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Fri May 20, 2016, 11:49 AM May 2016

The Establishment Wants Bernie To Drop Out - Now! [View all]

So they can continue robbing our families.

Remember, Bernie is fighting for a better America for the 99%. It is the 1% and all their sheep that don't want his message broadcast.

Wall Street, corporations, and their owners want to keep the good times rolling, and pay next to nothing in taxes while saddling our children with their bills, all externalities, and a dying overheated planet.

They need Bernie to shut up right now.

Rec if you understand.

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Totally Understand pmorlan1 May 2016 #1
Sanders is the establishment: The American people need him to dropout lewebley3 May 2016 #75
how can you make such a stupid unfounded comment. Clinton is the multimilionaire corp rep bjobotts May 2016 #100
Democrats are not "the American People". It's the primaries not the GE Clinton did same in '08 bjobotts May 2016 #104
1000s Of Voters Purged In CA...Check Your Registration billhicks76 May 2016 #144
I thought... ReRe May 2016 #109
Win! Phlem May 2016 #137
The Establishment is the DNC, the Corp-Media with Andrea Mitchell, Goldman-Sachs, rhett o rick May 2016 #111
Add Rachel Maddow. Last night on her show she said of the Akamai May 2016 #149
The Establishment Controls Both Parties scottie55 May 2016 #2
Thread win. That's the ball game right there. Reagan and Bush raise taxes and fees, merrily May 2016 #28
After years of denying it, I sadly must conclude that both sides are equally bad for democracy tularetom May 2016 #56
Spot On. Phlem May 2016 #138
The more they urge Bernie to drop out, the more I wonder what is going on with that JDPriestly May 2016 #3
You may have something there. The first poster talked about jwirr May 2016 #7
I am also old enough to remember conventions that were open. JDPriestly May 2016 #142
Honestly, I don't think she's going to be indicted. MynameisBlarney May 2016 #21
Indicted, no. Embarrassed, yes. JDPriestly May 2016 #25
I don't know if she's condemned that attack as of yet. MynameisBlarney May 2016 #55
Maybe She Doesn't Need us to "Win" McKim May 2016 #62
Trump and HRC both embarrassing. glinda May 2016 #128
Yes. JDPriestly May 2016 #131
They are in a panic mode. The unwarranted smears/lies have increased. Enthusiast May 2016 #54
The apparent and driving panic is the one that raises my red flag radar. Ford_Prefect May 2016 #79
yes! jonmac511 May 2016 #162
Yes, something is going to happen and Bernie will be the nominee and president emsimon33 May 2016 #133
Thanks. Your statement is inspiring. I really needed that. JDPriestly May 2016 #143
Thank you for your kind words emsimon33 May 2016 #145
Wow! That kicks butt! Enthusiast May 2016 #150
Yep. So totally true! people May 2016 #4
my guess would be, with CA new regs off the charts, their internals must be horrible. litlbilly May 2016 #6
litibilly italiangirl May 2016 #14
Hi. I live in California, and we will be delivering for Bernie. frylock May 2016 #23
frylock italiangirl May 2016 #40
I voted! catchnrelease May 2016 #57
I received my mail-in ballot, but will hand deliver it on primary day. frylock May 2016 #67
What method for voting is used in California? Samantha May 2016 #74
I believe they are punchcards. frylock May 2016 #78
Punch cards catchnrelease May 2016 #86
Better check your registration as computers there are flipping them and unregistering many bjobotts May 2016 #106
I have, many times over the last several weeks. frylock May 2016 #115
Oh yes we will... Silver_Witch May 2016 #139
Well Bernie's name means "Bear"..... glinda May 2016 #130
I believe you have it. Enthusiast May 2016 #151
I'm voting for Bernie Sanders. erlewyne May 2016 #5
Drumpf and Wall Street are very happy you are doing that. Jackie Wilson Said May 2016 #41
Look Up Graham Leach Bliley scottie55 May 2016 #49
I cant emphasis speech in text, the point is while Hillary may be friendly to Wall Street Jackie Wilson Said May 2016 #80
Trump Is Beyond Scum - Birther Bastard scottie55 May 2016 #114
Yeah, HILLarious..... SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #69
I'm voting for Bernie Sanders. erlewyne May 2016 #76
Hillary is extremely Wall St friendly. Giggity May 2016 #92
She's a multimillionaire accepting millions from Wall street and Banksters in speaking fees etc. bjobotts May 2016 #107
No, I do not "Think." I know. Facts are facts. emsimon33 May 2016 #135
You might ask her campaign contributors quakerboy May 2016 #147
Yup! Plucketeer May 2016 #97
yup! erlewyne May 2016 #171
I am beginning to worry oldandhappy May 2016 #8
Rigging, lying, and propagandizing are hard work! Arugula Latte May 2016 #9
DWS needs to brush up on her table-hopping skills. Raster May 2016 #11
Would be nice but she has some cushy job with the payday lenders emsimon33 May 2016 #129
"beginning to worry about the poor people in the DNC?" ReRe May 2016 #113
yes, giggle oldandhappy May 2016 #119
Thought so. :-) n/t ReRe May 2016 #124
My arthritis hurts just thinking about it. Enthusiast May 2016 #152
LOL yep oldandhappy May 2016 #165
K&R! Notice the likes for Bernie posts vs Hillary posts on DU... phazed0 May 2016 #10
I understand too well. Duval May 2016 #12
No...the *math* dictates it. The establishment want him to stay in LaydeeBug May 2016 #13
Double-think much? Lol. nt phazed0 May 2016 #15
Nope. It's called *math*. nt LaydeeBug May 2016 #19
Which part of this has to do with math? phazed0 May 2016 #20
It's starting to look like meth. frylock May 2016 #26
By Jove, I think you got it! HubertHeaver May 2016 #39
LOL! arikara May 2016 #110
+1 ReRe May 2016 #117
LOL! Enthusiast May 2016 #153
"Math death." ReRe May 2016 #116
I think there are a couple of reasons... antigop May 2016 #16
3) Hillary's internals for Cali look abysmal, and they can't afford the embarrassment. frylock May 2016 #27
Trump sure as Hell doesn't! 11 Bravo May 2016 #17
Quick! Before California! n/t Greybnk48 May 2016 #18
Hillary desperately wants to win in California. frylock May 2016 #22
What the fracas in NV was about with Boxer, the DNC, Reid and the Media in overdrive. appalachiablue May 2016 #31
Absolutely. That whole shit show was set up with the intent of effecting California. frylock May 2016 #34
Yes It Was A Set Up That's Why Boxer Was There scottie55 May 2016 #51
She has probably been promised an ambassadorship or something. emsimon33 May 2016 #134
It was well rehearsed theater with Boxer in the starring role. Enthusiast May 2016 #154
K/R Jack Rabbit May 2016 #24
And pmorlan1 May 2016 #29
No more status quo! Betty Karlson May 2016 #30
This can turn into who hates what candidate the most. Trump hate or Hillary hate bjobotts May 2016 #102
Well, one thing's for sure... ReRe May 2016 #120
Huge +1! Enthusiast May 2016 #155
They want nothing else but for us to shut up felix_numinous May 2016 #32
Oh I understand. seekthetruth May 2016 #33
K & R! TIME TO PANIC May 2016 #35
The establishment can silvershadow May 2016 #36
Bernie is fighting against gains we've made at this point Politicub May 2016 #37
But ejbr May 2016 #44
"Hillary is focused on progress and supporting dems down ticket."???? freebrew May 2016 #47
"... peddles in lies"? gregcrawford May 2016 #50
Calling me a liar - classy Politicub May 2016 #73
I don't need to call you anything... gregcrawford May 2016 #156
The stench of desperation from your posts Politicub May 2016 #168
And posts like that tell everyone just what kind of person you really are. gregcrawford May 2016 #170
That is the funniest fucking thing I have read in ages. Enthusiast May 2016 #157
You Mean Like Progress Like a Million Dead in Iraq, 250K in Syria? McKim May 2016 #64
No. I mean the progress made for Politicub May 2016 #72
Remind me again of her early support of gay rights. SheilaT May 2016 #125
And willing to put SS and Medicare on the table. Yeah, fuck those Bohunk68 May 2016 #148
And the progress in Honduras and Haiti. Dont call me Shirley May 2016 #89
No she's not. She took back all that money given to the states into her own organization. Ford_Prefect May 2016 #105
What gains would that be, "Politicub"? ReRe May 2016 #121
gains? jonmac511 May 2016 #163
Tl; dr Politicub May 2016 #169
And I want a million dollars n/t xloadiex May 2016 #38
But if we're being robbed, we want it stopped incrementally. HooptieWagon May 2016 #42
Interesting JFKcrat May 2016 #43
So do a majority of Democratic voters liberal N proud May 2016 #45
So I think we're supposed to believe that the thirteen million of us plain folks are the Squinch May 2016 #53
Seem that is what the perpetual victims want you and I to believe liberal N proud May 2016 #94
I will vote for Bernie in the California primary & weknowvino2 May 2016 #46
The "Establishment" can go fuck themselves... gregcrawford May 2016 #48
They want him to drop out NOW so Hillary can have enough earned delegates to win outright. pa28 May 2016 #52
There has never been a successful revolution dobleremolque May 2016 #58
i had to give another 10$ mooseprime May 2016 #59
He should drop out. Now. His relationship to the Democratic party is totally parasitic. beastie boy May 2016 #60
Here let me fix that for you: DWS... chknltl May 2016 #87
You have no clue. beastie boy May 2016 #90
Lol buh-buy nuff said chknltl May 2016 #96
... Enthusiast May 2016 #158
but we Bernocrats are the "entitled" ones, not those taking millions from Wall Street yurbud May 2016 #61
Taking Millions From Wall Street scottie55 May 2016 #65
If Bernie drops out, our choices are: Herman4747 May 2016 #63
I think that is the most genuine smile I've ever seen from her. eom zalinda May 2016 #66
Right? GAWDS, I can't stomach her! And Bernie isn't dropping out SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #71
In '08 Clinton refused to drop out though she was beat and went to convention trying to flip bjobotts May 2016 #103
I noticed that. You're Smoopie.... Enthusiast May 2016 #159
Oh god don't remind me jpmonk91 May 2016 #136
Here's a Big Vote for Bernie...San Francisco Examiner libdem4life May 2016 #68
Exactly. zentrum May 2016 #81
They ARE out of touch... ReRe May 2016 #122
Of course it does. elleng May 2016 #70
Millions are for Hillary creeksneakers2 May 2016 #77
Her donors are. Wall Street tycoons and other mega-rich...people. liberalnarb May 2016 #82
Looking For More Corporate Welfare scottie55 May 2016 #85
A Few Of My Good Friends Support Hillary scottie55 May 2016 #84
Clinton is gonna lose California badly SusanLarson May 2016 #83
None of the polls I've seen suggests this... Giggity May 2016 #93
well jonmac511 May 2016 #164
I believe Hillary should Drop OUT NOW for the good of the Democratic Party and the 99%. bvar22 May 2016 #88
Let's hope he can continue the momentum. It's not over till it's over. libdem4life May 2016 #91
Me too. Enthusiast May 2016 #160
The crooked establishment has lost credibility felix_numinous May 2016 #95
Damn right, scottie Android3.14 May 2016 #98
Well ya!! Hotler May 2016 #99
... warrprayer May 2016 #101
K&R (I would rec this 1000 x if I could!) ReRe May 2016 #108
THX scottie55 May 2016 #112
Clintonites Always Locking Their Own Threads billhicks76 May 2016 #118
Hmmmmmm ReRe May 2016 #123
The Establishment Wants Bernie To stop making hrc look like an idiot. juxtaposed May 2016 #126
They are terrified of him. SheilaT May 2016 #127
I'm doing a post series on the revolution jpmonk91 May 2016 #132
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe May 2016 #140
U-Bet scottie55 May 2016 #146
it is the TPP and TPIP - their new golden hopemountain May 2016 #141
K&R! I'm happy to see this post has received hundreds of recommendations. Take it over 300! Enthusiast May 2016 #161
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #166
Are you saying we should do that, or that you are going to do that? uppityperson May 2016 #167
I am re-posting this here as in the other thread it wasn't noticed.. Machineland May 2016 #172
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