 #17
Also, you must prove that you can body surf just as well. Sorry: freshwest Aug 2013 #18
Arrrh, do I love that photo. I have it on a coffee mug, I love it so much. Hekate Aug 2013 #45
Where'd you get the mug? I'd love one like that. Obamanista freshwest reporting here! freshwest Aug 2013 #47
It says Hawaiian Style, and I got it on Cafe Press.com... Hekate Aug 2013 #49
Be more Cha Aug 2013 #20
In pictures~ sheshe2 Aug 2013 #22
Thanks for that one! PBO is aware and grateful of those around him. Look at that Marine smiling. freshwest Aug 2013 #23
I love the smile on the marines face! sheshe2 Aug 2013 #25
That is like the greatest medley of pics. she! Cha Aug 2013 #31
Smiles are so good Cha! sheshe2 Aug 2013 #32
This is great to come home to~ sheshe2 Aug 2013 #21
Making me grin, cry and laugh all in the same post. Now get some rest! We'll take care of the DU! freshwest Aug 2013 #24
Glad I could do that for you~ sheshe2 Aug 2013 #27
That looks like a Norman Rockwell moment there. freshwest Aug 2013 #28
People know Obama Cares: freshwest Aug 2013 #50
Obama Cares sheshe2 Aug 2013 #51
I battle with Chihauhau syndrome myself, not President Obama orpupilofnature57 Aug 2013 #26
Michelle for those who want her to... freshwest Aug 2013 #29
That is a breathtaking bit of wish-fulfillment photoshop worthy of a round of applause Hekate Aug 2013 #46
It definitely pulls it all together. I love that look. I've wanted to give that one so many times! freshwest Aug 2013 #48
Thanks Obama! bravenak Aug 2013 #30
Thank you, bravenak. Come by and see us more often! freshwest Aug 2013 #39
You have a nice place here. bravenak Aug 2013 #42
What the hell is wrong with your apostrophe key??? /'/'/'/'/'/'/'/'/'/' ??? Common Sense Party Aug 2013 #33
It's something that occurs with Polls, not anywhere else. freshwest Aug 2013 #34
I blame Obama for forward slashes /// Politicub Aug 2013 #36
Yes, one would have to braindead to vote for him. Don't do it, look away, quick! freshwest Aug 2013 #37
Where the hell are your manners? All you need to know is that Cha Aug 2013 #40
Yes, he littered on the thread. Didn't rec or answer the poll, either. EPIC FAIL. freshwest Aug 2013 #43
Awesome Gene Wilder grahpic, fresh! Cha Aug 2013 #44
How dare he! I blame Obama Politicub Aug 2013 #35
Yes, indeed, the absolute nerve of *that man*! freshwest Aug 2013 #38
Not only do you not f- with Smedley, but you never Politicub Aug 2013 #41
I voted -not sure if I can be considered a member of the BOG, though Grateful for Hope Aug 2013 #53
Thanks! Welcome to the BOG! freshwest Aug 2013 #54
BOG! sheshe2 Aug 2013 #57
Sounds like me! mimi85 Aug 2013 #55
On top of that, childhood obesity rates have fallen between 2008 and 2011 ucrdem Aug 2013 #56
I think JustAnotherGen Aug 2013 #58
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