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He will appoint a Californian African American Woman for the interim appointment. Whether that JohnSJ Sep 2023 #1
Why is the only one in this poll fitting that criteria in last place, so far? MichMan Sep 2023 #10
She doesn't fit the criteria AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2023 #14
I meant she was the only AA woman on that list MichMan Sep 2023 #15
re: Poll - there are 21 candidates. I listed only the likely winners of the three most well known. TeamProg Sep 2023 #17
this is exactly the right move stopdiggin Sep 2023 #2
I agree it is sthe right move. ShazamIam Sep 2023 #20
A littel off topic, but we're losing three good reps so one of them can run for senator? CrispyQ Sep 2023 #3
why 3 seats ? NoRethugFriends Sep 2023 #4
Newsom is simply being impartial. The Reps are the ones to decide on the risks involved in running TeamProg Sep 2023 #6
I'd like to see him appoint Maxine Waters so that Republican heads would explode. dem4decades Sep 2023 #5
And she knows her stuff !! TeamProg Sep 2023 #7
No because Rebl2 Sep 2023 #8
You really think a Republican can win in Maxine's district? quaint Sep 2023 #9
To really explode heads, he could appoint Angela Davis. quaint Sep 2023 #21
What is the purpose of the poll if Newsom already said he won't appoint any of the ones listed? MichMan Sep 2023 #11
Getting a feel for the Gen. Election. nt TeamProg Sep 2023 #13
Getting a feel for the Gen. Election. nt TeamProg Sep 2023 #12
He said he would appoint a African American woman, and would not appoint yellowdogintexas Sep 2023 #16
I think Lee's Oakland seat is also safely Blue. quaint Sep 2023 #18
I have a preference. But because I'm not in California I won't publicize it. LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #19
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