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United Kingdom

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45. A lot of people really want Marie Tidball to get in
Thu May 23, 2024, 12:33 PM
May 23

A lot of which is that people expect her to be a significant improvement on Cates when it comes to constituency matters.

Miriam Cates has earned herself a reputation as somebody who doesn't deal with most correspondence from constituents, doesn't interact with local councillors unless they are fellow Tories and only turns up to constituency events for publicity's sake.

Who's your MP? [View all] T_i_B Apr 2015 OP
Nicola Blackwood (useless Tory twit) LeftishBrit Apr 2015 #1
The good news is that it's a tiny Tory majority T_i_B Apr 2015 #4
Not a huge chance, but some chance LeftishBrit Apr 2015 #5
Same thing with Tory posters here. T_i_B Apr 2015 #6
Ian Lavery non sociopath skin Apr 2015 #2
Steve Brine - bland Tory in his 40s muriel_volestrangler Apr 2015 #3
Tracey Crouch (CON) Anarcho-Socialist Apr 2015 #7
Went to a local debate last night T_i_B May 2015 #8
I would always be suspicious of an applicant for any job... LeftishBrit May 2015 #9
As I think I've mentioned before on this thread T_i_B May 2015 #10
Election day kick T_i_B May 2015 #11
Nicola Blockhead, who un-represents me, increased her majority (ugh) LeftishBrit May 2015 #12
Engel scraped in with a reduced majority T_i_B May 2015 #13
2017 General election kick T_i_B May 2017 #14
Brendan O'Hara Denzil_DC May 2017 #15
It panned out much as I expected/as well as I could have hoped. Denzil_DC Jun 2017 #21
It's still Brendan O'Hara, and he's standing again. Emrys May 22 #42
Still Nicola Blackwood -Oxford West and Abingdon LeftishBrit May 2017 #16
Jeremy Corbyn RogueTrooper May 2017 #17
Judging by the pony-ness of the LibDem campaign thus far RogueTrooper May 2017 #18
Still, could be worse than Lib Dems..... T_i_B May 2017 #19
I now have a Conservative MP - Lee Rowley T_i_B Jun 2017 #20
More on my new MP T_i_B Jun 2017 #25
Ugh. Sounds awful. LeftishBrit Jun 2017 #26
Just had my first correspondance with him T_i_B Jun 2017 #27
I should add at this point... T_i_B Oct 2019 #35
Nicola Blackwood lost! LeftishBrit Jun 2017 #22
Congratulations!!!!! T_i_B Jun 2017 #23
As of today The King of Prussia Jun 2017 #24
An update on my former Labour MP T_i_B Dec 2017 #28
Another update..... T_i_B Oct 2018 #29
John Grogan The King of Prussia Oct 2018 #30
I lived in the Arfon constituency for a time. geardaddy Oct 2018 #31
Update on my ex-MP LeftishBrit Dec 2018 #32
Anne Milton (Guildford). mwooldri Jan 2019 #33
2019 General election kick T_i_B Oct 2019 #34
Still Steve Brine, as a carefully worded card through the letterbox this morning reminded me muriel_volestrangler Oct 2019 #36
Emma Dent Coad, Labour (Kensington) Celerity Oct 2019 #37
Still Layla Moran; hope that continues after Dec. 12th LeftishBrit Nov 2019 #38
2024 General Election kick T_i_B May 22 #39
New boundaries, new MP muriel_volestrangler May 22 #40
Definitely hope you get the result you want T_i_B May 22 #41
A bit of an aside... mwooldri Friday #48
Miriam Cates is bloody vile LeftishBrit May 23 #44
A lot of people really want Marie Tidball to get in T_i_B May 23 #45
Met Marie Tidball last night T_i_B Jun 7 #46
Still Layla Moran (LibDem) LeftishBrit May 23 #43
2024 update: New constituency. mwooldri Friday #47
2 recent MRP polls both show the Lib Dem leading there, but with quite different margins muriel_volestrangler Friday #49
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