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16. I think there is a basic misunderstanding about image size, monitor size and what we see.
Sat Aug 26, 2023, 12:43 PM
Aug 2023

The issue isn't what size you post, it's what size someone sees. That isn't determined by a resized or not resized file. It is determined by your monitor and the operating system that presents an image at the largest size that the screen will accommodate. There's nothing any of us can do about that.

Because the monitor displays the horizontal dimension to fill the screen a vertical sized to 1024 will show as a 2 mp image on a 1080p screen. Rotate that same image to portrait mode and the display will show an image that looks 50% larger.

An 8k screen displays any image at the equivalent of 33mp.
A 720p screen displays at .9mp.

Post a picture resized to 1024 on the long side and it will be presented as 1280 at the smallest size. Post an image that is 5,665 on the long size and it will still be seen as 1280. The only caveat here is that if an image is only 300 p on the long size the image at 1280 may appear to be pixelated. Larger images are downsized to fit the screen.

The largest display currently available is 8k. That will present a 33mp image faithfully. 4k will present between 8mp and 4mp depending on the version of 4k you have.

It isn't the size you post, it's the size your monitor shows you. A small monitor will not make a big image look better but a huge monitor can make a small image look worse. There's nothing any of us can do about that.

*disclaimer: This presentation is oversimplified. Please let us not go further into the weeds to minutia.

****Poll Closed*** [View all] AndyS Aug 2023 OP
I'm not sure of the wording. I think send in whatever picture you want. LakeArenal Aug 2023 #1
My camera kicks out 24MB jpegs on average. usonian Aug 2023 #2
After I adjust to 1200x900 I adjust the file size to below 1mg. When I post alfredo Aug 2023 #30
Kick! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #3
I'm going to vote for a suspension of the sizing rule for the Summer contest, but... Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #4
Not an unfair advantage at all! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #5
You're right Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #7
I agree, we're doing these contests for fun, bragging rights and ego boosts. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #8
I'll cop to the ego boosts, but where are my bragging rights? Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #11
I post sure winners all the time edhopper Aug 2023 #12
That's true Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #14
If I ever win edhopper Aug 2023 #18
Let's do photoshopped dogs!! LOL!! consider_this Aug 2023 #19
As long as edhopper Aug 2023 #20
Agreed!!! consider_this Aug 2023 #23
Definitely have to do dogs! Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #25
Here is an example of a photo that was probably too wide. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #6
That same photo might take first in a contest held today Mousetoescamper Aug 2023 #10
I went back and double checked. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #9
Keep the size restrictions edhopper Aug 2023 #13
However... Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #15
Hmmm? edhopper Aug 2023 #17
Browser on computer... consider_this Aug 2023 #21
I think there is a basic misunderstanding about image size, monitor size and what we see. AndyS Aug 2023 #16
Excellent post edhopper Aug 2023 #28
A possible suggestion... consider_this Aug 2023 #22
Since the width of the photos posted won't change that much, edhopper Aug 2023 #24
Perfect examples! Nt Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #26
Thanks for putting the poll together Andy. Grumpy Old Guy Aug 2023 #27
Post card size, EarthboneArt Aug 2023 #29
Too late to get in on the poll. Talitha Aug 2023 #31
Thanks for your comments. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #32
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